New Wisconsin budget cuts funding from Planned Parenthood

Anti-Planned Parenthood activists were dealt a blow Saturday when a federal judge in Indiana halted the enforcement of a law preventing Medicaid funding from going to the group. But on Sunday, those activists were able to take comfort in Wisconsin’s newly signed budget.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, signed a state budget Sunday that cut spending on education and health clinics, including Planned Parenthood centers, reported National Journal.

(Federal judge on eliminating Planned Parenthood funding: Not so fast)

Unsurprisingly, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin denounced the budget. The group, which runs 27 centers statewide, says that services like cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, and birth control will be cut back. Conservatives have targeted the group because it also provides abortion services.

Julaine Appling of the organization Wisconsin Family Action said, “If organizations want to do that, we’re not saying they don’t have the right to do that under the law. While we disagree with abortions entirely, they do have that right … [But] we don’t have to use taxpayer money to do that.”

Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin says the budget cuts money from the BadgerCare Family Planning Program, which aids both men and women in getting preventive health care. The Wall Street Journal reports that BadgerCare saves the state $140 million per year, according to the Department of Health.

“It is outrageous that Governor Walker would take away health care from thousands of women and families in Wisconsin,” said Cecile Richards, the president of the national Planned Parenthood organization.

Wisconsin is the fourth state to target the group. But with the ruling out of Indiana Saturday, it’s the third to actually enforce the cuts.

  • Kathy_devita

    planned parent hood is a very dishonest organization who encourages sex to minors and has gotten away with handing out birth control and abortions to youth without parents consent.  Has caused division between parents and children with honesty and health care.  Since this organization has been able to go into the public schools there is been more sexually transmitted diseases in this country and more people dying of aids.  We the tax payer has funding this terrible system at the expense of our youths health and welfare.  Along with teaching them that talking things over with parents is not necessary that Planned Parenthood has you covered and go ahead an get on the pill that will keep you safe and your parents don’t need to know.  If you should get pregnant we can take care of that too.  At the expense of the tax payer or youth are not infected with more sexually tranmitted disease than ever before.  So have they helped.  I say No.  They have had carte blance on the money they are given to corrupt and lie to the children of this nation. 

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  • darcdante

    Planned Parenthood doesn’t even offer all the services they claim at most of their locations. If you want a cancer screening, you don’t go to Planned Parenthood, but they talk like you do because it gets people in their door. Then they’ll refer you to a Government-run location where you can actually get the cancer screening done, and they’ll make sure to hand you a nice, shiny “Abortion and You: The Joys of killing Your Kid” pamphlet as you walk out the door.

    And they don’t offer free contraception. What kind of non-profit actually makes people pay for condoms?

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