Puppy to panda: Dyed animals [SLIDESHOW]

Photo of Laura Donovan
Laura Donovan

Children often experience disappointment when they learn that fluffy lions, beautiful tigers, and soft pandas aren’t home-approved, as these wild animals would try to gobble up any human in sight. Thankfully, kids can dye their pets to look like undomesticated creatures — that is, if they travel to China.

Pet dyeing, a fad in that country, enables people to change their own furry friends’ colors to resemble wild animals. According to the Global Post, pet coloring made headlines last year and has since grown in popularity. Though some might view pet dyeing as a way to connect with pets, it can also be perceived as cruel. Scroll through our gallery of pooches-turned-pandas-and-tigers and decide for yourself.

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  • Little girl cradles chow chow dog-styled panda in Xi’an, Shaanxi province on June 18, 2011.
  • This chow chow dog would rather remain a canine than serve as a panda impostor.
  • Retriever or Tigger?
  • The dog realizes he has joined the cat family and he's not happy about it.
  • The little pups rely on the Big Dog to lead the way, as they're not sure how to handle their new appearance.
  • Even confused puppies like to play.
  • This pup likely encountered an identity crisis, but can you blame him?