In embarrassment to Obama, House rejects Libya intervention

Members of Congress sent an embarrassing message to President Obama by voting to reject a formal authorization of the use of force in Libya.

The House on Friday voted down a resolution similar to one recently passed in the Senate expressing support for the U.S. mission by a vote of 123 to 295.

The Associated Press reported that the vote is the first time since 1999 that Congress has voted against the president’s authority to conduct a military operation.

“The president has not made the case for committing our military to the conflict in Libya,” said Ohio Rep. Mike Turner, a Republican. “The president claims these military actions do not constitute hostilities. However, the American people know otherwise.”

The rejection is an embarrassment for Obama, who has been accused by opponents of the mission of violating the 1973 War Powers Resolution by not getting congressional approval before entering the conflict.

Obama counters that congressional authorization isn’t necessary because it is a NATO-led conflict and the U.S. is only playing a supporting role. (Cantor says House to vote on balanced budget amendment)

But the House on Friday did not go as far as some Republicans had wanted. A bill cutting funding for the military operation in Libya and restricting the United States’ role there failed by 238 to 180. The bill itself was meant to be symbolic, since it had little chance of passing the Senate even if it had prevailed in the House.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Rep. Tom Rooney of Florida.

Some opponents accuse the Republicans of playing politics with a military conflict; others warned of dire consequences.

“If this resolution passes, and we weaken NATO’s mission, Qaddafi may very well prevail,” said Rep. Jim Moran, a Democrat from Virginia. “His forces will then kill, rape or torture all those Libyans who opposed him, as he already tried to do.”

  • StargazerInSavannah

    I find that Obama is an embarrassment to this nation. Obama represents the “Shame of the Nation”.
    Our own professional “Golfer in Chief”. If he is as claimed a Christian, he must have somehow found the Lord somewhere on the back nine while executing a hand mashie.

  • Grumpy Grandpa

    War is a sticky business…and expensive…my shock is why these attitudes did not prevail years ago when W. was rushing into war. I hated it. Still only one or two cried out against it. No matter who’s in charge it seems America is ready to war and the only reason to oppose it is the other side is leading the charge.

    Where is the America determined for peace? Where are those Christian ethics? If America doesn’t slow down and quit shooting from the hip, if America doesn’t change it policies of shoot first and ask questions later soon America the beautiful will be the America under attack…and it won’t be those little “terrorists” countries everyone is so nervous about…it will be the big boys saying, enough is ENOUGH!

  • Mr.ManZ

    So the real question is, how many republicans turned RINO and sided with the democratic party on this one? Those and every Rino like them need to kicked out of “OUR HOUSE”

  • truebearing

    Obama is an embarrassment to Obama, and to the entire nation.

  • freedomfighterhere

    Quite correct.

  • freedomfighterhere

    Reading this headline one would think the House won.

    • Crosby

      Sadly, nobody ‘wins’

      • freedomfighterhere

        Oops. You’re quite correct.

  • BMF

    Actually, I disagree. Obama was not rebuked because nothing changes. He’s free to do exactly what he was doing before the votes. How is that a rebuke?

    Bills that fail to pass and resolutions that do pass mean absolutely nothing because neither can be enforced.

    A rebuke would have been if the House had backed their claim that Obama was in violation of the War Powers Act and passed a bill that would have stopped funding.

    If anyone was rebuked, it was the House of Representatives–and they somehow managed to rebuke themselves. I didn’t think that was even possible. How silly is it when one vote essentially declares the war illegal and the next vote they continue to fund it?

  • UncleDon

    Why would a white soldier shake the hand, smile at or take the picture of the biggest military hater and anti American in the world? One who will betray his country just for a chance to appease the muslim trash?

    Come on guys, I know you were ordered to show up but, really, why not just ignore him like he deserves?

    • 8second.ride

      You’re a bigot — but still protected by the freedoms that soldier fights for.

    • freedomfighterhere

      Why do you say ‘white’ soldier?

  • doncicciofitipaldi

    Ohhhhh….poor Republicans. Now you DON’T LIKE WAR ANYMORE? Oh… I forgot when you make war FOR NO REASON, you do it right – send 100,000 troops for 10 years and bankrupt the country.

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