Oversight committee makes NLRB-Boeing fight personal

Having already sunk its teeth into the ATF’s “Fast and Furious” this year, not to mention “celebrating” the anniversary of President Obama’s “recovery summer,” Rep. Darell Issa’s Oversight Committee has set its sights on the government’s regulatory efforts, highlighting its negative effects in a new video series.

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform put a name and face to the NLRB-Boeing fight Tuesday with the launch of its “Voices of Recovery.” The first video features Neil Whitman, president of a South Carolina staffing company, who testified before the committee in June regarding the recent controversy over NLRB’s lawsuit against Boeing.

The Oversight Committee chose to begin the series with Whitman as he is “the face of the cost of government regulation,” according those familiar with the project. The series is also part of Republican’s American’s Job Creator’s Program, meant to show voters the GOPs positive efforts to improve the troubled economy.

“Listening to front-line entrepreneurs like Neil is what AmericanJobCreators.com is all about. For too long, Washington has ignored clear evidence that flawed regulations cost jobs and opportunity for American small businesses,” Darrell Issa told The Daily Caller. “House Republicans are pursuing meaningful regulatory reform so that the millions of Americans like Neil are free to compete, provide jobs for their communities and power the private-sector recovery currently stifled by costly government regulations.”


The NLRB-Boeing case has become a national issue, with congressmen and lobbyist groups from both sides weighing in. Even the candidates for Virginia’s U.S. Senate seat are wading into the heated waters. The Oversight committee is clearly trying to frame the argument in personal terms, of how the NLRB suit will hamper job creation on the ground in South Carolina.

During his testimony, Whitman called the 2009 Boeing decision to move to Charleston, S.C., a “game changer for our area” and “great potential for my small business.”

Whitman testified to the committee that his company would benefit from Boeing’s expansion into the state’s Lowcountry were it not for the interference of the Obama administration’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Those familiar with the project said the Oversight Committee has several “Voices” taped and plans to roll out the series in the near future.

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  • TommyV

    Let Boeing be the next Company to leave this country……..but even that wouldn’t stop the Socialists. Boeing can go whereever it wants….deal with it!

    I’ll never buy another thing made by any union,,,,,,,,never!

  • StargazerInSavannah

    I trust that there is a close financial connection between Obama appointed members of the NLRB and the members of the Marxist Machinist Union. To begin, the Secretary of Labor has a long standing criminal association with the labor movement. It is not only the NLRB, but, many if not all Czar’s who are rapidly destroying the capitalist system upon which the wealth of the nation was created. Nowhere does the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution suggest that Americans are entitled to “equal outcomes”. Equal outcome is a socialist or Marxist philosophy and as alien to America as the illegals sneaking across the Southern border.
    The primary responsibility of every business is to earn a profit, else the business will fail. A failed business profits no one. In a failed business, investors lose their investment and workers lose their jobs. When unions, regulators and politicians make it impossible for a business to earn a profit under current conditions the operator has but two choices reduce cost of operation or go out of business.
    Management becomes the foe of the worker only when the union creates that condition. Unions are and have as long as they have existed either criminal activities themselves or closely associated with criminal activities. Unions are by their very nature corrupt.
    When I attended college in Seattle, Boeing corporate offices were located at Boeing Field where the first 707 was undergoing braking tests. Corporate offices have long since departed Washington State. The millions of Boeing stockholders expect that the corporation will continue to provide a return on their investment. Only when the corporation earns a profit do investors have earnings and workers jobs. Boeing must compete in an essentially free and very competitive market against Airbus for a limited number of aircraft sales each year. If Boeing is unable to sell aircraft at a profit they will necessarily go out of business. The NLRB, Unions and government regulators will soon force Boeing to make a decision to move operations overseas to a more favorable business climate, or go into bankruptcy and become the Government Motors of the aviation industry.
    Imagine the immense market for the first battery powered jumbo jet designed by the NLRB, the machinist union and the White House.
    Jobs don’t leave the country because of greedy corporations but rather because of incompetent government regulators and corrupt unions.
    American corporations and the American people are the victim of corrupt unions and government.

  • Jess81

    Obama’s assault against Boeing should have every American up and fighting. This is beyond the last straw. His tSSa perverts, his proposed destruction of an American company, his proposals to bankrupt us all and take every penny we’ve ever earned to fund his personal high-life is the stuff of rebellion.

    There needs to be another tea party. In Washington. And soon. It needs to be on a Saturday, so working people can attend.