The five nuttiest Arab world conspiracy theories

No region of the world is immune to buying into outrageous conspiracy theories. But the Arab world is a conspiracy theory mecca (pun definitely intended). Maybe as a result of Arab states’ powerlessness at home and collectively on the world stage, perhaps as a result of their embarrassingly primitive societies, their failure to modernize and the lies passed on as truth on government run media, conspiracy theories thrive.

Invariably loony and almost always transparently anti-Semitic, the Arab world’s conspiracy theories are also sometimes entertaining in their absurdity — especially when you forget for a moment that some Middle Eastern media outlets use them to inspire hatred and violence.

The Daily Caller has put together for your enjoyment the five nuttiest conspiracy theories circulating in the Arab world.

5. Mossad’s shark missiles

Shortly before Egypt was consumed by revolution, it was consumed by the threat of sharks — and it wasn’t even Shark Week. After shark attacks in Egypt’s top resort destination of Sharm el Sheikh killed a German tourist and injured several others, Egyptian officials speculated that the sharks could have been sent by the Mossad, Israel’s CIA.

“What is being said about the Mossad throwing the deadly shark in the sea to hit tourism in Egypt is not out of the question,” the regional governor of Sharm el Sheikh, Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha, said to the press, adding that Egypt “needs time to confirm” this blockbuster of a theory. (‘The Boners’ offered tortured defenses of Anthony Weiner)

Egyptian state TV helped propagate the conspiracy theory further when it brought on “Captain Mustafa Ismail,” who was described as “a famous diver in Sharm el Sheikh.”

Ahramonline described what the good captain had to say on the matter:

When asked by the anchor how the shark entered Sharm El Sheikh waters, he burst out, “No, it’s who let them in?”

Urged to elaborate, Ismail said that he recently got a call from an Israeli diver in Eilat telling him that they captured a small shark with a GPS planted in its back, implying that the sharks were monitored to attack in Egypt’s waters only.

“Why would these sharks travel 4000 km and not have any accidents until they entered Sinai waters?” asked Ismail.

The same Ahramonline article quoted an Egyptian marine biologist refuting the absurd conspiracy and stating it was “sad” that Egyptian television decided to help spread it.

But why quibble with reality when fantasy is so much more interesting?

4. The mythical Zionist-Christian-Hindu alliance nuclear tests of 2004 caused the Asian Tsunami

The devastating Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 killed hundreds of thousands of people in 14 countries. While most of the world recognized this was a natural disaster of epic proportions, some in the Arab world thought otherwise.

“Was [the earthquake] caused by American, Israeli and Indian nuclear testing on ‘the day of horror?’ Why did the ‘Ring of Fire’ explode?,” an Egyptian columnist asked (translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI).

After discussing how America, Israel and India have teamed up “to test a way to liquidate humanity,” the columnist went on to write that, while the evidence isn’t yet in, it seemed a very likely conclusion that the triumvirate of evil was responsible for creating the tsunami.

“Nevertheless, although so far it has not been proven that secret Indian-Israeli nuclear testing is what caused the destructive earthquake, there is evidence that the recent nuclear tests, the exchange of nuclear experts between India and Israel, and the American pressure on Pakistan regarding its nuclear cooperation with Asian and Islamic countries [by providing India with advanced nuclear technology in an attempt to stop Pakistani activity], all these pose a big question mark regarding the causes of the severe earthquake in Asia,” the columnist wrote.

And rain occurs because God cries.

  • joltinjoe

    All education is really self education. Nobody can learn anything for somebody else. If you can’t read and write it is your fault. Learning to read is the gateway to all further knowledge held within the covers of books. Standing on street corners limits your ability to learn. Now you know!

  • truebearing

    The Muslims are paranoid about conspiracies because their religion teaches them to destroy everyone who won’t submit to Islam. They are simply projecting their motives on everyone that they themselves plan to kill. It is really that simple.

  • Miroco

    Rather like America’s black education problem, Muslim ignorance cannot be addressed because of political correctness. These problems are not racial. If every workable or testable solution is viewed through a prism of politics no solution will be implemented. The Madrasa system of education is ONLY a religious and tribal medium. after a dozen years the students still cannot read and write in the standard societal sense. Like Ebonics, the philosophical arguments may have some validity, but the practical implementation is ridiculous. Even theorizing or exploring raises issues which are instantly twisted to “Hate Speech”. If you just want your child to get on in the world all this “Junk” needs to be ignored. Get with it people.

  • MerryJ1

    “And rain occurs because God cries:” But, why is God crying? It must be something Democrats did.

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    Too bad we have lost so many fine young people fighting for these ignorant backwards cutthroat morons. Bring our troops home…

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    Gee, why go to the Arab world to get conspiracy theories when you’ve got so many right here in the DailyCaller comment section. Kingfish has got them pretty well covered, but truebearing should be here any moment now to fill in the blanks.

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      Or hard, cold facts….like you are an anti and post-American, divisive, dishonest and duplicitous moron?

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        Oh lighten up. Do you really think your opinion of me matters to me? Laughing at your silly outrage.

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          You aren’t laughing. You use that tired out line all of the time, and we all know you have the sense of humor of a junkie in withdrawal. If you have to insist on being a snotty b!tch, can’t you at least be original once in awhile….or even once?

          I see you masochism is really flaring up today. I hope you enjoy the whippings you intentionally provoke. You really need some major help.

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            I’m laughing at you, truebearing. Laughing really hard. Why would what some crackpot on the Internet thinks matter to me? It would only matter if my life was as empty as yours must be.

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            Now you’re falling back on your “get a life” drivel. Yesterday you used it on risabove because she kiked your dumb ass.

            Here you are on the Daily Caller, a website you have openly expressed your contempt for, arguing with people you clearly hate, and who don’t have a very high opinion of you, yet you keep coming back for more. Is that your idea of a good life? I don’t know any normal people who go out of their way to go to websites just to annoy people and trigger their abuse, but if that’s what turns you on….

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            BTW, I haven’t seen “guesswho” since I pointed out the coincidence of both of you always appearing at the same time on the same thread. Curious…..

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          Yet another predictably hyper-hypocritical and simultaneously totally inaccurate “post” from Code Stink. My “outrage” (I would have used “disgust”) is well founded and demonstrably righteous, while your divisive, dunce-driven diatribes are unfounded and ignorant.

          You can question truebearing’s sanity in direct contradiction of the facts, but we cannot question yours based on the actual facts? That garbage may pass as “logic” at one of your dwindling MoveOn rallies, but not with the well- informed contemporary patriots that overwhelmingly dominatate this site and the current electorate…all of which could REALLY care less about your posts and ramblings or those from your ilk…and we vote….legally!

          Your “posts” are living (yet brain dead) proof, that ignorance truly is (laughter filled) bliss! Enjoy it while it lasts..the absolute deadline, and the next teachable moment and shellacking for regressives, is inevitably coming in November 2012, at the latest!

          Clearly my apt observations are not strictly intended for your consumption Stink, or I would have limited them to single syllable words..or grunts..or oinks. :)

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            How nice. Truebearing has a pet toad.

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      It’s rather ignoble of you to lose every debate, and fail to refute any argument, and then compensate for your loser ways by smearing someone behind their back. Why can’t you ever provide any evidence for your positions and rebuttals of the assertions ot others, too stupid? Why is it that the only thing you can do is try to smear other people’s comments? that strikes me as extremely weak and trollish.

      Lets take your favorite one about paganism and the environmental movement. A simple google search will reveal the deep connection between them, but you are either too stupid or dishonest, and probably both, to actually check it out. Or is it that you don’t want the truth to be revealed about the things you believe in? I guess I can’t blame you there. You are nothing if not warped and what you are into would really get hammered if you had the courage to actually state your true beliefs. I guess ankle biting is all you can do. How sad.

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        “Why can’t you ever provide any evidence for your positions and rebuttals of the assertions ot others…”

        You make me laugh so hard. You can’t be serious. You never provide “evidence” for your assertions! Never! Crackpot websites do not count.

        Whenever you disagree with what someone says here, you respond with a string of insults. You think you’re pretty clever at it, but it doesn’t hide the fact that you can’t make a factual argument to save your life. I never saw anyone use so many words to say so little.

        According to you, I am supposed to be afraid of environmental activists because they are scary Druid pagans, homosexuals who advocate for marriage equality are as evil as Nazis who were almost all gay themselves, and there is a secret Islamic message in the landscaping in the 9/ll memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. How does one rebut such crackpottery? You also assert in separate posts that I am “sexually obsessed” with YOU and then try to insult me by saying I am a lesbian. (Kinda inconsistent, aren’t you?) You track the time and date of my posts and keep a record. Face it, you are simply nuts.

        Keep up the nuttery and keep flinging your “clever” insults my way. At least it keeps you off the streets. But you don’t affect me at all, sweetie, not at all. You’re a tiny little speck in my universe.

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          Here is a book you’ll like. It’s got all kinds of historical facts about the Nazis and the role of homosexual radicals in pre-WWII Germany. It’s called “the Pink Swastika”! Pink, pink! Isn’t that great? your favorite color.

          Here are several links that I know you’ll eagerly read so you can pull yourself out of ignorance and denial:






          Would you like some more links to neo-paganism, druids, and environmentalism? Google it, moron. There is an endless number of links.

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            Historical facts? You have got to be kidding. Only haters and loons believe the kind of tripe that “The Pink Swastika” puts forth.

            Yes ,there are an endless links to lunacy and hate sites. It proves nothing except that there are lunatics and haters–like you.

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            Good night, sad little man. I continue to pray for your healing.

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            “I still have yet to see anything from you that remotely qualifies as logically or factually supported.”

            Back at you!

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            So now you are admitting a “relationship” with “Hampton”. When I first posted the series of comments where “Hampton” replied to a comment directed at you, you lied and accused me of being paranoid and a conspiracist. Now you’re admitting you lied about that. I guess I’m backing up my comments with facts now, eh poink?

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            You are so completely off your rocker. Look how you go on and on with your personal attacks. It’s not rational. Honestly: get a life, get meds, get help. You are one sick, sick puppy.

            For the more rational, The Pink Swastika is infamous for being a gay-hating fundamentalist Christian rewriting of history. Only the nuttiest of the WorldNutDaily crowd believe its thesis that the Nazi party and the Holocaust was conceived by homosexuals.

            Jamie Weinstein: I challenge you to address some of the conspiracies and nuttery that is right here in your own backyard! (Of course you won’t because the DailyCaller feeds off these loons and haters.)

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          Now I am (actually) laughing exceptionally hard! Your actions..like your petty, anger and angst filled posts, defy your Obamaesque “I am above the fray” B.S., as bearing has clearly gotten under your skin, or hair filled lard in this case, once again. Is that the sweet smell of success I sense..again?

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            Truebearing acts like a parody of a conspiracy theorist, and in that sense he is at least interesting. You, Hoos, and have absolutely no personality at all.


    AAhh!!,conspiracy theories, …they are dime a dozen out there , are they not?
    What is not conspiracy theory is the reality we are living right now;…puzzled?…allow me to illustrate.

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  • Alaskan

    You know #5 would be so much better if the Egyptian diver’s name was Ishmael rather than Ismail and it was an Orca rather than a shark.