Bristol Palin on her family: ‘I think we have some of the thickest skin’

“Not Afraid of Life” author Bristol Palin is often the subject of media criticism, but none of the naysayers bring her down.

“I think we have some of the thickest skin,” 20-year-old Palin said of her family during an interview with the Arizona Republic. “We’re really tough, and what people say negatively about us, it’s like, ‘OK, whatever, they are entitled to their own opinion.’ But at the end of the day, we’re a close-knit family, and we have God on our side.”

Bristol, a finalist for “Dancing with the Stars,” watched as mother Sarah Palin ran for vice president in 2008. During that time, Bristol was pregnant and Sarah had a harsh exchange with former “CBS Evening News” anchor Katie Couric.

“The biggest misconception about my mom that really irritates me is that she’s dumb,” Bristol told the newspaper.

During a Fox News appearance last week, Bristol said mother Sarah “definitely knows” whether she’ll seek the presidency in 2012. Last month, Sarah’s “One Nation” bus tour fueled speculation that she’ll run for office.

“She’s so smart, and if anyone had a conversation with her they’d realize that . . . she’s a whiz,”
Bristol said of her mom. (Bristol Palin says mom ‘definitely knows’ whether she’ll run for president)

In the same chat with the Republic, Bristol said her mother did not allow the kids to go in first-class on flights during the campaign.

“I wanted to note in my book that my mom wouldn’t let us ride first-class on an airplane; she got rid of the governor’s chef. There were no perks for her being governor,” Bristol said.

According to Bristol, the same perhaps could not be said for Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain, the daughter of Sarah’s running mate John McCain.

“We still had to work, we had to do our own chores and wash our own dishes and all that kind of stuff that normal kids do,” Bristol told the paper. “I feel like Meghan McCain was brought up in a different way.”

This isn’t the first time Bristol has mentioned her qualms with Meghan, as the Candies Foundation spokesperson said last week that the 26-year-old Arizona native likely had a different upbringing.

“I just wanted to note that we come from two completely different worlds,” Bristol said during last week’s Fox appearance.” Her dad’s a politician and my mom’s a politician, but that never defined me. We don’t talk, we’re not friends, nothing like that. I’ve had a job since I was really little and, um, I don’t know if she does stuff like that.”

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  • MartyS

    Liberals say Sarah Palin lost the election is 2008 as if John McCain were her running mate not the other way around.

    If Palin throws her hat into the ring she gets my vote as she did in 2008.

  • minicapt

    You neglected to ouline the numerous extreme measures resorted to by the local Dems as they fought tooth-and-nail against this ruinous mandate.

    … or you are congenitally stupid.



    Sarah Palin is still my choice in whatever she chooses to do. She is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent woman in politics today (Michelle Bachmann being a pretty close second) but might serve the nation better (which is her main goal in life after family) in another manner than the Presidency. Still, if she runs, she has my support unconditionally.

  • jetch

    “condi war criminal”, boy you must really feel strongly about that to put it in your user name! maybe you wanna get a life??

    now, about sarah having socialist proclivities, you really don’t know anything do you? you’re so biased in your thoughts, it prohibits you from thinking clearly.

    What the windfall profits tax does is show that she is not beholden to big oil. She understands that they have a right to make a profit, but they must compensation the owners of the alaskan land (all alaskans) fairly. Why do you disagree with this? my guess is that most conservatives (including myself) agree with this!

    The real problem is that you think all conservatives only care about giving tax breaks to the rich. You’ve been brainwashed into thinking this, so i can’t really blame you.

    Hopefully after you read the article that you site, you’ll have a clearer understanding that conservatives aren’t as bad as you’ve been lead to believe!

  • Hamilton-Jeffersonian

    Thick skin? Is that why wailin’ Palin hides behind Facebook, twitter and Fox News?

    • jetch

      is that what people do when they post on facebook or twitter?? they’re “hiding”??

      she doesn’t go on lame stream media news channels because she knows that will give them ratings and she’s not going to do them any favors.

      Why your small mind can’t comprehend that but instead thinks it’s because she’s hiding, is really amazing!


    “I’ve had a job since I was really little and, um,……”

    This is true. She got her first summer job working at a camp. She was the official tent pitcher.

    • jetch

      ouch! don’t quit your day job, comedy isn’t your bag!