Blacks don’t need same-sex marriage

Many families do not have the benefit of both parents. Often the reasons behind this reality rightly tug on our heartstrings. And millions of single parents deserve lavish praise for their magnificent work at raising wonderful children, with inspiring personal success stories.

But the ideal remains. Two parents — one man and one woman — raising their children in a loving and supportive marriage gives children the best chance to become happy and successful.

Those pushing same-sex marriage often smear those who disagree with them as ignorant bigots, blindly following Christian teaching. They then demonize that teaching, which again leaves us puzzled how those like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed this law redefining marriage, and journalists like Chris, can continue recognizing the authority of religious leaders whom they consider dead-wrong on matters of religious truth.

But this too is contradicted by the facts. There are non-Christian civilizations that accepted or even embraced homosexuality. The ancients Greeks, for example.

Yet none of them ever presumed to redefine marriage. Marriage as the union of men and women is the rule in every nation on earth in every century. The first same-sex unions anywhere on earth appeared less than a decade ago.

This is a perfect fusion of social and economic conservatism. Stable traditional marriages provide the most effective and efficient units of economic production, consumption and investment our country has seen. Not just the union of any two individuals, but the union of one man and one woman. Strong families and faithful houses of worship foster economic prosperity.

This is the product not just of revealed truth, but also of millennia of human experience. Supporting and encouraging natural marriage is beneficial to every community, regardless of skin color or income.

Ken Blackwell and Ken Klukowski are senior fellows at the Family Research Council and on faculty at Liberty University, and the bestselling authors of Resurgent: How Constitutional Conservatism Can Save America.