Palin says Daily Mail lied about her sobbing because of film

Sarah Palin says the British tabloid Daily Mail lied by reporting that she sobbed after viewing a new film about herself.

“Obviously we’ve seen our share of media lies, but the latest fabrications circulated take a big slice of the cake,” the former governor of Alaska said in a Facebook posting. (Bristol Palin on her family: ‘I think we have some of the thickest skin’)

The Daily Mail reported that “Palin was reduced to tears after her husband flew into a rage over her new movie The Undefeated.”

“Huh? Really? The beautiful town of Pella, Iowa, was flooded with an army of media covering the premiere of this film,” she wrote. “You’d think someone would have caught those tears and rages on tape, right?”

“Todd and I were overwhelmed with gratitude, and we hope everyone sees this film.”

In her posting, Palin also encouraged the media to view the movie, which is about her governing of Alaska and premiered in Iowa last week.

“There’s a story there, but you’ll never find it if you continue lying and carrying water for the powers that be,” she said.