Hammertime: Fun with Fireworks

On behalf of The Daily Caller, Mary Katharine Ham and and multimedia producer Sean W. Malone would like you to have a fun-filled Independence Day weekend!

  • Left ain’t Right

    Her NASCAR analogy is spot on.  Hilarious.  Thanks MKH.

  • alpha_male

    I’m surprised they haven’t tried to tie fireworks to global warming yet.

    • Beta Chick

      Allow me:  Fireworks cause climate change!  Won’t someone think of the children?

  • Miroco

    One more reason to love MK. She makes me realize that at some future date my repeal the nineteenth quest will become unnecessary. A few more like her and a whole lot less of the Barbara Boxers of this sick world and I will retire my movement.

    • stuck in Tijuana del Norte

      You said the “BB” word.  I   think   I’m  gonna    be    sickkkbwararghh!

    • Snuffy

       MKH is a hoot and i love her.