Tea Partiers say Perry, Bachmann excite them

Move over, Sarah Palin. Tea Partiers have their eyes on Rick and Michele for 2012.

In interviews with The Daily Caller at a Tea Party gathering Monday, many activists admitted that they don’t believe Palin is running and that they think Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann are generating the most excitement in the Republican presidential field.

“He has no experience in Washington and isn’t contaminated by that,” said Jebb Young, an activist wearing a Rick Perry 2012 button, of the Texas governor.

JoeRae Perkins of Oregon said she’s behind Bachmann because she’s an “everyday, ordinary American” who knows “what its like to raise a family.”

But a large contingent of activists interviewed also say they haven’t made up their mind about who to support in the 2012 presidential election.

We do know, however, that Tea Partiers also like Herman Cain and Ron Paul, and that they don’t like Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman. (Tea Partiers storm NRSC offices)

This was all on display at a press conference Monday at the Washington-based FreedomWorks when a reporter asked the 60 or so Tea Partiers there to express their 2012 preferences.

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, and Michele Bachmann, the Minnesota congresswoman who officially launched her campaign today, got the most applause when activists were asked if they supported either.

“I think everybody wants somebody who is plain-talking and focused on the problems,” said Alan Guillaudeu, a businessman from Texas.

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, on the other hand, had dismal support.

“She’s not running,” yelled out one activist.

Both businessman Herman Cain and Texas Rep. Ron Paul were applauded and had sizeable support, but not quite as much as Perry or Bachmann. Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, was booed. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman was booed. And so was Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker.

What about former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum? Both got scattered applause and variations of people suggesting both are nice but not their top pick for president. (FreedomWorks forming rival debt commission to Obama’s group)

Palin, however, did have several supporters who wish she’d get in.

“My person’s not in the race,” said Darcy Kahrhoff of Texas, who said she’d support Palin because “she’s independent.”

  • JoRaePerkins

    Not all of the TEA Party likes Perry. The straw poll was based upon those who have declared they are running. What the article does not say is that Allen West received the most applause. There were about 6 people wearing Rick Perry pins. But Michelle Bachman did receive the most applause of those who are officially running.

    Ron Paul received respectable applause as did Herman Cain.

    Joeaiello – who do you want see run?

    I love how people express their dissent, but where is an optional solution?

    p.s. D.C., please correct the spelling of my name in your article :)

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  • williamousa

    This is June of 2011 Nov of 2012 is still 16 Months away plenty of time to find the right one, or so thinds this ole TEA partier.

  • Texas Chris

    Perry talks big, but he’s all hat no cattle.

    We don’t need a Democrat-turned-global-elite-moderate-Bush/Rove-Republican to try and out-McCain/Graham the rest of the moderate Republicans.

    Youw ant a real TEA Party candidate? Vote Ron Paul!

  • Texas Chris

    Perry was Al Gore’s ’88 campaign manager in Texas.
    Perry supports the NAFTA superhighway, agains the majority of Texans.
    Perry attempted to force all 13+ year old girls to take an STD vaccine.
    Perry is a CFR/Bilderberg member.

    Perry is NOT a TEA Party favorite, he’s a global elite pick.

    Bachmann was an IRS presecutor.
    Bachmann had 20+ foster kids FOR PROFIT.
    Bachmann shredded the 4th Amendment by voting FOR the Patriot Act.

    Bachmann is NOT a TEA Party favorite, she’s a big government DC insider.

    You want a TEA Party favorite? Vote for Ron Paul!

    • rick57

      Although she voted for the Patriot Act that is the only thing I find wrong about her and if that is her biggest sin; well I can live with it. As far as your comment about foster children for profit that is the most disgisting thing I’ve ever heard in my life. You are a dispicable person for even thinking such a thing. To me that comment is worse than calling a black person the N word. You should be ashamed of yourself. All of those kids have or are going to be put through college by her and her husband. Kids who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance at any kind of sucess. Shame on you shame.

  • David Farrar

    Every Tea Partier knows, or should know, Perry is a G. Bush clone. If Sarah Palin doesn’t run, Michele Bachmann will undoubtedly take the Tea Party mantel, but she may not be able to get enough of Palin’s supporters to the polls even with Palin’s endorsement.

    ex animo

  • Hofmanndawg

    I may be mistaken but… I think Rick Perry attended the recent one-world government Bilderberg secretive conclave attended by Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, David Rockefeller and other international socialists… U.S. constitution hating George Soros may have been in attendance also. As for Michelle Bachmann, she tends to vote the right way in Congress, but then didn’t she vote for trashing the 4th Amendment’s rights to privacy by voting for the Nazi style Bush/Obama Patriot Act?

    • Texas Chris

      Yes she did! No TEA Party for her!


  • joeaiello

    So the Tea Party really likes Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann? Then I want to thank you, Tea Party, for killing the Republican Party’s chances for 2012! Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

  • The Center

    I guess some ppl don’t mind getting fooled. The hate for Obama is destroying them and their own interests…but they don’t care. I mean the guy is not delivering that’s for sure, but the “hate” is palpable.