Gingrich says cut funding for Libya

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich wants Congress to cut off funding for U. military efforts in Libya. (Gingrich’s top fundraising staff resigns)

Speaking to members of the Savannah, Georgia Tea Party Tuesday night, Gingrich called President Obama’s actions “deluded” and “fundamentally unconstitutional.” He said Congress should no longer fund the operation.

“They have an obligation to cut off the money in Libya given the president’s attitude,” Gingrich said.

House Republicans and some Democrats have balked at the president’s failure to get congressional approval for the military intervention in Libya. Obama has argued he doesn’t need Congressional approval under the War Powers Act.

” … What the president told them is so totally unacceptable and so totally against the American Constitution that it needs a direct confrontation from the Congress,” Gingrich continued.

He also slammed Obama for citing approval from the United Nations and the Arab League as justification for the intervention, calling the Arab League “a collection of monarch and dictators.”

  • mtiki

    Agreed. Cut funding for Libya and how about the other unconstitutional wars we are fighting as of now? When was the last time congress declared war on any country, yet we’ve been engaged in constant hostilities since WWII.

  • SteveM

    What Gingrich says about Libya is as meaningful as what Gingrich said he had for dinner last night…

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Newt…


    Where is the outrage from the Loons on the Left? The all knowing mainstream media? Academia? Students? Cindy Sheehan? Code Pink? Hypocrisy and the double standards on the Left is beyond comprehension!