Matt Lewis

Newsweek’s Peter Boyer pushes back at Lawrence O’Donnell over Palin profile

Amid allegations by MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell that Newsweek sold out by publishing a flattering “love letter” cover profile of Sarah Palin, the author of that profile is speaking out.

Appearing on “Fox & Friends” this morning, Newsweek’s Peter Boyer said of his profile: “I don’t think it was necessarily a positive article, it was sort of a straight article. And I think, you know, relatively speaking, maybe that comes across as being positive.”

Boyer also sarcastically referred to “that great journalist Lawrence O’Donnell.”

Regarding allegations Newsweek made a “deal” with Palin for a puff piece, Boyer said: “It’s outrageous that [O’Donnell] would suggest that we made a deal with Sarah Palin… We don’t make deals. I don’t make deals. I wrote a story that treated her like what she is — in fact, a nationally significant politician.”

You can watch the interview here:

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  • riseabove

    What’s up is down, what’s in is out and everything’s backwards. Never thought I’d see the day when grown adults would be pounding each other for acting civil, for extoling the virtues of common decency and for treating others with the respect they deserve. Nice to see that not all journalists want to be a member of the left’s absurd Alice-in-Wonderland treehouse club. I shouldn’t even have to thank Mr. Boyer for being normal, but considering how crazy things have gotten lately…thank you, Sir!

    This is in stark contrast to the noticable contempt Katie Couric and Matt Lauer have shown Sarah Palin, and even laughable when that Special aired a few weeks ago of Lauer fawning over Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler like a teenage girl with a heavy-duty crush. It was embarrassing, sitting there munching popcorn watching Lauer delve into Tyler’s drug-induced past practically swooning with admiration even as Tyler admits that while his kids were growing up he was completely self-absorbed and ignored them most their lives.

    This is what we’ve become…where the norm is an endless string of vicious attacks on an accomplished political figure with a healthy perspective on life, as well as a good wife and mother, and all of this while practically kissing the ground that a rock star walks on. Don’t get me wrong; I love music and talent and movies and all of that stuff, but I believe something’s terribly wrong when the importance of entertainment surpasses all else.

    • truebearing

      Good points!

      Yes, the left certainly has worked hard at the moral inversion. I sure hope we can wake up enough people to turn it around.