Democrat fundraising site still accepting Weiner donations

Anthony Weiner may be gone, but you can still donate to the erstwhile congressman’s re-election campaign, if you’re kinky like that.

ActBlue, an online clearing house for Democrat fundraising, still has active donation sites for Weiner, and his official Web site still has a contribution page, where fans can support Weiner, “Fighter, Reformer, New Yorker.”

So far, Weiner’s ActBlue page has raised $146,372 for the congressman’s non-existent re-election campaign. How much of this was raised after Weiner’s Twitter indiscretions came to light isn’t clear, but at least some of it was.

An ActBlue page called “Breitbart Has Won NOTHING: Donations for Weiner” has raised a fearsome $35 from two contributors.

“In the beginning, I reacted solely because that dishonest slime Andrew Breitbart was maliciously attacking yet another liberal,” the page’s creator writes. “That’s STILL what pisses me off – Breitbart thinks this was a ‘victory’ and all the chatter about being ‘shocked’ and ‘disappointed’ in Weiner only fuels Breitbart.”

So go ahead and donate, never-say-die Democrats. Maybe Weiner will send you a thank you message on Twitter.

  • moonfish

    Can I donate my Weiner… or maybe a picture?

  • BigRmv

    This is such an example of ‘low-hanging fruit’ that I don’t even have the energy to make a joke.

  • junkmaninohio

    Idiots sending money to a ghost. Life is tough but, it’s tougher when your stupid.

  • daveinok

    I think they are taking donations for his future retirement home in Vienna. They will be the Vienna Weiners. Yeah, I feel bad about that one. Sorry.

  • barbiegirl ny

    No surprise here. New York has a propensity for putting into office what they cannot flush down their toilets.

  • Brutus2

    Beautiful example of the Donks’ institutional corruption.

  • notalone

    Only the libtards! Ya can’t make it up.