American Crossroads launches ad in Spanish

“We’re broke” doesn’t get lost in translation.

Perhaps that’s why conservative politicians and advocates are turning their sights on Hispanic and Latino voters. The prominent conservative super-PAC, American Crossroads, has released a Spanish-language ad attacking President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats over the country’s massive debt and spending.

The minute-long spot, “Despertarse,” is part of the American Crossroads’ $20 million campaign and will be featured on television stations in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada and Washington, D.C.

“Despertase” is the Spanish-language version of American Crossroad’s national “Wake Up” ad, released earlier this month. Last week, the super-PAC — fundraising groups that can accept unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations or unions — released a series of ads specifically targeting vulnerable Democratic representatives.

American Crossroads isn’t the only conservative group aiming to attract Latino voters. The Republican National Committee launched its own ad campaign today in Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada — all battlegrounds in the 2012 election that have seen dramatic increases in Hispanic and Latino voters. Obama won those states by single digits in 2008. The RNC said their TV ad will be accompanied Spanish-language radio ads attacking unemployment numbers, which is at about 11.5 percent among Hispanics.

Meanwhile, the Republican State Leadership Committee announced a new initiative on Monday meant to encourage more Hispanic candidates to run for office, assuming they’re Republican, of course. (New York Times posts Spanish translation of immigration article)

Attracting Latino voters has become an important strategy for the GOP as Obama’s approval ratings drop below his disapproval ratings. In 2008, Obama won two-thirds of the Hispanic and Latino vote and Democrats won 60 percent of the vote in the 2010 midterm elections, according to CNN.



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  • dcrdt

    As long as the GOP continues it’s racist anti-immigrant harangue, Latinos will continue to vote for anything other than Rethugnicans. That is their number one issue and will result in less and less conservatives being elected.

    • Alisa

      Um … NO, our number one issue is the economy, just like most every other American.

      Here is a clue for you, dcrdt, not all Latinos are proponants of illegal activities of any sort, including illegal immigration.

      When will leftists accept that we Latinos are individual human beings capable of self-determination and, I know it may come as a shock, having opinions different than yours?

      As a woman of Hispanic origin I can tell you that it infuriates me that I am constantly told that I am outraged at gop “racism.” Because Mexico and other Spanish speaking countries just allow everyone in willy nilly, right? There are no rules in foreign countries about immigration, right? But every day I get fed this line that I, a Hispanic woman, am desperate to see the laws of this country violated because I happened to speak Spanish before I spoke English.

      Answer me this, dcrdt, does every single white person in this country vote the same way? Or is it only we poor brown/black/yellow people who are incapable of thinking for ourselves.

      So, for the record … NOT ALL HISPANICS OPPOSE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!! Some of us, every immigrant in my family for example, get really, really pissed off at the illegals.

      • Drahcir

        Well said,
        May I ask if you and yours have ever given thought to being an Independent?
        That way you could listen to what all say and do what you feel is right.

      • Alisa

        Whoops … I was so mad I wrote that all Hispanics don’t oppose illegal immigration, I meant that we don’t all support it.
        As for being an independent … nope. Can’t vote in the primary if you don’t have a party. Besides, I have faith that the GOP will get their act together.