Adviser: Romney–Rubio 2012 would be dream ticket

At least one Mitt Romney adviser has his eye on Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio.

“We think that could be a dream ticket,” a senior Romney adviser said, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Stephen Moore. (Cain bashes Romney for playing ‘political games’ with Daily Caller/ATR/YouTube debate)

Romney, of course, has a long way to go before he’d be in the position to pick a running mate. But in his column, Moore writes that Romney likely isn’t the only one thinking about Rubio.

“The same logic would apply if Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty won the nomination,” he wrote.

  • leblancrg

    It appears that people forget what people think of politicians that jump from the job they were elected to do for something higher. Rubio is a freshman senator. If he leaves his seat as a freshman to take the bottom of the ticket with Romney or anyone else he has trashed his credibility with his base. There are already grumblings growing louder in Florida that he should not leave his seat but stay and do what the citizens of Florida elected him to do….work for Florida first. I believe that Rubio is smarter than to walk out on his constituents after only a few months. Remember what the party and the press did to Palin for leaving early. Rubio just turned 40 this month. He’s well positioned for a presidential run in 2016 if the Dems win next fall or to succeed a Republican President in 2020. Unless he is massively conscripted by the people of Florida to join a ticket it will hurt him deeply.

  • adaillycaller

    Yes SUCKERS – this would be great! As long as you have a Latino on the ballot, vote for a guy (Romeny) that supported socialized health care, gay marriage and abortion. Hypocrites!!!

  • Rick Joseph

    This would be great, with a Latino on the ticket they’d be bulletproof in the eyes of the media. As with Obama, any criticism of Romney/Rubio policies will be condemned by the media as “racism”. Right?

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