Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh is on a mission to stop the Obama agenda

“There are 87 Republican freshmen here,” first-term Illinois Congressman Joe Walsh explained to The Daily Caller in his Capitol Hill office last week. “There is one, one of those 87 that didn’t get a dime of help from the party. There’s only one of those 87 that didn’t get any outside support. And all of us have worked hard to get here but nobody worked harder than I did to get here because I was all by myself.”

After barely besting Democratic Rep. Melissa Bean by a mere 300 votes in last November’s midterm elections, Walsh came to Capitol Hill on a mission – and as a man who doesn’t owe the Washington establishment anything. Since entering Congress, he has wasted no time making his presence known, issuing provocative statements and appearing in the media more than just about any other freshman member with the possible exception of Florida Republican Rep. Allen West.

He also hasn’t been above staging stunts. For instance, after President Obama mocked Republicans for continuing to express concern about border security by saying maybe the GOP would need a moat with alligators to be satisfied, Walsh wrote a letter to the president saying he’s all for it if it would secure the border.

“I actually think a moat might be a very good idea and I’m wondering how many alligators it would take to secure the entire border,” Walsh wrote.

But whatever you do, don’t say that Walsh is just a showman. He says he is simply a man willing to do whatever is necessary to thwart the Obama agenda.

“I was sent here on a mission to stop this president and to stop this government from getting big and I’m going to work my ass off. I’m going to scream from the mountaintop. I’m going to push legislation. I’m going to do whatever I can to stop this president,” he said.

And when it comes to President Obama, Walsh doesn’t see shades of grey. (‘Cut, Cap, Balance’ ties conservative choices to debt ceiling vote)

“From a policy perspective, no way, none, nothing,” he said, when asked what, if anything, he likes that President Obama has done. “I don’t think he had any business becoming a president…He’s got an agenda that is killing the country, just killing it.”

One reason the Republican Party may have been wary of supporting Walsh during his election bid is his precarious personal financial position – among other things, a house he owned was foreclosed on in 2009. In March, OpenSecrets.com reported that while the freshman class was a “notably wealthy bunch,” Walsh was the poorest member of the lot – perhaps the poorest member of Congress – with a net worth somewhere between negative $481,994 and negative $153,001.

But Walsh, who sleeps in his congressional office when in town, said he doesn’t dwell on his own fiscal imbalance.

“I ran for Congress two years ago because I just felt like I was losing my country. Was I financially in a position to run? Probably not,” he said. “I taught American government. It’s probably my most favorite period to read about and study. I said and I still believe this way. I feel like some farmer back in the revolutionary times who hopped on his horse and just rode off to fight the war to save his country. He didn’t give a damn about what kind of farm he left behind him.”

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  • LordBulify

    We need more guys like this to run in 2012!! It would give America a fighting chance!! I wish someone like him would run against Senator Tim Johnson in South Dakota. Hell we got rid of one Dem last election now time to send another one packing!!! It is time to send Thune packing next time also.. Two terms is enough for anyone from any party to “serve” us in any elected office!!

  • Realist4U

    Kudos Joe! You’re making us proud. No good deed goes unnoticed. Stay the course Joe.

  • SunnyJ

    Congratulations to the citizens that voted and sent this young man to Washington. He is cut from the same cloth of the founders. Many of them had tried and failed in numerous businesses as they fought for their own economic independence and then our country’s. If we can break through this “marketing 101″ approach to choosing candidates that’s been foisted on us by the media, professional political handlers, and the parties…we have a chance! My 18 yr old daughter there should have been a strong response when Obama mocked with his moat and ‘gators comment. She was, “Hell ya, we’re with that!” and wondered why some group hasn’t kept the pressure up on that. Hopefully, one of the candidates running against Obama, besides Mr Walsh, will focus on that tone deaf smartaleck remark…especially in the face of “Fast and Furious”.

  • rainmaker1145

    We got your back Joe! Full steam ahead! Damn the torpedoes!

  • Funderburk

    Being involved in Jo Daviess Tea Party in Galena, IL. I can say this young Rep. Tea Party Representative is an inspiration to any conservative living in Illinois. I totally agree with him. He does not represent me in my district, but if we could get a Joe Walsh in this district, I would not hesitate to vote for him.

    I know he will be sucessful in the Tea Party Caucus. They have the best of the best that America has to offer. Our George Washingtons of modern day.

  • clw

    People act like being the one with the least amount of money and having gone thru hard times is a BAD thing. I was taught that it’s character-building and gives you a unique perspective and empathy for the people you come from and SERVE. What on Earth could be bad about that? I am FROM Illinois, and the politics, union butt-kissing and over-committing, and DEBT here are embarassing. If he can make headway and has the stomach to deal with the kind of people we have in Washington, more power to him!

    • Funderburk

      I could not have said it better. I am a baby boomer and I will sacrafic for the good of my son. I had it really good most of my life and when I did have tough times, I sucked it up, got more jobs to pay for my debt, quit spending and was stronger in the end. That I am proud of.

  • dj

    He should know best about the “Chicago Way” since Walsh is also from Illinois and he probably knows best how “transformative” Obama’s agenda is changing America for the worse.

    Walsh is a refreshing addition to the Freshman Class in Congress. As TommyV wrote, we need a lot more Joe Walshes!

  • philF

    What a great, great man.

  • TommyV

    We need a lot more Joe Walshes!