Democrats rip Romney on job creation

During Republican Gov. Jane Swift’s tenure, from 2001 to 2003, 62,663 jobs were lost. During Gov. Deval Patrick’s tenure, 73,001 jobs have been lost.

But the Democratic attack is about Massachusetts’ record in comparison with other states. The comparison is important because national and even global economic trends affect a given state’s economy more than the actions of a governor.

The fact-checking website Politifact.com called the Democratic attacks “half true” because “we found little evidence to support…that Romney is responsible for those jobs numbers. Economists told us that it’s a stretch to blame or credit Romney or any governor for job numbers.”

  • Hollywood4Cain

    We need a REAL businessman and conservative to lead us out of the fiscal disaster we’re in. Don’t underestimate the Cain Train, friends. Although the other night’s debate didn’t allow him to shine, Herman Cain’s star is still rising and I think Americans will like what they hear as they get to know him better. He’s a proven business success and America is desperate for a change of course, before Obama ruins us.

    One of the things about Herman Cain that appeals to me is that he isn’t a politician, and therefore says things that aren’t customary. He strikes me as very real.

    Check out this humorous cartoon which uses Obama’s own voice, spoken by him, to make the case that he’s ill prepared to lead a capitalist society. The cartoon uses Obama’s recent (and desperate?) raffle to have dinner with him as a plot device to put him in contact with a perfect foil, who eventually decides that Obama is so hopelessly clueless that she is going to vote for Herman Cain.


    It’s pretty funny and it also serves to highlight the differences in worldview (at least in terms of business and the economy) between somebody like Herman Cain and Mr. Obama. I found it illuminating.

  • RoadtoFREEDOM

    This is priceless… wait for it… Democrats, who’ve LOST 1.8 million jobs since Captain Transparency began his infamous reign, are critical of… Romney…

    I’m sorry, Democrats have ZERO ground to criticize ANYONE about anything, let alone JOBS.

    Listen, you lefty Jacka$$es, your ideological roots are MARXIST, a rotten and despicable heritage if there ever was one.

    Remember, folks, Obama got elected on a wing and a prayer… he has ZERO executive experience and the most pathetic, far left record from his brief time in public service.

    And, no, community organizing does not qualify you to considered for any higher office, and should more appropriately disqualify you from such a position because of said Marxist beliefs.

    Who’s up for dissolving the Democrat party? What would be the harm, really… think about it… what would be the harm?

  • emem

    How did Bain Capitol turn all of it’s acquisitions profitable? That’s the story here. Hard to imagine there were no lay-off, downsizing, etc.

    And besides, no governor can directly create any private sector jobs so his performance as governor seems weak as he couldn’t change the policies through legislature to have a positive impact encouraging new businesses to come to Mass.

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  • blueridge

    The Obama team is on the attack and they fear running against Romney. Obama will have to demonize and destroy his opponents because he can’t run on his record. Republicans need to start informing the public now about the tactics Obama will use for the 2012 election.