Gingrich: ‘This is the Obama depression’

Although he’s way behind in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, that isn’t stopping former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich from launching rhetorical bombs at the Obama administration.

On Sunday’s “Fox & Friends,” Gingrich hammered the administration’s economic performance in the wake of the release of economic numbers indicating the current unemployment rate stands at 9.2 percent. (Major Garrett gives high marks to Boehner: ‘Stronger’ than Gingrich)

“[I] think we’re at the end of the era of big government,” Gingrich said. “We need to be cutting the government in a way that encourages entrepreneurs, innovators, investors — people who create jobs. At 9.2 percent now for month after month after month, this is the Obama depression. Housing prices have dropped deeper than in the Great Depression and it’s very clear that under Obama’s job killing policies, we’re not going to get out of this deep unemployment.”

Speaking about the ongoing negotiations to raise the debt ceiling, Gingrich said it might even be a strategic advantage politically for the GOP to “kick the can down the road,” with a small deal now to increase the debt ceiling that would put the issue back on the table in 2012.

“And so I think Republicans are correct to say, ‘First of all, no tax increase period,’” Gingrich said. “John Boehner was right. He deserves credit for recognizing that the right position for conservatives is no tax increase. Second, they ought to get the biggest spending cut deal they can by taking what Vice President Biden put on the table and if that means they come back in the summer of 2012 for another debt ceiling, that’s not to the disadvantage of Republicans. That just gives them 12 months to prepare for another series of spending cuts to further shrink the size of government.”


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  • truebearing

    This truly is the Obama Depression. The left can writhe and hiss all it wants, but history will pin this on Maobama and his failed ideology.

    If you put “Obama” and “depression” together you get Oppression, and that is exactly what is going on. Obama is oppressing the economy intentionally to prevent a quick recovery so he can impose his sick ideology. This truly is an O-pression.

  • jmk1502

    Just think how great the economy would be if that dirty rat Obama hadn’t been POTUS from 2001-2009, overseeing tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy and financial deregulation. We would be on easy street, with the prosperity of the 1990’s, when Clinton was POTUS. Of course, Clinton may have been President, but it was Bush Sr’s policies that enabled that boon. Or the GOP Congress. NEVER comprise or the Democrats.

    • des1

      Name me the financial deregulation George Bush signed into law (or directed via Presidential decree) that ascerbated the financial meltdown. I’d love several, but how about one to start with?

      I can, however guide you to a YouTube video of Bush trying to convince lawmakers to tighten regulations to stop the practices that were leading to the collapse, and subsequent videos of Liberal politicians (most notably Barney Frank) claiming he hated the poor for trying to do so. Frank is also on record numerous times of claiming there was “nothing wrong” with what Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Wall Street was doing with their lending and bundling practices.

      Oh yeah, and Obama got more campaign donations from Wall Street than Bush ever did.

  • KirkNelson

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  • jonathan galt

    If the economy was doing well, Obama would be doing a snoopy dance as he did after bin laden. It is tanking and somehow someone else is responsible. Obama is a community organizer and professional campaigner – he has to have an adversary. He does not know how to lead in a proactive manner. No matter whose fault it is, we elected an entirely inexperience and wholly incapable person to run/ruin ourcountry. Had any company put this guy in charge with as little experience, the board would have been brought up on charges.

    The democratic senate has not presented a budget in over 800 days. They know they can’t produce a responsible balanced budget. Therefore, republicans have to step in, like a parent, and require that they balance their checkbook. They want it this way so they can cry to the press and public about how terrible the republicans are like a teenager complaining about their parents.

    Of course they own this debacle. Take out mis managed social programs and bloated bureaucracy and the books are close to balanced.

  • brnstb700

    Dear Democrat, Don’t blame us because you failed to plan for your future. You bought the democrat lies hook line and sinker. Where are your children? Why don’t they help you? Like back in the old days, the kids took care of their elders. Or do you want to live by yourself and depend on tax payers to pay the bills you rack up? Maybe you should have saved some money while you were working.

  • votersofny

    Yeah Newtwit, we know. Other people have been saying that for a long time, welcome to the present moron.

    Why don’t you just shut the eff up and go away. You are a dope. You must be to think that no one will be plastering your many scandals all over the place if you ever stand a snowball’s chance in heII to get the nomination.

    Please just go away, shut up and do whatever you have been doing to get money for the past 10 years, loser.

  • riseabove

    I hope the hell whoever gets elected in 2012 doesn’t play the same old tired tapes over and over about who did what when and that it isn’t their fault, it’s somebody else’s. Can’t anyone take responsibility for anything anymore? They spend months and months trying to get elected and then play hot potato with everything. Except, of course if it’s something positive then they break their own arms trying to pat themselves on the back.

    Too many big wheels got too much money and it didn’t find it’s way to the bottom tiers where it would’ve done much more to boost the economy. Supply and demand. When people have money to spend they spend it, and that means more jobs are created. The lower to middle class should’ve received the bulk of the stimulus monies. Instead, it was spent recklessly on rewarding bad CEO behavior, temporary jobs and wasted on ridiculous pork projects. What the hell good has any of those $10,000 Recovery signs done for the economy?

    I’m so sick to death of stupidity and I’m sick of the upper middle class acting like they know how bad things are for those of us who struggle day in and day out just trying to keep a roof over our heads and having to choose between food and medications. And now, because of political ineptness, those on Social Security and Disability are being threatened with having their only source of income being taken away. No wonder they wanted death panels. They knew we’d rather die than rummage through dumpsters and sleep in alleys. Veterans, the elderly and the disabled probably don’t vote Democrat in bulk so we’re more of a liability than those on Welfare and Food Stamps, apparently.

    • des1

      “The lower to middle class should’ve received the bulk of the stimulus monies.”

      No, nobody should have “received stimulus money” from the government. It was flat out stupid to try to fix an economy by throwing money at it. The financial institutions got their backing (of which they’ve repaid most of the money), but a stimulus is nothing but government welfare. They hand out money that they know they’ll never get back, then hope revenues to the treasury don’t drop too far. It didn’t work, and wouldn’t have no matter who got the money.

      Now we’re in debt and in addition to our current troubles have to repay the trillion dollar stimulus. If you can’t see how stupid an idea that is, I feel sorry for you.

      • riseabove

        When people spend money it saves and even creates jobs. When people have jobs they pay back into the system. No need to be snide or sarcastic because we have differing opinions, Des. I might feel sorry for you about something you believe but respect you enough to not rudely blurt it out in a public forum.

        • des1

          Personally I think that was a pretty mild response, but my statement stands. You’re asking the government to collect taxes (or borrow the money from another country with interest added) and hand it to you on the assumption that you’ll spend it back into the economy. How can you not see what a bad idea that is?

          This money has to be paid back at some point. As the father of an 11 year-old girl, I find it offensive that grown adults are demanding the government give them money because they’re struggling, expecting her to be responsible for paying it back in a decade or two. If you think that is appropriate, then I can see where our views are so different that you’d take my tone as “snarky.” Honestly, it was reserved compared to how I really feel.

          • riseabove

            I don’t presume to know all but what I do know is that Bush’s administration spent billions of dollars on agendas that Obama and his supporters didn’t believe in or agree with and so when the perfect storm sent the economy into a tailspin it was only right that they (the left) have a chance to put some of their own initiatives on the table. That’s where the stimulus bill comes in. They apparently thought it would help to inject $878 billion into the economy. My opinion stands, too. Much of that particular spending, if it had to be done at all, should’ve gone to the middle to lower income tiered consumers.

            Where is antivenum injected when a patient is bitten by a poisonous snake, the top of the head or the body? Or, I guess with you it wouldn’t be used at all. You’d just stand around saying we have to horde it because we don’t have enough for real emergencies. Got it.

          • des1

            No, I’m saying be a grown-up and take care of yourself. Quit whining for the government to come save you.

            BTW, if you borrow a trillion dollars at 4% interest and simply hand it to people who spend it dollar for dollar into paying bills, where is the 4% of a trillion going to come from?

            The Left should be allowed to spend a trillion if they want? What a pile of crap. And you should be ashamed for passing the buck along to our children. Grow up and grow a pair.

    • thephranc

      The upper middle class are that way because they don’t expect hand oust like you do. Man up and provide for your self. An easier thing to do when the government doesn’t have to take more from the upper middle class, who provide the jobs needed to create revenue, to pay for you hand outs. When government has to borrow money with interest that interest is lost and never returns the economy.

      • riseabove

        Neither of you know anything about me so I won’t take your responses too personal but I will say that I worked for twenty years and paid in to the system. Not a day has gone by since I was thirteen years old that I wasn’t in chronic pain. I worked way longer than I needed to because for years I refused to give in to my disabilities so don’t tell me to man up and grow a pair.

        You also both seem to be taking out your resentments about freebies, handouts, bailouts and entitlements on me, and by extension anyone who rightly deserves to collect Social Security. There, but for the grace of God, go you.

        And I still stand by my comments.

        • ahouk

          No one deserves entitlements whether they are helpless or not. Only by mercy and grace is help given to people, and people should be thankful when they are helped. It is this selfish heart, that believes that I deserve this or that, that is destroying our country. Trust in government destroys, trust in God saves.

          • 8second.ride

            “No one deserves entitlements whether they are helpless or not.”

            Karma’s a bitch — better look out for speeding buses.

        • des1

          Yeah, because you must be the ONLY person here with chronic pain. Obviously…nobody else could have that.

          If you need help, there is help out there. It may not allow you to live the life you want to lead, but this is life, not Romper Room. That has nothing to do with your silly comment that it was “only right” that Liberals had a chance to waste a few trillion on their personal wish list of giveaways.

          When the government has to make draconian cuts to the poor and sick because people like you who thought it was fine to flush money down the toilet (so your life could hopefully be a little better), I guess you won’t have to worry about it because you’ll be dead and gone. Personally I find that amazingly selfish and borderline disgusting to know that people just like you will have less help because of attitudes like yours, but everyone is entitled to be as narcissistic as they want to be.

          • riseabove

            Wow. I can’t believe you just wrote that last paragraph.

          • des1

            What do you think is going to happen to people like yourself (or ones even worse off) in 20 or 30 years when we are vastly more in debt? If the government can’t pay to give them a comfortable life today, what’s going to happen to them when we are tens of trillion in debt?

            Imagine what your life would be like if there were no government programs to help you. Then realize that you are thinking about the reality for our children’s generation. Toss in these nutbag Jihadists (who aren’t getting any more sane) and proliferation of nuclear weapons to anyone with the money to buy one, not to mention us running out of natural resources some time this century…..

            When you and I are long dead, our children will be left to clean up the mess that we left them. If that thought doesn’t bother you, I don’t know what else to say.

        • des1

          “Neither of you know anything about me so I won’t take your responses too personal”

          Of course you shouldn’t take it personally. I don’t know you and wasn’t commenting on you or how you’ve run your life. I’m commenting on the statement you made. I don’t even know if you actually believe that or if you said it on a bad day (or just stated it in a way that doesn’t fully represent your opinions).

          But this is the internet. I don’t worry about what people tell me about their personal lives. Most of them lie, so I don’t waste time trying to figure out who’s being honest and who is not. It’s a waste of time. All you can do is discuss your opinions and move on with your day. It’s never personal, unless you run across a person like the Libtards on this site who constantly smear people they don’t like with lies and the most heinous bigotry. There’s no question that they are actually scum in their daily lives.

    • 8second.ride

      Why the rude, personal attacks on one of our own –>riseabove? Being disabled and unable to work doesn’t make her less of a “grownup”, nor does it give anybody the right to accuse her of “hand outs”. I see absolutely no inclination of her “whining” about her situation.

      Seriously, guys, get a grip.

      • des1

        “One of our own”? What the hell does that mean? I’m not part of a club. I may share some areas of agreement with you, him/her, and others here, but I didn’t sign up to be a cheerleader for some group.

        When a person says that it’s “only right” that Liberals be allowed to spend several trillion dollars on giveaways to stay in power, I see no reason why I’m supposed to not comment because they have personal problems.

        Guess what, we all have personal problems. We all have challenges and as we get older we all have physical and/or mental challenges. There isn’t enough money to take care of all of us. There are governmental safety nets that help, and there are social ones that fill in some gaps. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best system out there at the moment. At least it will be until the money runs out and the next generation has to face the same challenges with even less help because we wasted our opportunities on ourselves.

        • 8second.ride

          “What the hell does that mean?”

          Well, I meant people that could discuss like-minded issues without making personal attacks. I will be sure to not include you in that “club” again.

        • riseabove

          Des, you lose credibility when you twist words even when the reader can jump back to verify what was really said, like this:

          “They apparently thought it would help to inject $878 billion into the economy. My opinion stands, too. Much of that particular spending, if it had to be done at all, should’ve gone to the middle to lower income tiered consumers.”

          “That has nothing to do with your silly comment that it was “only right” that Liberals had a chance to waste a few trillion on their personal wish list of giveaways.”

          Also, notice I said: “…if it had to be done.” And I don’t think being fair is silly at all. For 8 years Bush drove the left crazy with his wars and then when Obama gets in office they’re not supposed to try to govern the way they want to? Only Republicans are entitled to do that?

          I’m center right, not extreme right. Maybe that’s why we have such conflicting viewpoints.

          • des1

            Bush drove the Right crazy as well. I’m Center-Right (interesting that you assume I’m a hard Right-winger just because I disagree with you) and couldn’t stand him. He spent too much, I didn’t like the wars with no clear exit strategy, he did nothing to further common-sense solutions (like the border, energy, and health policies), and he was lousy at standing up for himself, which allowed the Left to demonize him for things they supported just a few years earlier.

            He was an utter disaster as a President and I find it laughable that the solution is supposed to be, “half the country didn’t like him so now they should get to do whatever they want that sucks too.”

          • des1

            I couldn’t care less about either party or their ridiculous ideologies. I want this government to do the responsible thing (even if it sucks for some people) so that we don’t pass down an insolvent country to our children. Sorry, but I care far less about myself than about my child. So everyone else has my empathy for their pain, but they sure as hell aren’t getting in line in front of her either.

      • truebearing

        I agree. There are people who legitimately do need help, and we shouldn’t begrudge them their painful, depressing disabilities. It is when the mechanisms for helping the truly disabled are abused that the problems arise, not helping those who honestly need it.

        Too many abuses have gone on for too long, leaving our nation on the brink of insolvency, so people, many of whom never stood up while it was happening, are now reacting strongly against the nanny state concept. Unfortunately, they are swinging the pendulum violently in the other direction toward extreme individualism and self-reliance. Each time the political pendulum swings in this country, it swings farther one way or the other. If that continues, all balance will be lost. Yes, we need to return to self-reliance, as much as possible, but not without compassion for those who can’t rely on themselves. Good people don’t endorse death panels of any kind. We have to maintain some compassion for the TRULY needy in this country and not label them as parasites. There are plenty of real parasites to go around.

        • riseabove

          Yes, and some of us have paid our dues, in more ways than one. Not to mention how much more of a burden some people would be on society without their meager monthly stipend. I’ve met lots of disabled people who would love to be able to be free of their diseases and disabilities, to be independent again. We didn’t ask for the three of hearts, eight of clubs, four of spades, jack of diamonds and six of clubs. We can only play the hands we’re dealt, crappy or not.

          • 8second.ride

            And you’re playing that hand just fine, riseabove. Keep your chin up.

  • ormondotvos

    Bill Clinton should have vetoed the Bliley bill that reversed Steagall. The Bush wars should have been on-budget. Gingrich is an egotistical ass.

  • baal

    Well said Newt. This is phrase that I will use religiously.

    But…. you aren’t getting the nomination.

  • JoeJ

    “Dickie Obama owns the economy”

    Finally Gingrich says something of value.

    • ormondotvos

      Yes, and you owe your wife’s jewelry bills, even though she bought the jewels to impress her lover.

      • tdogco

        You sound jealous.