NLRB breaks Obama’s rule on ‘quickie’ union elections, Senate Republican says

Matthew Boyle | Investigative Reporter

Senate Republicans ripped into the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for ignoring a new executive order from President Barack Obama regarding “quickie” union elections.

Obama’s most recent executive order asked all federal agencies, including independent ones like the NLRB, to refrain from making quick decisions without much public input.

The new “quickie” election rules the NLRB just finalized make it easier for labor unions to organize. They allow unions to request a unionizing election date mere days after initiating an organization effort.

Because unions got their way, many working men and women who are subjected to the NLRB’s new rules may not get all the facts before voting in favor of, or against, unionization.

The NLRB also rejected Obama’s efforts to increase public participation and transparency with new rules at all federal agencies. Obama signed a new executive order on Monday asking that the public have a ‘meaningful opportunity’ to participate in the NLRB’s and other federal agencies’ rulemaking procedures.

Sen. Mike Enzi, Wyoming Republican and Ranking Member on the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee, said he’s upset that the NLRB ignored Obama’s executive order. (Eighth Democrat signs on to Obamacare Medicare board repeal legislation)

“I am disappointed that the NLRB would continue to rush their regulations into place to allow unions to subject employers to ambush elections, even after the Executive Order issued today by the President calling for more public participation,” Enzi said.

“These actions reject the transparency that the American public expects from government,” he continued. “The NLRB’s recent actions paint a picture of a rogue agency, rushing to regulate behind closed doors.”

Enzi added he thinks that the NLRB members should “read the President’s order,” which he said, “was drafted to specifically include independent agencies like the NLRB.”

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