Oppressed Saudi women: ‘Where are you, Mrs. Clinton?’

Saudi Women for Driving have a message for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “Where are you?”

The women fighting for the right to drive in the Sharia-compliant nation have been surprised by the radio silence coming from Clinton, a leader of female empowerment in America.

On June 17th, women in Saudi Arabia staged a mass drive-in, during which they risked bodily harm by ignoring the laws banning women from driving.

On June 3rd the group, which came together after the arrest of Manal al-Sharif (a Saudi mother jailed for driving her own car), wrote a letter begging Clinton for a statement of support. With none forthcoming, the group reinvigorated their calls today.

“Many of us have met you personally during your decades-long journey as a champion of women’s rights all over the world, and we expected our call to be met with a warm, supportive response,” they wrote. “Unfortunately, that has not happened, and we write to express our deep concern over the US government’s public silence on the issue of Saudi women’s right to drive”

The group sent a similar letter to Clinton’s EU counterpart Catherine Ashton. (Saudi women to protest driving ban)

“But as we launch the largest women’s rights movement in Saudi history, where are you when we need you most,” they added. “In the context of the Arab Spring and US commitments to support women’s rights, is this not something the United States’ top diplomat would want to publicly support?”

Saudi Arabia remains the only country in which women are barred from driving a car or even a bicycle.

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  • where are my marbles

    I think it’s really important to note the degree of seperation between fighting for freedom and fighting to drive a car. These saudi women are asking to drive… in their burqas. 

  • HoosYoDaddy

    Hillary actually makes the opposite case, a good case for women wearing a veil and staying silent around others, every time she makes a public appearance.

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  • Realist4U

    It is Obama these women should be asking for support. He is the POTUS not her. This is nothing more than a political attack on Hillary from Obama. I’d also like to know who in their own government they called ou on this issue. Just as I thought….PHONIES!!

  • Chaz Martel

    Are we surprised? Have we not heard of the racism of lowered expectations? Do not the Saudi women struggling for their freedoms in the world’s most socially backward and redundant society understand that the Left leaning women’s liberation movement in the West has one standard for themselves and quite another for women living in Islamic regimes? For the Leftist women’s liberation movement in the West, including one of their most outspoken leaders, Hillary Clinton, to support the Saudi women’s right to drive means that they would have to criticize the Islamist patriarchal throwbacks who run Saudi Arabia and that the denizens of the Western Left will never do. The Western Left, including Ms. Clinton, regard the Islamists as their natural allies in the class struggle against capitalism, freedom, individualism, human rights and the right of Israel to exist. Leftist prigs like Ms. Clinton would never turn against their naturals partners in crime for the sake of supporting the rights of Saudi women.

  • clw

    FYI Saudi women, Hillary works for us, not you.

    We had our own sufragettes, and you have to fight your own fight. We have plenty of conflicts on our hands already. Grow a spine and fight for yourselves.

  • Rocketman

    Apparently, Saudi womenfolk have never heard of American FemiNazis.
    All ugly, loud-mouthed and no action – er, when a Democrat holds power, they sit silently while their patróns violate human rights.

    Way ta go, Shrillary!


  • Iowa48

    “But as we launch the largest women’s rights movement in Saudi history, where are you when we need you most,”
    I’ll tell you where they are. Hillary Clinton and Catherine Ashton, along with Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, are hiding behind the insane politically correct doctrine of the liberal/progressive tools which refuse to recognize the terror war being carried out against women. The misogynistic Sharia advocates that oppress and beat and kill women as part of their religious fascism are just another phalanx of the AlQaeda and Taliban terrorist armies which want to subdue the human spirit in general and the West in particular.
    Hillary and her elitist chums are blindly delusional in their adherence to their self-destructive political correctness.