Perry putting out feelers in Iowa

A new development in the will-he-or-won’t-he guessing game over Rick Perry’s possible presidential run: the Texas governor has started to call Iowa Republican donors, according to Politico.

Apparently a number of donors in the state are unhappy with the current crop of Republicans vying for the Republican nomination, and plan to convene a meeting of national donors in Austin in late July. The meeting, which Perry may not even attend, is a meeting of his political allies, hoping to determine what kind of funding would be available for a presidential run. “This isn’t the first or last meeting,” a source told Politico. (Rick Perry may have tough time swaying Latino voters)

One activist, a prominent Iowa Republican named Joni Scotter, said Perry called her and asked if he should run. He was undecided, but she told him “of course” he should.

Scotter wouldn’t say more about the conversation, but Perry’s spokesman Dave Carney confirmed that the governor had been reaching out, “calling some folks, returning some calls and listening to what folks have to say.”

Meanwhile, a group not officially affiliated with Perry hired former Newt Gingrich staffer Craig Schoenfeld to gather support for the governor in Iowa’s Ames Straw Poll. Schoenfeld is a key player in Iowa politics, and the group hopes to raise both Perry’s Iowa and national profiles.

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  • lrgon

    Perry has yet to receive word from God to run for president?

    During the primary debates for Governor (Republican Party) a moderator asked Perry if he would serve his full term as Governor of Texas or run for president. Perry responded by saying that it was up to God. Does God care if Perry runs for office or does the devil care? Seems to me that Perry has been off to Bilderberg secretive meetings in Europe to hobnob with the rich and famous about who knows what. Those secret meetings are not in keeping with God’s teachings nor the church who frown upon secret societies.

    Perry had a running battle with independent Texans who fought him and the NAFTA Trans corridor. The Lone Star legislature sided with the independent Texans while secretive Perry still sides with the NAFTA trans Texas corridor rich bankers and oil men.

    Perry just sounds like a Christian but behind closed doors he does not act it especially at Bilderberg secret hideouts: http://thenewamerican.com/world-mainmenu-26/europe-mainmenu-35/7791-elite-bilderberg-2011-meeting-draws-scrutiny

  • OleTom

    Nice try RINO or Lib you would love to see US put in someone that can not win

  • OleTom

    Obama Struck OUT Time to Call in OUR Heavy Hitter

    BTW: If you have any doubt this is the Leader we need in the white house watch the progressive RINOs and libs demonize this successful 3 term Governor. He lead his state to create almost one half of the jobs in this entire country while obama has been in office

  • Ghostflames852

    This guy is the governor of my state. He IS NOT the answer! He has a track record of doing whatever is politically expedient. He WOULD fall in line with the GOP establishment. Don’t be fooled..

    Sarah Palin is the ONLY person who WILL change the politically corrupt nature of Washington, PERIOD!

    Now you know..

    • stevepolitik

      Rick Perry means GOP does not win. I’m sick of southern GOP. We need to branch out people if we are going to win more elections. Although many do not like him Mitt Romney has the best chance second to Christie but Christie will not run. So it has to Romney. He will be able to take NH,ME,MI,WI. He has a chance at Ohio and Florida. Perry will not take any of the above states I mentioned. OH and FL both have early voting and helps dems a lot more than Republicans. Be smart GOP if you do not want Obama for four more years than vote for Romney in the primary.

  • StargazerInSavannah

    Best chance for America in 2012!
    Someone who America can trust to do the right think in creating jobs and invigorating the economy.
    Not a sorry Northeastern RINO.
    Packs his own iron, fly’s his own airplane and shoots straight.
    Go Rick Go!

  • dennisl59

    Here’s my prediction: Rick Perry will NOT run, instead, as the Chairman of the Republican Governors Assoc., he will get every single one of them to endorse and commit delegates to Sarah Palin for the Republican Nomination when she announces on LABOR DAY(!)and be rewarded with a prominent position in her Administration. Far-fetched? Nope.

  • Hamilton-Jeffersonian

    Rick Perry, former democrat – current nutjob.

    • StargazerInSavannah

      Stop licking your own sack.

      • Hamilton-Jeffersonian

        I’m betting your one of these same people who name called me for saying Bachman was a tool. Now you all agree because you’re seeing the truth. And now I’m saying the same about Perry. Let’s see how long till you all agree with me again.

        • tdogco

          You’re a sheep so you’re opinion doesn’t count. How does it feel to be just a number in the sea of Obama drones where you’re given everything including an opinion ?

          Fascist moron.

        • abderecho

          Hamilton, you are a God, I worship at your feet, wait breathlessly to to hear every next word you devine and agree with absolutly everything you ever gracce us with. Your wisdom is other-worldly, your profundity unassailable.

  • philF

    Run, RICK, RUN!

    • redbankrick

      Yes! A giant to enter the current field of midgets that Obummer would squash! Run Rick Yes!