Mika Brzezinski on Palin media buzz: So what? Makes her as significant as Paris Hilton

The cast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” had quite a morning on Thursday. In an appearance to promote his new book, “The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin in Her Own Words,” The Daily Caller’s own Matt Lewis said that Palin was “arguably” the most significant woman of the 21st century.

That statement caught the attention of show co-host Willie Geist, who asked Lewis to elaborate. But after panelist Mark Halperin called President Barack Obama a “dick,” a remark which he later apologized for, co-host Mika Brzezinski determined she would level the playing field and liken former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s fame to that of Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton, leading to a back-and-forth between Brzezinski and show host Joe Scarborough.

Transcript as follows:

GEIST: You said a minute ago, Matt, she’s the most significant woman of the 21st century. I can just hear our viewers screaming at their TVs. What about Hillary Clinton? Do you really think she’s the most significant, more so than Hillary Clinton?
BRZEZINSKI: I can’t, I can’t –
LEWIS: I said arguably, and I think you could make a case for Nancy Pelosi, as well, by the way, and Hillary Clinton and I’m sure some others. But I think you could make a good case for Palin because of the way — look at the Tea Party movement, which she was sort of at the forefront of. I think you could make a good case that Sarah Palin was in fact the most significant woman in terms of driving the debate, and certainly in terms of media coverage Sarah Palin has dominated it.
BRZEZINSKI: Yeah, but so does Paris Hilton, but that doesn’t mean they’re significant.
SCARBOROUGH: Hold on one second, don’t — let me stop right here. Don’t compare her to Paris Hilton.
BRZEZINSKI: I didn’t. I’m just saying —
SCARBOROUGH:  You said so is Paris Hilton. You put her in the same category.
BRZEZINSKI: No. I’m saying there are people who get media coverage that maybe shouldn’t?
SCARBOROUGH: She’s one of two women — hold on a second, Matt.
LEWIS: The death panel comment is —
SCARBOROUGH: Hold on, hold on, hold on. Okay, let’s put it in perspective. I’m tired of her. People ask, “Why do we bring her up.” They’ll ask, “Why are we talking about her here.” You talk about Paris Hilton. I think that feeds into that narrative. Here’s the bottom line: She is one of the two only women who have ever been nominated for vice president of the United States of America. That ain’t nothing. It’s just like Dan Quayle for four years after he was vice president —
BRZEZINSKI: Okay, you’re going to have to let me respond.
SCARBOROUGH: — garnered more attention than that. That is why she remains significant.
BRZEZINSKI: No. I’m going to tell you there already was one and given the women that we have on the global landscape today, like Hillary Clinton, I mean, my lord. I’m sorry.
SCARBOROUGH: She’s in the top 10. I’m not saying she’s the most significant. You compared her to Paris Hilton.
BRZEZINSKI: No. I compared his statement about media coverage to Paris Hilton, okay? So, you know, you can jump on that like some of the —

  • dapicayune

    Mika – If you don’t find Sarah Palin leading the Tea Party charge with more candidates that she endorsed winning in the ’10 Mid Terms than anyone else, and giving Barack his “shellacking” a significant fact that Hilton can’t compare to, then I suppose that you should just keep on repeating those email messages you receive from Valerie Jarret, watching in the WH.

    Lord, what other inane “Bimbo” comments would you be making on your own without Valerie’s prompts? At least you didn’t call your Messiah a “Dick” or something else equally fitting, like that Jon Stewart wannabe, Mark Halprin!

  • kingfish

    Mika’s father Zbig Brzezinski was one of the original planners of PNAC (Progress for a New American Century) — misnamed as usual. The plan was for the U.S. to take over the WORLD for the globalists corporations and Rockefeller/Rothschild using American TAXPAYER money and American soldiers’ blood, i.e., a NWO. The plan is STILL in effect and STILL being run by Brzezinski, and it’s co-planners Elliot Abrahms and Paul Wolfowitz were involved in 911 to continue it. In attempting to achieve these aims and advising all the Presidents on invasion after invasion since the fall of the Berlin wall, Brzezinski has been the BIGGEST WAR-MONGER of them all; he’s responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of foreigners and thousands of American soldiers. I consider him a TRAITOR to the values of Americans and to our soldiers. As a result, I won’t watch ONE MINUTE of any show with MIKA on it.


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  • empiresentry

    Actually, Obama is the one who has enjoyed extensive positive Hollywood and media support and coverage, before and after his election.
    Any discussion of Hillary is squashed.
    Any mention of Palin is only for their giggles nad chuckles.
    The true comparison and category of Hilton should be with Obama.

    Oh, and Mika, Palin did not start or lead the Tea Party.
    Oh, and the death panels? Yes,we now have them. The Independent Payment Advisory Board with Presidnetial hand picked 15 members who will determine what/who will and will not be covered and are not subject to congressional approval.

  • pansycritter

    This coming from someone that can’t even break out into the real news cycle with a last name like Brzezinski. She’s stuck on a show that’s up with the cows for a reason. Birds of a feather and all…

  • cramos

    Brzezinski,,,,,,,,,,is so arrogant

    She needs a reality check………after all her father under Jimmy Carter sinificantly contributed to the terrorist state of Iran…trained and armed the Taliban for the war with Russia……..Osama bin Lade was one of those trained……

    Hey Misha how did it feel to be in New York City on 9/11 and know that your Father helped train and arm the terrorist attacking?

    And while your at it, how about the ten of thousands of people who died in Iran when the Mullahs took over?

    C’mon you thought George Bush was a murderer how about your old man!

  • Taters N Beans

    Both are media whores.

  • Ryan.Iowa

    This is to be expected from Mika. She has to throw the equivalent of hand grenades to get any measurable amount of attention. Just one more example of the lame stream media flailing about as its relevance continues to diminish.

  • philF

    I understand the point, and I suppose there is a bit of bias. All shows on MSNBC are opinion, so I doubt it really is “unbiased” in the first place. However, I believe she was insisting on inserting Hillary Clinton when there was no need. Whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat-she’s influential on our culture. Hillary Clinton is not as influential–she wasn’t a heartbeat away from the presidency. It’s very unfortunate she brought up such a thing, when she didn’t need to. Paris Hilton is famous for having sex on camera. Sarah Palin is famous for leading the debate on changing the climate of the politics in our country. Is there a difference? Yes. Are they famous for similar reasons? No. Sarah Palin’s fame has merit–Paris’ doesn’t.

  • rickyD

    Well lets put this into perspective shall we. Both Palin and Hilton have far more relevance and influence on American lives than either Scarborough or Brzezinski. Mother of God…………..talk about irrelevence. Every time I see these two clowns, cirus music starts up in my ears.

    • 8second.ride

      It’s ironic, isn’t it, — Brzezinski, who has the job she has because of her father, is whining about somebody else’s relevance.

      • pansycritter

        Do they still think you’re a cowboy? 😉

        • AlmostaCowboy

          Yup! :-)

          • 8second.ride

            Just for the record, you ain’t me, I ain’t you, and I ain’t a cowboy.

        • AlmostaCowboy


          • 8second.ride

            No, not even “almost”.