U.S. cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting

NEW YORK (Reuters) – When President Barack Obama cited cost as a reason to bring troops home from Afghanistan, he referred to a $1 trillion (624.8 billion pound) price tag for America’s wars.

Staggering as it is, that figure grossly underestimates the total cost of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to the U.S. Treasury and ignores more imposing costs yet to come, according to a study released on Wednesday.

The final bill will run at least $3.7 trillion and could reach as high as $4.4 trillion, according to the research project “Costs of War” by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International Studies.

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  • kingfish

    Nobody at the Pentagon wants the troops out, and neither do the globalists like Soros, Rockefeller, and Rothschild. The JCS plan is to KEEP them there FOREVER, and go on to take over the entire middle-East, so the money keeps flowing into their coffers. World domination and more killing is NOT what the American people want! The JCS Pentagon generals are too INCOMPETENT to put together a winning “strategy” or even to get out!

    Petraeus is known as BeTrayUs to the soldiers. He and all the other incompetent Pentagon generals should think long and hard about the devastation they have wrought worldwide for the last 10 years, their burning up innocent people with white phosphorous and their poisoning American troops with depleted uranium guns, ammo, and tanks. These are BLATANT war crimes. They should all be FIRED for incompetence and ordering mandatory toxic vaccines for troops.

    Americans are SICK of their children being used as cannon fodder because the Pentagon generals like Petraeus seem to have “lost their way”. They are weak and will not stand up to the powers that be and say NO MORE KILLING in the name of the globalist NWO. Petraeus’ political ambitions are a fine example of this.

    Besides the total lack of strategy in these wars, add the Pentagon’s “lost” and wasted funds since Petraeus has been one of the primary Pentagon leaders:

    1) $2.3 TRILLION “lost” announced by Rumsfeld 1 day before 911, which later audit proved to be $4.9 TRILLION

    2) $6.6 BILLION in planeloads of CASH for Iraq reconstruction “lost” from yesterday’s news. No reconstruction was done. By the way, where did all that GOLD and CASH go that was in the Iraq bank? Where did all the OIL go? We can ask the same thing about all the other countries we’re invading. None of those spoils of war have come back to the taxpayers who paid for the wars.

    3) Pentagon overpaid billionaire oilman by up to $200 million 3/18/2011

    4) Brand new airplane engines and other parts ordered by the Pentagon and “salvaged” to give to Israel (This has been going on at least 25 years.)

    5) U.S. SPENDING IN IRAQ (not including Afghanistan

    “5. Lost & Unaccounted for in Iraq – $9 billion of US taxpayers’ money and $549.7 million in spare parts shipped in 2004 to US contractors. Also, per ABC News, 190,000 guns, including 110,000 AK-47 rifles.

    6. Missing – $1 billion in tractor trailers, tank recovery vehicles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other equipment and services provided to the Iraqi security forces. (Per CBS News Dec 6, 2007.)

    7. Mismanaged & Wasted in Iraq – $10 billion, per Feb 2007 Congressional hearings

    8. Halliburton Overcharges Classified by the Pentagon as Unreasonable and Unsupported – $1.4 billion

    9. Amount paid to KBR, a former Halliburton division, to supply U.S. military in Iraq with food, fuel, housing and other items – $20 billion

    10. Portion of the $20 billion paid to KBR that Pentagon auditors deem “questionable or supportable” – $3.2 billion”

  • TreasonUS

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  • Chaddwarden

    We can all thank the Socialist in Chief, Obummer for this whopping price tag – he so desprately needs to be all things to all people, and in the process gets nothing right. How could he have wasted all this money, you ask????Well if it wasn’t on war, he would have funneled it all to his cronies and socialist shadow associates in Chicagoland and at the Fed, you can bet on that.

    • Rational_Texan

      I agree with you that if the money wasn’t tied up in war it would probably have been spent somewhere else, but blaming all the spending on Obama seems to let the Bush administration off the hook, to say the least.

      • doncicciofitipaldi

        Yes! Maybe some of it WOULD have been spent somewhere else, like infrastucture, technology R&D, education, health-care for every American, etc. Spending on the right things is NOT bad. Only spending on the WRONG things is.

    • doncicciofitipaldi

      Your stupidity blinds you. Who started these wars? Hello? Who was president in 2001 and 2003? Earth to “conservative”……..starts with a B, ends with a H. Give it a try, even you might figure it out. Ok, I’ll give you a little help. Second letter is U.

      Who’s getting us out of both wars? Hello? Reality calling here. Starts with an O ends with A.

      • 8second.ride

        “Who started these wars? ”

        If stupidity causes blindness, you’re living in the dark. Democrats voted for war when it was politically expedient to do so. Who was in charge of the money purse for several years?

        Monday morning quarterback awards only go to fools. Congratulations on your most recent trophy!

    • kingfish

      Billions are being spent on mercenaries. These huge military contractor killers have only been used since 911. Since 911 was an INSIDE JOB and a HOAX on Americans for just this money-making go-to-war purpose, all these funds should be withdrawn from the military and the contracts stopped. It’s a total OUTRAGE that the FBI, CIA, military, and all these hangers-on contractors are getting rich off TAXPAYERS’ backs because of a HUGE LIE perpetrated on the entire country and the deliberate deaths of more than 30,000 people at the WTC.