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Here is a picture of John Wayne Gacy shaking hands with Rosalynn Carter

Courtesy of Wikipedia:

What does it have to do with anything? Nothing, unless the point is to put the name “John Wayne Gacy” in the same headline as the name of a political opponent. So there you go. Does that mean Jimmy Carter supported the rape and murder of dozens of young men? Hey, you didn’t hear it from me.

By the way, where was Gacy born? Where did he go on his killing spree? Where’s the house with all the bodies in the basement? That’s right: Chicago. (You might’ve heard of the place. A government employee named Barry calls it home.) Between those two events, Gacy moved to Waterloo in his 20s and lived there for a year before his first arrest. When he got out of jail, he moved back to Chicago. So now he’s “from” the place he lived for one year of his adult life. Hey, all’s fair when it’s time to play Get the Republican.

Next up, these brilliant historians will crowdsource the mystery of why John Wayne’s parents named him after a serial killer.

P.S. The mighty Iowahawk — Wait. Iowa? Murderer!!! — adds: “Know what else John Wayne Gacy was? A Democratic Party precinct captain.” Hey, you guys opened this door, lefties…

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  • angelatc

    Oh, you have no idea how much I love you right now, and it has nothing to do with Michelle Bachmann.

  • esby

    I love how you go all in defending Bachmann. She said John Wayne was from Waterloo. And she admits she made a mistake. Similar to that liberal rag The Washington Times. Why are they so anti-Republican?

    Gacy lived in Waterloo for two years, not one, did you Wikipedia it? Nobody said Gacy killed in Waterloo, but do you remember what he was arrested for? Hmmm? Sorry, Waterloo’s claim to fame is more Gacy than Wayne. He sure made a splash there!

    Up next: “Jim Treacher” defends Bachmann’s statement that John Quincy Adams was a founding father.

    “Well, he was a father. And I’m sure he found stuff.”

    • Jim Treacher

      I love how you go all in defending Bachmann.

      Yes, esby, your affection really shines through. You seem even more excitable than usual lately. Everything okay?

      • esby

        Your friend is really classy.

        • Jim Treacher

          “Friend”? You comment on my blog more often than whoever that was, dear.

          But if it makes you feel better: Please don’t call esby names, everyone. It’s not nice.

          • esby

            Sarcasm begets sarcasm. It’s a vicious cycle.

          • Jim Treacher

            That is such a good point.

          • Alaskan

            I won’t call esby names. I’m really looking forward to her trip to Alaska. I’ll even clean up the Igloo for you.

          • esby
          • Alaskan

            You can see Russia from it.

          • BigRmv

            That must be Tina Fey’s igloo.

    • Hallmonitor

      “Waterloo’s claim to fame is more Gacy than Wayne.”

      Not if you lived in Waterloo and wasn’t a lefty phucktard.

    • rlynh

      John Wayne’s parents lived in Waterloo for a while (and I mean the original John Wayne, not the Gacy guy), although their name was Morrison, and John Wayne’s real name wasn’t John Wayne. I can see how that might escape your notice, but probably Bachmann knew it.

    • truebearing


      What is the point of your comment? Are you outraged that Bachmann makes trivial, meaningless, inconsequential mistakes? Are you shocked to find out that politicians are actually humans? Are you still hurting over “Yes We Can” turning into “No He Didn’t”? Are you angry that Bachmann doesn’t have immediate recall on the birth dates and places of all Americans?

      I just hope you can find one of our 57 states that suits you best, where the politicians are perfect, undiscoverable liars, and speak Austrian as a second language. Then I hope you can find a website that is up to your pristine standards and where your superficial, snarky comments are warmly greeted. Of course, this website would have no one more clever than a trapdoor in a rowboat, so you could finally be the wittiest one in the group.

      Oh, and maybe the Democratic Precinct captain will wear clown suits and entertain the young boys….

      • BigRmv

        She may have a point. I heard that Bachmann tweeted a picture of her p*nis to women she isn’t married to. Oh, wait. That must’ve been someone else. Nevermind.

    • minicapt

      Given that esby’s awareness of John Wayne Gacy dates back to noon on 28 Jun 11 …