DeMint: Supporting McConnell plan ‘suicidal’ for Republicans in the House’

Republican South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint said Tuesday that the McConnell back-up plan on the debt limit could be the downfall for Republicans.

“I think for Republicans to cave on this after what happened with the Continuing Resolution, again, I think you’d see a deterioration of base of support, and a whole lot of third party activity,” said DeMint at a meeting at the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation. “I’m afraid this is make or break time for Republicans.”

DeMint’s comments came in response to a question about the back-up plan being worked on by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. When it was first introduced by McConnell last week, the plan caused a fierce backlash among conservatives. (TUCKER CARLSON & NEIL PATEL: McConnell’s horrifying conclusion)

But while the back-up option is by all accounts gaining traction, DeMint warned it could be the undoing of the Grand Old Party.

“It’d be suicidal for Republicans in the House to vote for it,” said DeMint.

The Senator, who is a conservative hero across the country, was one of the original signers of the Cut, Cap, Balance pledge, and then one of the co-sponsors when it was put into legislative language. But on Tuesday, DeMint not only blasted moderate debt-limit deals, he had harsh words for the entire process as well.

“Forgive me for being cynical,” said DeMint, “but it was pretty apparent to me that this was never a good faith effort.”

“The whole working group was designed to burn the clock up, push against a deadline,” the senator added. “The President needs a crisis to blame us for the economy that he has made worse with his policies.”

The Republican-controlled House may easily pass the CCB, though it was almost certainly face an uphill battle in the Senate. Moreover, President Obama publicly stated even if the proposal reaches his desk, he will veto it.

Meanwhile, McConnell’s back-up plan continues to gain steam among Congressional leadership. On Tuesday, Speaker of the House John Boehner said in a press conference that “it’s responsible for us to look at what Plan B would look like.”

The plan would allow the president to request three separate debt increases in $2.5 trillion intervals. Congress could, that that point, only bock the increases by passing a resolution of disapproval, though it would be subject to a presidential veto.

But Republicans,  said DeMint, can’t simply pass the buck of responsibility to the president over when it comes to the country’s borrowing limit. Republicans won’t get away with it, he said

Ten years ago, continued DeMint, “We could have gotten away with, ‘He raised the debt limit. It’s his fault.’ But now, as I’ve said, this is like leaving the door to the federal vault open, looking the other way, and blaming someone else for the bank robbery.”

Vince Coglianese contributed to this report.

  • http://Info@CCIFST.com HiTekRescu3

    Obama plays a good hand of poker! He knows that by doing nothing and allowing the Republican party to fight among themselves he comes out a winner. It is up to us voting, taxpaying citizens to email, write and call our respective politicians and remind them to hold the line as they promised in 2008. HOlding them to their promises and reminding them that their positions in office will be subject for review and their actions or lack there of will be decided at the next 2012 polls. Bombard them with emails if nothing else and then follow up with a quick phone call. It is worth our time! Take care and may God Bless.

  • Restless Mountain

    The republican party is already 2 parties – the extreme right-wing idealists like Jim who want to legalize their religious beliefs for everyone, and the rest of the party who flounders around having no idea how to rein them in. Might as well split into 2 now; you’re never going to agree with each other, much less be able to work with the other half of the country.

  • leej

    This is about the country, not party. The republicans keep coming out with these kinds of statements, this is about keeping the republicans in or like McConnell saying he does not want Obam to have a second term, his idea may be the thing to do that.
    These people are supposedly elected to do the work of the people, not the party.

    • texasjudge

      How is it “the work of the people” to allow Obama to continue borowing and spending at will with no congressional oversight?

  • The Center

    Between this new litmus test for the GOP and the lack of 2012 contenders…. Obama might as well chill in HI for The rest of his first term.

    The GOP thinks they can have it both way: make a deal with the devil for power, but still think they have God’s blessing to get into heaven.

    Its yes or no with God, can’t have it both ways!!

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  • jonathan galt

    DeMint is spot on. Republicans may as well congratulate Obama for his second term if they back this plan or any other plan that raises taxes and does not have substantial spending cuts. They were given a last chance. They blow it, the consequences will be extreme. This is not politics as usual. America is fired up and fully understand the gravity of their responsibility. This may well be the most important battle in American history and a cowardly and dishonorable performance will equate the republicans with traitors. At least we know for sure that liberals are irresponsible and plan to act foolishly- the republicans hold themselves up to be something they aren’t. They need to have a powwow right away and understand the stakes. Conservatives and tea party members are not bluffing. It all rides on their actions. Boehner can choose how he wants to go down in history -failure and destroyer of the right or success and savior of America. If these guys do not have the backbone to stand up to the msm machine with valor, then they will be replaced.

  • lifeandliberty

    Hold the line and on August 3rd we will have a balanced federal budget.

  • alan H

    Thank Allah we have Jim Demint to protect the Republican party.

  • Rush Youngberg

    A better question would be, who would you support for the position? DeMint may be bluff and bluster as well. He still has not got behind a solid conservative. DeMint will have his chance to take the lead on a veto of an unqualified raise of the debt ceiling, as Harry is demanding. If the GOP does not support the Frosh, they have destroyed the party. Any GOPer who supports Harry’s proposal needs to be replaced.

  • Sandy E

    Today, VA Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli called into local talk radio to ask that the talk show hosts to please ask every Republican Senate candidate a question, and get their answers on audio. If elected to the Senate, will you support Mitch McConnell as the 113th Congressional Senate minority or majority leader? If they say yes, or aren’t clear with their answer, then don’t vote for that candidate no matter what else he stands for. The Atty Gen., whose endorsement is very much sought from any and all VA GOP candidates, says he, and everyone he knows will be asking the same question. How he votes and endorses depends on their clear No on voting for McConnell for any further leadership position. He said clearly, this guy has got to go.

    • notalone

      You are exactly right – no more second chances for these worthless clowns.