Obama’s policies are causing moral and economic decline

Faced with the reality that his policies have failed to spur significant job growth, President Obama is blaming technology for high unemployment.

During a recent NBC News interview Obama said, “There are some structural issues with our economy where a lot of businesses have learned to become much more efficient with a lot fewer workers. You see it when you go to a bank and you use an ATM. You don’t go to a bank teller. Or you go to the airport and you’re using a kiosk instead of checking in at the gate.”

ATMs provide convenience — they are hardly a drag on the economy. Yet, like targeting jet owners will allegedly greatly reduce our national debt, shunning ATMs is apparently a sure-fire solution to our unemployment woes.

While Obama demonizes airplanes and ATMs, it’s really his toxic policies such as his failed stimulus and his war on fossil fuels that are stifling economic growth. Those policies are also having an impact on our nation’s morality.

Obama’s energy agenda brazenly picks winners and losers. His winners — renewable energy interests pushing wind and solar — are propped up with our tax dollars, creating an unsustainable “green” economic bubble.

Approximately $90 billion of the $787 billion stimulus, which was supposed to keep unemployment at or below 8%, went to the clean energy industry. Still, unemployment remains high.

The losers are the fossil fuel industries — coal, oil and natural gas — that provide about 85 percent of our nation’s energy needs. They also create jobs and tax revenue.

According to the American Petroleum Institute, the oil and gas industries together generate more than $2 trillion annually for the American economy and pay approximately $85 million a day to the U.S. Treasury while creating 9.2 million jobs.

In appreciation, Obama and his liberal allies demonize them and push to tax them more.

Black Americans have been especially hard hit by the recession. With unemployment at 9.2 percent nationally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports black unemployment is at 16.2 percent — with 41 percent of black teens jobless.

After overwhelmingly supporting Obama in 2008, it’s disappointing that in addition to suffering from a disproportionately high unemployment rate, black Americans are suffering from higher energy and related consumer costs.

As more and more experienced adults lose their jobs, they are pushed into positions once dominated by young people. This fosters despondency among youth and creates idle time and minds that are the Devil’s playground.

Whimsical “flash mobs” of mass dancing and pranking in public places have inspired sinister “flash robs,” where gangs descend en masse to overwhelm security and pilfer store shelves.

These mobs — often populated by black youth — have been caught on camera causing substantial property damage and stealing thousands of dollars in merchandise — from clothing and electronics to simple food and beverages. Attacks occur at random times, sometimes in broad daylight and on busy streets. And they know no home, as “flash robs” have been reported in Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, St. Paul and Washington, D.C.

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  • Larkspur

    Try some research before you publish a breathlessly hyperbolic rant, Ms. Borelli. The FBI statistics say crime is down. Took me all of one minute to find this out.

    “Violent crime in the United States dropped markedly in the first half of 2010, according to FBI statistics released Monday.

    Overall violent crime fell 6.2% from the same period last year, according to the report, and the new numbers include a 7.1% decrease in homicide.

    The statistics were released in the first official report on crime for 2010, and are viewed as encouraging by the FBI, which compiles crime reports from law enforcement agencies across the nation. In recent years, figures for the first half of the year have proved to be a good indicator of crime levels for the full year.

    Robberies during the period were down 10.7%, motor vehicle thefts and arson declined 9.7%, rapes were down 6.2%, aggravated assaults were down 3.9%, and burglaries dropped 1.4%.

    The FBI report does not give reasons for the drop in crime, but criminologists have recently indicated an aging population, along with ramped-up law enforcement, have contributed to the decline in recent years. The trend has surprised experts who have historically seen crime increase during difficult economic periods.”


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  • riseabove

    Interesting perspective on how Ms. Borelli, (who happens to be one of my favorite commentators) connects the dots. I have to wonder how much has to do with Obama and how much is a result of violent video games, songs, and movies, as well as having access like never before in history to a never-ending barrage of news video depicting violence and upheaval across the world?

  • Gridmark

    It really amazes me that everyone in the political arena is getting the job picture wrong. As of today, everyone, including democrats, republicans, and the fed, for the most part, is supporting the free trade agreements signed by Clinton and backed up by republicans. But let us go back further. After WW2, we supplied the world with our products and we created a middle class. That middle class was created with an upward movement even as a company went broke, there was another job to go to. After communism fell, all the third world countries opened up and that means some 2 billion cheap laborers have entered the workforce. While Bush had shown a low unemployment rate, his economic policies was a house of cards. In the background his tax cuts was on borrowed money, his wars was on borrowed money, our country targeted housing for jobs and we sent 1/3 of our manufacturing overseas. Over the past decade we lost some 57,000 factories. The Bush policies alone, his “guns and butter” economics (deficits and debt) will mean that we will have difficulty for the next 20 years.

    The problem is that we lost all our stimulus to create jobs and economic growth. The democrats are spending in the wrong areas, the republicans want more tax cuts on top of the Bush tax cuts which is spent money and does little for today, the fed is printing money for low interest rates and a low dollar so that we can export more goods with 1/3 less factories, and the states wants casinos for jobs. Looking at this picture, I think you will agree, everyone lost their mind.

    We have lost all our stimulus. While the 3rd world countries took our jobs, we ran our country on ideology and ignored our problems and the effects of globalization.

    Today, you not only have 2 billion cheap laborers, but you also have automation and more loss of jobs, lean principles and more loss of jobs, and mergers and consolidation and more loss of jobs. Never before have we seen such an onslaught against the middle class. It means less middle class wages and less middle class jobs as the New World Order is taking control.

    None of the politicians today is dealing with the jobs issue. None of them don’t know what to do. It is just more robotic rhetoric. And it is a shame to see our country destroyed like this as people will believe the ideologues. You often wonder with reading history books, how certain events happen, and yet we see it happening today, but the nuts are out there that will win over those weak in knowledge. Seeing this happening to our country and to our middle class really makes one mad at the ignorance and arrogance that is going on. And the only way out of this is to create a demand by investing in our country, in our people, and in the future. Something that has not been done for two or three decades.

    • jdw

      Just can’t get off that “Blame Bush” thing!

      • Gridmark

        Yeah, funny how republicans were AWOL.