Chris Wallace asks Michele Bachmann: ‘Are you a flake?’

flake noun \ˈflāk\ – Slang A somewhat eccentric person; an oddball.

One might expect to hear the term flake bandied about in a private conservation when talking about another person not present, but it is not a term that often comes up on Sunday morning public affairs talk shows — especially so directly.

However, on “Fox News Sunday,” it was a description moderator Chris Wallace asked 2012 Republican presidential candidate Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who Wallace said has a reputation in Washington of making “questionable statements,” to respond to.

“Finally, let’s talk about Michele Bachmann because — and you say — it’s interesting,” Wallace said. “You say that people saw in the debate, saw you as a serious person. I don’t have to tell you that you have — that the rap on you in Washington is you have a history of questionable statements, some would say gaffes ranging from — talking about anti-America members of Congress, to on this show a couple of months ago when you suggested that NATO airstrikes killed up to 30,000 civilians. Are you a flake?”

Bachmann called the description “insulting” and explained why that wasn’t a fair term to use to describe her.

“Well, I think that would be insulting to say something like that because I’m a serious person,” Bachmann said. “[W]hat I would say is that I am 55 years old. I’ve been married 33 years. I’m not only a lawyer, I have a post-doctorate degree in federal tax law from William and Mary. I’ve worked in serious scholarship and in have worked in the Unites States federal tax court. My husband and I have raised five kids and 23 foster children. We’ve applied ourselves to education reform. We started a charter school for at-risk kids. I’ve also been a state senator and member of the United States Congress for five years, leading actively the movement in Washington, D.C., with those who are affiliated with fiscal reform.”

Wallace followed up asking Bachmann if she recognizes that there will be serious scrutiny of what she says going forward on the campaign trail. (Rolling Stone’s Taibbi rooting for Bachmann to see what porn films she inspires)

“Do you — I think it’s important to say that, but do you recognize that now that you in the spotlight in a way that you weren’t before that you have to be careful and not say what some regard as flaky things?”

Bachmann told Wallace that she recognizes that and she looks forward to it.

“Well, of course – a person has to be careful with statements that they make,” she replied. “I think that is true. I think now that there will be an opportunity to speak fully on the issues. I look forward to that.”

  • libertyatstake

    LAS advice to Ms. Bachmann … make this a conservative ‘Sister Soldjah’ moment … accept the apology and move on to talking about real issues, which you do so articulately and forcefully. This Politically Correct induced national dementia over words poorly delivered needs to stop before we become a wandering mass of babbling idiots who live in mortal fear of words. Leave that to the liberals – they are too far gone anyway.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • freedomfighterhere

    Note to Chris Wallace:

    Chris, if you only waited until today (Monday) to ask your ‘flake’ question to Ms Bachmann.

    Can’t wait to hear her explanation about Duke Wayne and the Killer Clown.

    • 8second.ride

      No explanation needed from Bachmann. She was right — John Wayne was born in Iowa. Only weak, sick minds would go from that to Gacy.

      • freedomfighterhere

        hi bronco bilie,

        Got a problem. Ya see, Miss Wild Eyes was QUOTED as saying, ‘John Wayne is from Waterloo,Iowa’ and Gacy lived in Waterloo, too.

        See the connection? (May be you don’t cuz you’re a little slow on the up take).

        Bad news. I get a lot of replies to answer and yours are always quite witless….a perfect example is this post of yours right here. Sorry, but I can’t answer your insane, loony messages anymore.

        You’ll find someone else to call a loser, a liar, dishonest…

  • machiavelli

    She made Chris Wallace look bad; he didn’t make her look bad. It’s hard not to take her seriously.

    QED: Wallace issued a lame “apology”, and Bachmann left him eating crow without without accepting explicitly. There must have been a s-storm of email protests that burned Wallace’s beady eyes.

    Chris should keep his other weekend job atop the wedding cake as the groom doll.

  • truebearing

    Wallace really stepped in it with that choice of words. I like him but that was completely inappropriate. He pushed Palin in a recent interview and she got pretty feisty with him too.

    In Wallace’s defense, he is reputed to be a Democrat, therefore comes by his disrespect for women naturally. He’s been recovering admirably within the sane confines of Fox, but clearly he had a relapse with Bachmann.

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  • joeaiello

    Bachmann isn’t a flake, she’s a pinhead. She is against “socialism”, yet she’s applied for and accepted well over $100,000 in federal subsidies for her family business. She’s against what she calls “Obama’s failed stimilus program” yet she’s asked for millions of dollars in infrastructure money for her state from that very program.
    I’m in Dublin on business at the moment and read this in today’s Irish Independent. So viewers of Murdoch’s Fake News Channel are actually less informed than readers of an actual newspaper in Europe!

    • freedomfighterhere

      $100,000?…that’s for pikers. Hell, she and her family just LOVE socialism…they’re had their collective snouts in the government trough to the tune of $250,000.

      WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  • Humorless

    WHY did he do it, should be the question.

    Could it be, not to be too conspiratorial, that Fox News is not so much “rightwing” as “Republican”? And the RNC sees a potential Bachmann nomination as disasterous, not just for the White House but for Congressional races as well in 2012?

    But..if so, why a hamfisted attack on her that paints Bachmann as the victim and Wallace as the insulting jerk? Perhaps because it then means that Bachmann will no longer be going on Fox News Sunday, while other candidates will (dare I say, Mitt Romney) and that means she’ll be forced to continually defend herself to much more polite, if determined “lamestream Media” anchors who will continually ask her about her “Jimmy Carter caused Swine Flu” comment or her other outlandish statements.

    So…her profile on Fox goes down, losing her face-time with those that would support her in the Primaries (FNC audience) and her mainstream image becomes more and more exposed as that of a dimwit and/or fringer.

    Mind you all of that would take a true Machiavellian among the Republicans…someone on the order of a….Karl Rove or something.