Democratic reps want West to apologize for Wasserman Schultz comments

Five Democratic women are calling on Florida Republican Rep. Allen West to apologize for comments he made in an email to Florida Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

In the email, West called the congresswoman “the most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

In a letter to the GOP leadership and West, Democratic Reps. Gwen Moore (WI), Carolyn Maloney (NY), Lois Capps (CA), Donna Edwards (MD) and Jackie Speier (CA) called not only on West to repent, but also on the GOP to disavow his words.

“By any objective viewing of her floor speech, she was well within the rules of decorum for our chamber,” they wrote. “Yet, Mr. West’s response was completely out of order and an offensive personal attack with a clearly sexist tone. We call on you to disavow this response in the strongest of terms.”

West sent his Tuesday email in response to criticism on the House floor from Wasserman Schultz of his position on “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” She leveled her criticism when West was not present to defend himself.

“We also call on Mr. West to immediately apologize to Ms. Wasserman Schultz and vow to keep debate about policy, not personality,” the five added. (Rep. West stands by email attack on Wasserman Schultz)

Slate’s David Weigel noted Wednesday, however, that West’s complaint was not unfounded. House rules prohibit members from addressing other members.

“A Member must stand while speaking and address the Chair in their remarks (Mister or Madam Speaker; Mister or Madam Chairman). They must also refrain from addressing other Members, the President, the gallery, or the television viewing audience,” Weigel quoted from the rule book.

Read the full letter (h/t Chad Pergram at Gretawire):


Dear Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, Majority Whip McCarthy and Representative West:


We know that politics can get rough and that strong debate brings out many emotions. And as women, we are often held to a higher standard in public discourse.


News reports indicate that after last night’s debate, Congressman Allen West sent a completely inappropriate and sexist e-mail in total disrespect of our colleague, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


By any objective viewing of her floor speech, she was well within the rules of decorum for our chamber. Yet, Mr. West’s response was completely out of order and an offensive personal attack with a clearly sexist tone. We call on you to disavow this response in the strongest of terms.


We also call on Mr. West to immediately apologize to Ms. Wasserman Schultz and vow to keep debate about policy, not personality.


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  • BigRmv

    Five women Democrats would like West to apologize.

    Allen West would like those five Democrats to repeal Obamacare and vote for the Republican Cap and Balance plan.

    Perhaps a little quid pro quo?

    • truebearing

      I think you’re on to something. We could begin a campaign of lambasting the left with the truth and then agree to apologize, for a concession, of course. The great thing is that it is a win-win for us. We get the entertainment that goes with blasting them and they agree to forfeit parts of their agenda if we will just humble ourselves and apologize.

    • joanf

      The five democrats complaining, about Rep.West for giving a true and honest opinion, about Debby Wasserman is almost comical. Rep West, told it like it is,and he was right to do so. Wasserman, is responsible for twisting the truth about Rep West’s vote on health care,saying it will hurt senior citizens. She lies easily, but has conveniently forgotten,the flawed Obama care, which she voted for,which does hurt seniors by falsifying the use of Medicare funds. Debby and her fellow Democrats, pushed the bill through,completely ignoring citizens protests against it. Thank you, Rep.West,from a grateful citizen.

  • snoozeuloose

    Finally, someone stood up to the Demmecrats. They have been blasting the other side with lies and gramma falling over the edge of the earth, etc and now the shoe is on the other foot and they ask for West to apologize. What are they smoking???? I live in Florida and to see Wasserman on the tube saying some of the things she is saying just amazes me. It is such a joke.

    When are we going to simply get a budget and stop throwing stones. Jobs are going overseas, people are moving out of the country and we have 20Million out of work?

    West is new with fresh ideas and what we need, not like dbs, who just follows the rhetoric of all other demecrats.

  • truebearing

    It’s pretty obvious that Wafflehed-Schultz is a racist and so are the five harridans trying to suppress his free speech. To them, and the rest of the left, West has wandered off the Progressive plantation and is a runaway ideological slave that has gotten too uppity. They are clearly asking: “Who is he to talk to a white woman that way?”

    Yes, the Democratic Party has returned to its racist roots and is punishing any black man who exercises his freedom.

  • Ventura Capitalist

    Hey, Democratic Reps: Blow it out your ass!

  • flszyq48

    Congressman West was a lot kinder to Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz than are those in my household and circle of friends. We use a lot nastier terms to describe her and the other shrews demanding an apology. When are all the self-righteous liberal haters going to apologize to Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin?

  • Taters N Beans

    Colbet bbq’d his ass last night!

    • pink
      • Hallmonitor

        Where is the video of Colbert taking WassShu to task for breaking the “civil discourse” with her numerous, untrue accusations–not only about West, but the entire Republican party? Where’s is Colbert’s video questioning Harkin’s UNCIVIL “cult” remark?

        We are not surprised you would enjoy Colbert’s one-sided bs about “civil discourse”. After all, you’re a student of Colbert’s tactics — lecture the right on something that you, yourself, practice all the time. Now, put your clown nose on and claim it was a joke.

      • truebearing

        There is a rumor Colbert is a comedian. I hope he says something funny some day….he hasn’t yet.

        Leave it to a bitter, rigid, humorless, harpy of a women like you to think Colbert’s thinly disguised politicking is funny.

        Was I sexist in my description of you, you Medusa of a woman? Oh no, I’m so sorry…LMAO!!!!

      • BigRmv

        Oh, oh! This has the makings of a ‘YouTube-a-thon.” And I think we all know that DSW will come out the loser if everyone sees her last year of video flubs.

        My favorite is when she complains that Republicans want to make being an illegal immigrant a crime.

        (I still smile when I hear that one)

    • riseabove

      Yup, ha ha…Colbert’s so funny but be sure to thank Alan West and everybody like him who make/made it possible for people like you and Wasserman-Shultz to disparage, insult and lie about him because what’s even more funny than anything Comedy Central has ever put out is the prospect of, ohhhhh say a Marxist coup sweeping in and systematically shutting everybody down.

      Now, THAT would be a real hoot, don’tcha think?

      • pink

        You do know that when the Marxist coup happens they’re coming for you and truebearing first, don’t you? I hope you have plenty of canned goods and bottled water in your underground bunker.

        • truebearing


          I’m disappointed with you. You forgot ammunition.

          Hey, where will you go when conservatives boot Obama and we track down the taxpayer money being used to pay you trolls? How will you support yourself and all of your imaginary friends? Or your imaginary husband, Hamster… I mean Hamper… make that Hampton. LOL!!!

          I have to thank you for “admitting” he is your husband, after denying you had anything to do with his existence. I guess having an imaginary husband sounds better than getting caught with troll aliases.

          Isn’t it great that of all people, I was the one to bust you? LMAO!!!! I sure am enjoying it!

  • williamrand

    This vile, loudmouth, bi@#h is a liar to boot. I just sent a
    contribution to Mr. West’s war chest.