Blood in the water: GOP looks to capitalize on women’s vote

While Democrats have long been seen as the party most concerned with women’s issues, Republicans won the women’s vote by one percentage point during the 2010 election cycle.

Sensing blood in the water, the GOP is working to position itself to once again win the women’s vote in 2012 and — perhaps — beyond.

The highest ranking Republican woman in the House, Washington Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, is one of the major players in the fight to win women’s approval and votes. Indeed, the two-time vice chairwoman of the House Republican Conference and co-chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues has been working hard to show that women’s issues are GOP issues.

According to McMorris Rodgers and her GOP colleagues, women start two out of every three new businesses, create nearly $2.5 trillion in revenue annually, manage 83% of household income, and represent the majority of America’s health care providers.

“[Women] understand firsthand the impact of regulations, tax policy on starting a new business,” McMorris Rodgers told TheDC. “We need to continue to talk to women about health care. The health care bill that passed last year is not popular among women … [who] make the health care decisions for many households — for themselves, for their families — and they don’t like the idea of the federal government in the way of them being able to make those health care decisions.”

Despite rhetoric to the contrary, Democrats are no longer the best choice for women, said McMorris Rodgers. As the fairer sex begins seriously looking at the issues that affect them, they will see that the solutions Republicans have are the one which will benefit them the most. (Michele Bachmann officially enters 2012 field)

According to the leading female Republicans, the GOP just needs to keep reaching out to women until they hear the message.

“I really think we just need to do more to talk to women,” Rodgers said. “The Democrats for so long have been telling women in America that if you’re a woman you’re a Democrat, and now I think that more women are really taking a look at these issues and how they impact themselves, the opportunity to start a new business, raise a family …They’re looking for a party that’s actually going to ensure that we are taking those steps to leave a better America for our children and then grandchildren.”

McMorris Rodgers is one of the leading voices to bring more women into the party and the polls, galvanizing current Republican women and encouraging others to get into the movement.

“I think it’s a great time to be a Republican woman, and what we’re seeing is that as more women see other women running for office, being successful, being given opportunities to be out front that they’re seeing other women do it, and they think, ‘You know what? If she can do it, I can do it.’” (Helen Thomas claims to have reapplied for White House press credentials)

Despite her sensitivity to women’s issues, McMorris Rodgers has little patience for women, especially Republican women, who throw down the sexism card at every turn. To her, it is best to stick to the issues and let the trivial fall by the wayside.

“I think it feeds the victim mentality,” she said. “And I don’t want us to be focusing on being — I don’t want it to sound like we’re victims. I want the focus to be more on the opportunities that are available.”

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  • Liberty Issues

    The author is delusional. The anti-Planned-Parent campaign by the New Inquisitors will blow the GOP right out of the water — perhaps forever this time.

    What we have is a Christian Jihad punishing a provider of a constitutionally-protected medical procedure, paid for with private money, between consenting adults … under the guise of limited government .. based on the biggest collection of outright lies, believable only to the ignorant … since I cast my first Presidential vote (for Goldwater).

    For example, recipients of taxpayer dollars are routinely audited by the government. If you don’t know that, some might argue that you’re too darn stupid to be allowed to vote. Taxpayer funding of abortion has been illeggal for only 35 years now.

    Do the math. Planned Parenthood doesn’t spend a penny of taxpayer money on abortions. And if they did — DUH — the audit would recapture those dollars. WHICH IS WHY THEY DO THE AUDIT.double-duh

    Bottom line, 97% of PPs services are non-abortion. Most of them are delivered to low-income Americans, who — as REAL conservatives know — can’t find a doctor who accepts the low Medicaid payments.

    Here’s what PP does mainly, from audited reports:

    “Contraception constituted 35% of total services, STI/STD testing and treatment constituted 34%, cancer testing and screening constituted 17%; abortion services constituted 3%; other women’s health procedures, including pregnancy, prenatal, midlife, and infertility, were 11%. Those percentages include prenatal services to 7,021 clients and 977 adoption referrals to other agencies as well as 332,278 abortions.[32][33][34][35][36] The organization also annually conducts 1 million screenings for cervical cancer, 830,000 breast exams and some 4 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States,[3] from which it derives about $164,154,000, 15% of its annual revenue.[37]


    Read that again. Look for cancer testing especially.

    Now THINK. Cutting off government funding will not save a single abortion. None.

    Cutting off government funding will come ENTIRELY from medical care to low-income Americans. I asked you to focus on cancer testing and treatment, including testicular for males.

    What happens when cancer testing is no longer available?

    If ONE woman dies of an undiagnosed cancer, liberals will hang that around the neck of the GOP — just when we SHOULD be seeing the consequences of ObamaCare.

    And not one single abortion will be prevented by this Christian Jihad.

    This is why our founders INTENDED a “wall of separation between church and state” — in the elegant words of Thomas Jefferson.

    The ghost of Martin Luther is now preparing to re-nail his 95 Theses … on the door of every church which has so badly betrayed his Reformation.

    And liberals wait with glee, as the Republican party gallops gaily into a suicidal ambush.

    The choice is yours. Shut down the Jihad. Or learn Chinese.

    copyright 2011 by Michael J Hihn. All rights reserved.

  • joeaiello

    The GOP wants the women’s vote? No problem! Women will flock to the GOP in 2012 because everybody knows that women just love having their reproductive rights being dictated to them by fat middle aged men!!

  • sas

    Want the women’s vote?

    Stop limiting abortion rights, de-funding family planning, and threatening to take apart the social safety net….

    • clw

      That liberal garbage won’t get THIS woman’s vote.

  • Rush Youngberg

    The establishment GOP wants a larger tent, hands across the aisle, the favor of the MSM. Conservatives have an ideology that will appeal to whomever it appeals. The establishment GOP has been very harsh to Palin and Bachmann. The good ol’ boys in both parties are mysogynists.

  • doncicciofitipaldi

    LOL> If women knew what was good for them “republican woman” would be an oxymoron.

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