MoveOn.org upset with Obama, launches campaign to drive liberal agenda on its own

Left-wing MoveOn.org isn’t happy with President Barack Obama. In a fundraising e-mail sent to supporters on Monday, the group hinted that Obama has abandoned it in political fights in Washington and across the country.

“It’s pretty clear by now that we can’t wait for Barack Obama, or the Democrats, to save us,” MoveOn.org said in the e-mail to supporters. “But the one thing that might turn things around is an honest-to-God mass movement—something on the scale of the civil rights movement or the antiwar movement—built around a vision of an economy that works for all of us, not just the top 2%.” (Florida Tea Party groups says liberal MoveOn group also responsible for hefty bill)

The group is trying, apparently, to raise $1 million “for one of the biggest things” it says that it has ever done: “joining with dozens of other progressive organizations to lift up a new, grassroots movement to rescue the economy and bring the American Dream within reach for all Americans.”

The MoveOn.org campaign is based on the idea that Republican and conservative policies are causing “pain,” and will include a nationwide door-to-door tour in July. The liberal group says it will use “culture, art, direct action and mutual aid” to achieve “change” from the local to the federal level.

“We know we can’t do it alone, so in the last few weeks, we’ve been talking with organizations representing tens of millions of progressives about organizing together under the same banner,” MoveOn.org wrote, before asking the e-mail recipients to “chip in $5” to its cause. “There’s a ton of excitement—but we need the resources to get it going.

  • joeaiello

    No matter what the right wing nut job guests say on Murdoch’s “Fake News” channel, President Obama is a moderate. What they call “Obamacare” is the exact same health care reform plan that Bob Dole proposed in ’96 and the same one that Romney put in place in Massachusetts. President Obama will be re-elected, the Tea Party loons pushing their far right agenda will see to that.

  • BritCat

    Obama crushed the GM and Chrysler investors and gave away their asset to the Unions, sabotaged the war in Afghanistan, pushed a monstrous unwanted 2000 page healthcare bill on the American public, massively expanded government at all levels, squandered $2.5 trillions on payoffs to Democrat constituencies, massively expanded regulation of the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing industries, subjected soldiers and CIA employees to attempted show trials for asking the questions that enabled us to track down and kill Al Qaeda members and started the process of breaking people to government to the point where they accept their children being publicly groped by strangers with government badges in airports. All hard left agenda. What does Move-On.org want?? Does Obama have to sing “The Internationale” for them?

  • ImpeachThatLyingPunk

    This is BIG NEWS… a Socialist / Marxist / Democrat ( pick one, because it IS at least ONE ) organization which is LOOKING FOR HANDOUTS, in order to make sure that HANDOUTS are provided for everyone who has their HAND OUT…
    Congrats, democrats… this PUNK president you elected, and all his BULL-TIHS, IS ALL YOURS… live with it… We ( conservatives ) are going to vote his GNIKCUF SSA out of office, because THIS TIME, we are ALL GOING TO SHOW UP… WE DON’T HAVE TO STAY HOME BECAUSE RINO JOHN McCAIN is on stage…
    I’ll vote for a BLIND, ONE-ARMED, SWAHILI if that is what it takes to get your PUNK outa’ the whitehouse.
    I predict a Reagan-like LANDSLIDE…

  • Rocketman

    MoveOn.org upset with Obama, launches campaign to drive liberal agenda on its own
    Published: 4:14 PM 06/20/2011 | Updated: 12:20 AM 06/21/2011

    So their “messiah” has abandoned them, eh?
    Life’s a beach, aint it?
    The Leftists of MoveOn, etc., should be used to being thrown under the bus by now.