SNL alum says Obama is basically Hitler

“Saturday Night Live” alum Victoria Jackson wants you to know that President Obama is just like Hitler.

In a column written for WorldNetDaily called “The 3 scariest things about Obama,” Jackson writes that Obama is a socialist “(like Hitler),” controls the media “(like Hitler)” and has the right to form a private army “(like Hitler)” according to a provision in the health care reform bill. (Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Victoria Jackson blasts ‘Glee’)

(The private army she refers to in the health care bill is actually a “reserve corps” of medical professionals who would act in medical emergencies and be involved with disease prevention.)

Other things Hitler and Obama have in common, according to Jackson:

  • their fathers were communists and alcoholics;
  • they both had white mothers;
  • they moved often as young people;
  • they changed their names (Jackson is likely referring to Obama going by a nickname, “Barry,” in his younger days);
  • they both gave big speeches in large venues;
  • they both had youth groups;
  • they both “pretended to be ‘Christian’”; and
  • they both advocated for population control.

Unlike Obama, however, Hitler used his private army to kill his opposition. But Jackson is apparently worried something will happen to her at the hands of Obama’s private army of health professionals.

“[Hitler] killed his political opposition with his private army … Well, I am Obama’s political opposition. That’s why I am concerned,” she writes.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EGRXUXYUJHQVQE5EAVH3NBSY5I GeekyGrandma

    I’m a Democrat, I would hardly describe myself as Right Wing but I can sure tell right from wrong and left from right. The big difference between Hitler and Obama is that Hitler, in the beginning, was a genius economist who rebuilt Germany from the ground up after World War I. That’s how he won the people’s loyalty. Conversely, people are pissed at Obama now, because he hasn’t delivered on the “bennies” he promised. He threw the people a bone while he walked away with prime rib. He and that Congress spent all our money and then some, and we have very negative results to show for it. Nor are our boys home from the war, and it’s been five years! They are all to blame and we need to throw them all out, Democrat, Republican, doesn’t matter. They all deserve to be fired for ripping off America.

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  • flatspots479

    How many of you can support this president surprises me. Are you better off now than you were three years ago? Gas is higher. Groceries are higher. Taxes are higher and all mentioned are on the increase. Jobs are on the decrease. Unemployment is on the rise. Money wasted is 900 billion and the country is broke but you say Obama is doing such a wonderful job! So, in what way? The Government does a poor job at everything but you think Obamacare will be different? Obama follows radical ties and had a communist Father and socialist Mother. It stikes me that the many of you, 30% or so, want America to fall like Greece because of your nature. Failure of this country somehow excites you. Freedom means little to you and your destructive nature. There is something very wrong in this country. The lot of you care nothing for our past.
    I long for stability. It is what the radical left has taken away. No stability in the markets because of radical insurrection. It is the left at work and “is” the problem. George Sorus is your hero. I find it interesting that SNL has at least one falling out of a very left liberal base. I find her refreshing.

  • truebearing

    Hitler and Obama differ in many ways but share many of their ideological roots.
    Obama is a Progressive/Marxist. Hitler was a fan of Marx and was a socialist before he discovered National Socialism.

    Hitler was a huge fan of eugenics, which, it turns out, the Nazis learned from the American Progressives, of which Margaret Sanger was a member. The Nazis got their “inspiration” for the Final Solution from American Progressives.

    Hitler was for socialized medicine. So is Obama.

    Hitler was a practised liar and a fraud. Needless to say, so is Obama.

    Hitler was a megalomaniacal, messianic narcissist, and so is Obama.

    Hitler was a racist. So is Obama.

    Hitler was friendly with Muslims. So is Obama.

    Hitler used surrogates to do the dirty work and intimidation. Obama does the same through unions. He constantly strives to rile minorities against whites.

    Hitler was extremely secretive and deceptive. That fits Obama to a T.

    Hitler wanted complete control of the media. Obama is feverishly working to get total control of all media, including the internet.

    Obama is not identical to Hitler, however.

    Hitler was aggressive. Obama is passive-aggressive.

    Hitler loved Austria and Germany, in his own sick way. Obama has always hated this nation as it is, or used to be, but he loves himself and he loves power.

    Hitler was a nationalist. Obama is a transnationalist.

    Hitler was a Nazi. Obama is a neo-communist, posing as a Progressive Democrat.

    Both are scourges to their espective nations.

    • seamac

      Another wacko. How far can you move to the right before you fall off the cliff?

      • truebearing

        Wasn’t it just yesterday that you didn’t know the difference between Medicaid and Medicare? You really don’t know which end is up, do you, seasponge.

        I see you don’t want to risk debating any of the points I made. I understand. It’s easier to make junior high type cracks and avoid getting your ass kicked in a debate. Hey, if you’re too stupid to win, what’s the point in trying, right seaslug? Keep your comments short and devoid of purpose. That way your commenting will accurately reflect your life.

        • seamac

          How do you debate with a nutjob like you? The premise is so absurd that it doesn’t warrant point by point rebuttal. Pretty soon you’ll be comparing the number of letters in their names to point out similarities. This is not discourse, it’s the ranting of haters.

    • TN123

      Reductio ad Hitlerum. 
      You can draw comparisons like that for practically any politician, as is often done.  Hitler ate food.  Bush ate food and so did Clinton, therefor, they must be like Hitler as well. 
      In your comparisons, you draw simplistic conclusions that are not necessarily backed up by facts.  For example, Where is your proof that  “Obama has always hated this nation as it is..”    What statements qualify that conclusion that you tout as fact?

      You claim that Obama is a practised liar.   Cite some self-serving lies that he made.  I doubt you’d be able to find a politician that has never told a lie or contradicted themselves.  Some lies are self-serving/malicious/coverup, some are simply uninformed errors or omissions. 

      Your point about Obama “working feverishly to control the media..”  is interesting. If that is the case, he’s failing miserably at that.  He has failed to shape the debate in a way advantageous to him, and seems to be giving in to the opposition’s desires in an attempt to appear reasonable, which will likely hurt him in the future, since he is also undermining his own core supporters.

      Hitler identified as Christian.  You could make that comparison across the board of most if not all the members of congress and senate as well as Democratic, Republican, independent and Tea Party candidates. 

      Instead of attacking political figures on their apparent personalities and presumed ideologies, why not judge the actual policies they propose and analyze them for their merits and shortcomings, and propose changes or alternatives that are backed up by research and facts rather than ideological opinions.

      It really is too bad that one of the greatest nations in history is undergoing vitriolic turmoil and in-fighting in its politics, that does little to advance the people. — Most if not all of the politicians crave power in some way, don’t kid yourself.  And whoever has the most money tends to be the one that wins, because they are able to shape the debate for the masses, creating wedge “issues” to capitalize on the fears of the electorate. (“if you vote for x person, you are supporting their hidden agenda of y or z!  Run for your lives, vote for me!”)

      The president, like any human is flawed.  It is also clear from the recent events, that a President, while able to influence policy, is not the be all and end all.  If he really was a Hitlerian type figure, he would be changing laws to ensure he remained in power — but he hasn’t.  He is still ultimately subject to the will of both houses and to election results. 

      While Americans bicker over who is king of the castle and who has the best soundbites, other nations are actually working to advance themselves in this modern world.   Democracy is based on having reasonable debate on all aspects of governance, exposing the flaws and merits of policy and subject to review by an informed electorate.  This is not what’s happening most of the time.  It’s too bad that it wasn’t illegal for a politician to utter a falsehood.  They’d be in jail, the whole lot of them!

  • seamac

    Go away, nutjob

  • Goodcarver

    It’s a shame that a talented individual like Ms. Jackson uses her celebrity to expound such nonsense. President Obama is no more like Hitler than she is like Eva Peron.

    • joanf

      What would you compare him to? He is certainly not good for America, and I admire her for being out there . Obama, wanted to have citizens report anyone against his flawed Health care bill. If that isn’t a Hitler type action, then what is ? He was critcized for that stunt, and now at taxpayers expense, he hired a internet guru to check on what is being said. Is that the same thing that the Media Giant Rupert Murdoch’s English newspaper is accused of, hacking into peoples phones, or is spying on the internet acceptable practice these days.

  • Rowwdy

    Obamao’s private army is called the TSA going town to town now searching passengers on buses and trains. Don’t forget the black shirts forming either. Or the UN troops and FEMA camps.

    Actually more aptly assigned, it is Obamao’s handlers doing all the dirty work. Obamao is just the front for the more sinister puppet masters.

    Americans need to be very afraid of this monster and his puppet masters.

    • ahouk

      I have a bad feeling that America’s night of long knives is going to come in mid-late 2012.

    • seamac

      I had thought that the TSA was started under the Bush administration, or has that changed under your Orwellian thinking?

  • Skepticus

    I was a fan of Victoria back in her SNL days, but now she is pushing a bit too hard. She’s pushing in the right direction, just too much.

    • Rowwdy

      How much is too much Skepticus?

  • Lt Scrounge

    Actually Alec Jacobs, you are incorrect. Obama’s private army isn’t in the Obamacare bill, it’s in the GIVE Act that was passed around the same time as the Obamacare bill. People claiming it is in the Obamacare bill are either incorrect or trying to cover Obama and the Democrats authorizing and funding of an UNCONSTITUTIONAL armed military force for domestic use. It’s not the medical “reserve corps” (which is also unconstitutional), it’s the CIVILIAN DEFENSE CORPS that’s the problem. If you read through the appropriate sections of the “GIVE” act, you’ll see that not only did they authorize the development of a private army responsible to no one but the President, they also intend to aim recruiting towards young adults with limited parental guidance (from single parent homes, or former foster children), propensities toward criminal activity (juvenile delinquents), a gang mentality (former gang members), and/or questionable moral character. Additionally, unlike the US military that provides religious guidance and services via chaplains, religious services will be banned from the Civilian Defense Corps training facilities. Members won’t even be allowed to hold prayer group meetings in their dorm rooms. THIS UNCONSTITUTIONAL restriction on the free exercise of religion is written right into the law.

    If the citizens of this country weren’t as dumbed down about the concepts of History repeating itself and cause and effect, they’d be marching on DC to string up over half of the politicians there for setting this country on the track towards its own destruction. The Civilian Defense Corps needs to be one of the things that can be completely cut from the budget, since it shouldn’t have even been in there in the first place.

    • Lt Scrounge

      How on earth did that comment get on this topic? That was written for another topic. Sorry about that folks.