Republicans react furiously to new unemployment numbers

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported unemployment soared to 9.2% and the economy added only 18,000 jobs in June.

Several GOP contenders and congressmen immediately released statements expressing exasperation with the numbers and with President Obama’s economic policy.

From his base in Orlando, Jon Huntsman issued a press release, saying, “Rising unemployment rates and extremely anemic job creation are not acceptable. The American people have been extraordinarily patient in waiting for the better and brighter times promised to them by this Administration. Their patience has rightly worn thin.”

Mitt Romney heaped scorn onto a senior advisor to the president. “If David Plouffe were working for me, I would fire him and then he could experience firsthand the pain of unemployment.”

“With their cavalier attitude about the economy,” Romney added, “the White House has turned the audacity of hope into the audacity of indifference.”

Herman Cain criticized a former economic advisor for the administration, Austan Goolsbee, for “fail[ing] to enact business-friendly policies that would get America’s job creators hiring again” after acknowledging the private sector must lead the economy into recovery.

“The government doesn’t create jobs. Business creates jobs. And it’s time to get America working again,” said Cain.

“It is clear his plan is not working for America,” Rick Santorum said of Obama. “I would urge President Obama to go out and talk to the people in America’s heartland […] and hope that he would see that they are looking for a President who believes in them again and not continued reliance on ineffective, big government bureaucracies.”

Alabama Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions and Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan released a joint statement condemning the Democrats for their failure to adopt a budget for over two years.

According to Sessions and Ryan, “This report is more proof that job creation in America is nowhere near where it needs to be for a strong recovery to occur, and that immediate action is needed to change course.”
“800 days—and $7.3 trillion dollars—have come and gone since the Democrat-led Senate has adopted a budget,” read the statement. “Not only is a budget a concrete fiscal plan, but it expresses a philosophy of governing. Democrats’ refusal to pass a budget—and refusal to put their big-government economic theories on paper—is of extraordinary significance,” the statement said.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus criticized the effect the stimulus has had on the economy. “Unemployment has remained above 8 percent every month President Obama has been in office despite his trillion dollar ‘stimulus,’” he said in a press release. “The President’s own Council of Economic Advisors reported that the 2.4 million jobs supposedly ‘created or saved’ cost taxpayers $278,000 each.”

“It’s time to change direction and make Barack Obama a one-term president,” Priebus added, echoing Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann’s famous call from the first Republican debate.

The media commented extensively on the report as well, aghast at the staggering statistics and the state of the economy.

“What this job number, after a bad one last month too, needs to tell Washington is that we have not recovered,” said journalist Ezra Klein on “Morning Joe.” “They’re terrible, terrible numbers.”

Fox News’ Stuart Varney agreed, saying on “America’s Newsroom,” “This was an absolutely flat out terrible report. There’s no two ways around this, you cannot spin this positively.”

Chief economist of Moody’s Analytics Mark Zandi told Politico that it “doesn’t sound like there’s anything redeeming in the report. […] It certainly calls into question the rebound later in the year. This can become self-reinforcing.”

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    Please furnish other information and pertinent websites rather than this one site. It doesn’t say much except that there are look-alikes and imposters.

  • kingfish

    For Palin to pop up as quickly as she did to run with McCain (already pre-approved by the powers that be), she HAS to be controlled by them. Her folksy way has the nation fooled. Too bad there’s not a REAL one of her, without the illuminati hand signals at all her speeches, her background in MK-Ultra mind control with Kissinger the Monster as her controller, and her visit and dedication to Israel-first war-mongering philosphy (complete with jewelry). I want a president who puts the U.S. FIRST.


    Reacting furiously? …by all the neutron stars in the galaxy!…is jus a theatrical move.Does anyone out there is swallowing this old stage political performance?

    We all can see that nothing is happening,…liberals,and rino-type deal-makers sold-out republicans are just toying with the people, – PRETENDING – keeping ‘politics as always’ ….talking and talking and doing nothig, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    Compromising?, deals?, crossing the isle?….BLAST ALL THAT!;..you know, we did not vote on 2010 to have more of the same predicament,…so let’s be very prudent for 2012 or we are tosted!

    Let’s reiterate something here, shall we?…just walk with me.

    First let’s give a name to the ones at helm there in Washington -‘THE WASHINGTONIANS CORRUPTOCRATS’.

    ‘THE WASHINGTONIANS CORRUPTOCRATS’ are the political amalgamate of liberal-democrats and rino-type republicans there in Washington right now;… only and only talking / expanded time/ doing nothing whatsoever, – in others words, ‘politics as always’-, while the american public suffers the consecuences of lack of leadership and unconstitutionallistic actions of the current admininstration.

    The 2010 vote did not serve the desired expectations, so on 2012 we have to vote in very fulminant manner otherwise we loose what is left of the country to the CORRUPTED AND FRAUDULENT ORAGANIZATION NOW IN PLACE (THE CHICAGO MAFIA-STYLE CORRUPTED GROUP BETTER KNOWN AS THE OBAMA GANG)

    By now , the american public is well aware about what is going on with the current admininstration, – their roots, they agenda,tendencies and purposes.

    The Obama regime (and associates sold-oyt republicans) – they all – understand that their days are counting backwards at fast pace, and so, they will try to do as most injure possible with the time at hand.
    That is the reason FRAUD was perpatraed on the 2010 elections to preserve in place Mr Reid, Ms Pelosi and others in order to act as obstructionists against the process to free our country from the nefarious and insidious SABOTAGE PLAN TO DESTROY THE AMERICAN SYSTEM.

    As everyone should remember ‘OBSTRUCTIONIST’ was the term given to the republican minority when liberals were in majority short time back.

    Bottom line, since this is a clear battle to the end between patriots (WE,THE PEOPLE) and traitiors (THE CURRENT ADMININSTRATION OF WASHINGTONIANS CORRUPTOCRATS),… benefit of the doubt nor truce should be given to them 9specially the liberal factions) for they were – and still – ruthless doing and atempting to do even more damage in so many ways, to our great country.

    People, we need beeter leaders for our nation, and the classic old school republican group (GOP) is not coming out with the best of candidates…we have seriously to call-in the ones we all know will make the real difference.


    Input anyone?
    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/07/09/boehner-walks-out-of-debt-limit-negotiations/#ixzz1RixhKP7Q

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  • wnelson13

    Yeah republicans are so furious they are rushing to make a deal over the debt ceiling.
    What a bunch of spineless worms, Boehner, McConnell et al

  • RobR

    Obama’s legacy….turning America into one big ghetto….one city at a time.

  • doncicciofitipaldi


    • des1

      The Republicans submitted a budget. Where is the plan by the Democrats?

    • TommyV

      When communist jackasses like you leave the country! Simple as that!

      And please learn how to spell unless you’re an illegal alien in which case I can understand your 3rd grade level spelling skills!

    • thephranc

      Jobs bills dont create jobs. So why have one when its just a waste of time and money.

    • designerrant

      It’s time to take your meds again.

  • PalinPatriot4ever

    Sarah Palin: The sugar daddy is out of sugar
    Jul 9, 2011

    An excellent article posted by Sarah Palin on her Facebook today that has ’2012′ written all over it:


    “Barack Obama’s big government policies continue to fail. He should put a link to the national debt clock on his BlackBerry. The gears on that clock have nearly exploded during his administration. Yesterday’s terrible job numbers should not be a surprise because it all goes back to our debt. Our dangerously unsustainable debt is wiping out our jobs, crippling our economic growth, and jeopardizing our position in the global economy as the leader of the free world.
    As a governor, I had to deal with facts, even unpleasant ones. I dealt with the world as it is, not as I wished it to be. The “elite” political class in this country with their heads in the sand had better face some unpleasant facts about the world as it is. They’ve run out of money and no amount of accounting gimmicks or happy talk will change this reality. Those of us who live in the real world could see this day coming.
    Back in January 2009, as governor of Alaska, I announced: “We also have to be mindful about the effect of the stimulus package on the national debt and the future economic health of the country. We won’t achieve long-term stability if we continue borrowing massive sums from foreign countries and remain dependent on foreign sources of oil and gas.” Then I urged President Obama to veto the stimulus bill because it was loaded with absolutely useless pork and unfunded mandates. Everyone knows my early and vocal opposition to that mother of all unfunded mandates known as Obamacare starting back in August 2009, and many recall my objections to the Federal Reserves’ inflationary games with our currency known as QE2 from November 2010. It’s a matter of public record that I did not go to Harvard Law School, but I can add.
    The same “experts” who got us into this mess are now telling us that the only way out of our debt crisis is to “increase revenue,” but not by creating more jobs and therefore a larger tax base; no, they want to “increase revenue” by raising taxes on job creators who are taxed enough already! As Margaret Thatcher said, “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” That’s where we are now. Hard working taxpayers have been big government’s Sugar Daddy for far too long, and now we’re out of sugar. We don’t want big government, we can’t afford it, and we are unwilling to pay for it.
    This debt ceiling debate is the perfect time to do what must be done. We must cut. Yes, I’m for a balanced budget amendment and for enforceable spending caps. But first and foremost we must cut spending, not “strike a deal” that allows politicians to raise more debt! See, Washington is addicted to OPM – Other People’s Money. And like any junkie, they will lie, steal, and cheat to fund their addiction. We must cut them off and cut government down to size.
    To paraphrase Hemingway, people go broke slowly and then all at once. We’ve been slowly going broke for years, but now it’s happening all at once as the world’s capital markets are demanding action from us, yet Obama assumes we’ll just go borrow another cup of sugar from some increasingly impatient neighbor. We cannot knock on anyone’s door anymore. And we don’t have any time to wait for Washington to start behaving responsibly. We’ll be Greece before these D.C. politicians’ false promises are over. We must force government to live within its means, just as every business and household does.
    We can’t close our $1.5 trillion deficit overnight, but we must get as close as we can as soon as we can. Little nibbles here and there over 10 years (spun to sound like they’re huge budget cuts) aren’t anywhere near enough. I know from experience that cutting government spending isn’t easy. As governor, I made the largest veto cuts in my state’s history, and I didn’t make many friends doing it. But we will never recover, we will never get free of devastating debt, unless we make tough choices now. We don’t hear talk like this from leaders in D.C. or from those running for office because they say what they think we want to hear rather than what must be said.
    We are in desperate need of real leadership, but President Obama’s solution to everything is to grow government by borrowing more money, spending more money, printing more money, and taxing our job creators. He once said that he “believes in American Exceptionalism…just as the Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism.” Well, the path he has us on will make us just as “exceptional” as Greece – debt crisis, stagnation, permanent high unemployment, and all.
    As we approach 2012, there are important lessons we can learn from all of this. First, we should never entrust the White House to a far-left ideologue who has no appreciation or even understanding of the free market and limited government principles that made this country economically strong. Second, the office of the presidency is too important for on-the-job training. It requires a strong chief executive who has been entrusted with real authority in the past and has achieved a proven track record of positive measurable accomplishments. Leaders are expected to give good speeches, but leadership is so much more than oratory. Real leadership requires deeds even more than words. It means taking on the problems no one else wants to tackle. It means providing vision and guidance, inspiring people to action, bringing everyone to the table, and with a servant’s heart dedicating oneself to striking agreements that keep faith with our Constitution and with the ordinary citizens who entrusted you with power. It means bucking the status quo, fighting the corrupt powers that be, serving the common good, and leaving the country better than you found it. Most of us don’t see a lot of that real leadership in D.C., and it’s profoundly disappointing.
    But let me tell you where real hope lies. It’s not the hopey-changey stuff we heard about in 2008. Real hope comes from realizing how God has blessed our exceptional nation, and then doing something about it. We have been blessed with natural resources, hardworking entrepreneurs, and a Constitution that preserves the greatest form of government ever devised by man. If we develop those natural resources, allow our entrepreneurs to keep and invest more of what they earn, and adhere to the time-tested truths of our Constitution, we will prosper and endure.
    But first and foremost we must tackle our debt. We don’t have the luxury of playing politics as usual. We need real leaders who will put aside their own political self-interest to do what is right for the nation. And if they don’t emerge… well, America has a do-over in November 2012.”
    – Sarah Palin

    • TommyV

      Thanks for posting that………it’s inspiring to read about who we are and how to make America great once more.

      A land where anyone can be anything they want….earn any amount of money they choose…achieve their dreams and aspirations without handouts. I want a leader that encourages and helps and most of all has a vision that sees everyone as having ability and potential.

      Most of all please stop the class warfare. People that have money worked hard to get it and took risks….they are the working class and they already pay most of the taxes in this country. Let’s help everyone get to where they are not drag them down.

      There is no middle class in America….we’re all one class just trying to do the best we can for ourselves and our families. If we want more for us and them it’s easy…..just go out and work harder….dream bigger!

      Let’s talk about goals not problems….about how can I get that for my family not I want theirs…..Envy and jealousy are never emotions that are helpful to anyone and when we encourage those emotions we bring out the worst in people.

      We need a new leader with a new vision that can refocus America on what made her great and bring us there once again.

      • virginiagentleman

        TommyV, I agree with you, because you make valid points. I can see the pain you feel in your words, because I feel them too as do others, many, many others. Concerning your remark about a new leader with a new vision, friend, I think we just read Palins pre-announcement-announcement.

    • riseabove

      “See, Washington is addicted to OPM – Other People’s Money. And like any junkie, they will lie, steal, and cheat to fund their addiction. We must cut them off and cut government down to size.”


      She’s exactly right. Excellent article! She’s saying we desperately need an intervention before we hit rock bottom and I totally agree. An intervention isn’t some girlfriend on the telephone late at night trying to talk the addict into not snorting that line of coke. It’s a group of caring and concerned family members and friends getting together and forcing the addict to own up to their addiction and to confront their issues. It’s helping to take care of the details so they can focus on getting their life in order. It’s having the wherewithall to recognize the time of the season to intervene before things get completely out of hand, before a life is ruined. That’s where we are now, at that stage where the house, the marriage, the children and the career will be lost if something drastic isn’t done to prevent those things from happening. Palin is spot on, as usual.

  • PalinPatriot4ever

    Please, you haven’t seen nothing yet, as I have lived and worked though the Carter Economic Disaster years, and believe me, this is just the beginning of things to come, as Obama’s Anti-American Liberal Socialist Marxist Policies and Agenda, take root..
    For 2 and a half years now, Obama, has controlled the US Govt. , and for 2 and a half years now, this is all he has done, advance his Ideological Political Agenda of Legislation, Spending, Borrowing, and Taxing the American people, to death, and just to pass his massive 10 year, 3 Trillion Dollar, Anti-American Liberal Socialist Marxist govt, bureaucratic “Unconstitutional” Obamacare Legislation, Obama’s Massive Federal Govt. expansion and growth of unprecedented and Unconstitutional abuse of Powers, and the astronomical skyrocketing of the US National Debt. of over 14 Trillion Dollars, and the annual US Deficit at over 1.5 Trillion Dollar, as well as, all the other massive destabilizing Govt. Laws, Regulations, and Policies, in his transformation of America from an Independent Constitutional Free Market Capitalist Nation, into his Socialist-Marxist Oligarchical Authoritarian Regime, that has not only hindered, but crippled, the American Free Market Capitalist system, US Businesses, and thus the US Economy and JOBS, let alone the American Political process, and the adherence to, and the application and enforcement of the US Constitution, as the Law of the Land. 
    Over 8 Million Jobs were lost, which only around 700,000 has returned, and the Unemployment and Underemployment rate, is between  9.2%  – 21%, Nation wide..  as inflation and stagnation, then HyperInflation will start set in, and will destroy the U.S. Economy,  again..  as Gas, Oil, and Food prices start to skyrocket, and the US Dollar becomes worthless, due to Obama’s devaluing of the Dollar, through his massive Spending and Borrowing and US national Debt grows ever higher..
    Obama is the absolute most politically corrupt, Incompetent, Inept, and thus, the most abhorrent President, in US History, and before his term is up, he will have all but destroyed this Great Nation called America, with his intentional and willful destruction of America’s Economy, Currency, Political system, thus his destruction of America’s National Security.!!

    Only after America lay in ruins and ashes, will everyone wake up and see the Truth about Obama.. And even then, they will probably, and most assuredly, and undoubtedly, deny any responsibility for any of it, as Liberals always do, or do not do..
    The only thing Obama has accomplished as President, is turning the hands of time for America, backwards.!!!
    The Obama Legacy will be in the end, one of Destruction, Tyranny, Death Panels, and Bankruptcy..!!
    The only way to Save America, is to Vote on Nov. 2012, for a Real American Patriotic Constitutional Conservative American President, to implement President Reagan’s Free Market Capitalist Economic Recovery Act, to Free America from the shackles of Obama-ism, and give the Power of the Govt. back to the American People, once again, and return America back to Economic, Political, and Social Prosperity, and a Strong National Security Policy, with a Strong National Defense, bringing America’s Preeminence and Prestige, back to America, once again.!!!

  • clw

    “The President’s own Council of Economic Advisors reported that the 2.4 million jobs supposedly ‘created or saved’ cost taxpayers $278,000 each.”

    Can you even believe this? Liberals, please explain how spending $278,000 EACH led us to THIS dismal job situation and economy. Was it worth it?!

    Seriously, try to defend it. Because I sure can’t see how the hell you can.