Wallace fires back: ‘I guess the joke is on Jon Stewart’

Last week, “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace interviewed Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart. And throughout the week, their exchange was analyzed and criticized, and some even chalked it up as a victory for Stewart because he supposedly exposed Fox News as some sort of tool of the right.

At the end of his “Fox News Sunday” program this week, Wallace had a response for Stewart. He clarified what Stewart considered a stunning admission by Wallace last week that Fox News offered “the other side of the story.” (Chris Wallace asks Michele Bachmann: ‘Are you a flake?’)

“Jon seemed to think that was a big deal that I said we tell the other side of the story,” Wallace said. “While I wish I had said the full story, here is what I meant. As we showed today, we don’t go easy on Republicans. But we try to provide a fuller perspective. For instance, pointing out the strengths and some of problems with Obamacare before anyone else did. But let me give you a classic example of what ‘fair and balanced’ means to me. After Hurricane Katrina, the mainstream media piled on FEMA for the failure to respond to the crisis. And the federal government did a lousy job. But it was Fox News that started reporting on the failure of the first responders — the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana — to help people. Yes, we reported FEMA’s problems, but we also told the other side of the story.”

Wallace also took on Stewart’s claim last week that Fox News viewers were the most uninformed news audience, noting in the process that “The Daily Show” viewers were actually more uninformed than the audience of at least two of Fox News’ most popular programs. To knock down Stewart’s contention, Wallace pointed to PolitiFact’s analysis of Stewart’s statement while also commenting on the suspect nature of one poll in determining what constituted an  “ill-informed” viewer.

“The Pulitzer Prize-winning website PolitiFact looked into [Stewart’s claim that Fox News viewers were the most uninformed] and on the truth meter it rated Jon’s claim false,” Wallace said. “The details are even more interesting. In a survey called misinformation in the 2010 election, people were asked a series of fact questions like, ‘Which president signed TARP?’ But the poll also asked questions like this: ‘As you know, the American economy had a major downturn the fall of 2008. Do you think that now the American economy is A: tarting to recover, or B: still getting worse?’ ‘Starting to recover’ was the so-called right answer. If you said ‘still getting worse’ you were officially misinformed. If you question whether climate change is occurring or whether Obamacare will add to deficit, you were also mistaken.

“Then there was last year’s Pew poll, which asked four fact questions like what job did Eric Holder have? It turns out Fox News scored better, not worse, than MSNBC, CNN, network evening news and the network morning news. As for individual shows, 31 percent of [Sean] Hannity viewers got all four questions correct, 29 percent for [Bill] O’Reilly. All the way down near the bottom: Viewers of Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show,’ at 22 percent. So, all the talk of, ‘You are the most consistently misinformed viewers’ — I guess the joke is on Jon Stewart.”

  • Fast EddieO

    Please everyone send the grossly misinformed Jon Stewart a message via the Comedy Channel contact page:


    Here is what I wrote:

    Has Jon Stewart heard about Ezra Klein’s “JournoList” where major media figuers, editorial writers, hard news reporters, and even Democrat political operatives exchanged emails for the purposes of coordinating the narrative to help Obama get elected and to get his radical legislation passed.

    They were only outed because Tucker Carlson got added and he revealed many of their stunts that he became aware, though odds are it was even worse.

    Here is but one account:


    I think jon should read the DailyCaller.com website and inform himself of all the allegations before he throws frivolous allegations about Fox News and then claims that mainstream media is “only biased towards sensationalism”.

  • captaingrumpy

    Liberals loved politifact,until it showed them what they say is wrong.NOW ,they hate it.

  • adaillycaller

    So the DC is using PolitiFact to defend Chris Wallace….okay, now I see why less and less people are taking this site seriously.

    • BigRmv

      That’s an odd statement to lay bare with no supporting facts. Is it possible that’s just your opinion?

    • truebearing


      Isn’t it ironic that a lefty would call into question a fact verification site that was started by lefties, and quoted constantly by other lefties? It makes perfect sense to quote the left leaning PolitiFact. If any source other than one biased toward the left was cited you’d use that as an excuse to ignore it.

    • 8second.ride

      Any other time Politifact is the go-to cite for lefties — now it’s not. Hypocrisy so obvious it ought to win an award.

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  • Kiba

    Yea, and ol’e John Lebowinski “Stewart” is a real as they come huh? lol…

  • truebearing

    I guess that makes Stewart the most uninformed host. (MSNBC hosts not included for obvious reasons. This ranking only includes the sane).

  • joeaiello

    Chris Wallace is no Mike Wallace, that’s why he hosts a Sunday morning interview show on the Fake News Channel.

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