Even Whoopi Goldberg confused why she hosted Dalai Lama talk

Greeted by a roaring applause from an audience shocked to hear her name, The View host, Whoopi Goldberg, headlined the World Peace Talk with the Dalai Lama Saturday at the Capitol lawn.

Before introducing the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet to the crowd, Goldberg said she was surprised to receive an invitation to the event.

Goldberg told the audience her response to the invite was, “Are you sure? You know what I do, right?” Goldberg said. “I just wanted to warn them some of the kind of thing(s) I did.”

As the eager crowd wound down it’s clapping for the television pundit—an applause that rivaled the Dalai Lama’s entrance—she expressed pleasure in attending an event that exuded peace.

“I was so happy to be some place that was celebratory,” Goldberg said. “It is so nice to come out and celebrate the idea of peace.” (Whoopi Goldberg defends Michele Bachmann on ‘The View’)

Were most attendees celebrating her presence over peace? While “Whoopi Goldberg” was caught trending on the Washington, D.C. Twitter during the event, His Holiness was nowhere to be found.

Goldberg isn’t exactly the doe-eyed darling of her talk show, which is why she may have found herself an usual pick to emcee the peace talk.

She doesn’t always exude the inner peace the Dalai Lama promoted during his visit when battling with her co-hosts on The View. She and co-host Elisabeth Hasselback are known for blowout arguments. A fight between the two in December 2008 over the use of the “n” word, reduced Hasselback to tears.

But despite her lashings on The View, Goldberg was on her best behavior in front of the Dalai Lama, detailing her wisdom of treating others the proper way.

“I believe that if you’re nice to someone, generally they’re nice back,” Goldberg said. “I like this idea of world peace through inner peace.”

She invited the rest of the crowd to share in her seemingly newfound “inner peace.”

“Grin, right now, just for me, show some teeth. Grin and wave,” Goldberg said.

  • Brazuca

    Is that a Christopher Columbus type hat? Beautiful.
    To invite a hateful person such as this is a slap in the face to peace. Anytime someone goes on that show; what’s it called? Oh yeah, well anybody that does not agree with her she spews hateful, vile, vitriolic attacks against that person.
    At least she dressed up for the occasion. Kudos!

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  • UncleDon

    Are you shi**ing me? I wouldn’t let that moron clean my house! I’ll mention this the next time I get a begging letter from the Tibet Foundation.

  • bobdog

    Yes, I know what she does. So does Ted Danson. When was the last time he had work, anyway? Anybody?

    Nice hat.

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  • Iowa48

    I think Whoopi thought she had been invited to the “Whirled Peas” event, which was her favorite dish that her mom used to make for her.

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  • fourleafclover

    I can’t believe Ted Danson was engaged to Whoopi Goldberg.

  • rlynh

    My only question is: would she be that nice to the Pope, or Billy Graham?

    By the way, is she wearing a mandolin case on her head?

    • Newly Minted

      Of course not. The pope is “medieval”, while the Dalai Lama is, well, OK, lets change the subject.

      The pope represses women by not letting them become priests, while the Tibetan Buddhist priests are…no wait. They’re all men too.

      The pope is the last of the medieval dictators left. Why, he’s only elected by the cardinals. While the Dalai Lama is chosen by…huh? Some sort of ceremony where elder priests look for a child with a bump on his head?

      The pope preaches “hate” towards homosexuals by saying that the behavior is wrong, while the Dalai Lama calls it “unnatural.” No wait, there must be a difference there. Somewhere.

      I get it now. The Dalia Lama is just cool. He’s cool because he’s cool. The pope isn’t because he just isn’t.

      He’s a perfect celebrity for the shallow.