Dr. Ron Paul: Bachmann’s migraines ‘a tough problem,’ but not disqualifying

Rep. Ron Paul has become the latest of Rep. Michele Bachmann’s political opponents to weigh in on revelations, first published by The Daily Caller, that the Minnesota congresswoman long suffers from stifling migraines.

“Well, sometimes, I think people think they have to know more than they need to know,” said Paul, referring to a question about whether TheDC’s reporting on Bachmann’s migraines was a fair concern. “But you should need to know what a president, you know, is capable of doing,” explained Paul. (Bachmann’s headaches: 2012 candidate challenged by history of migraines)

Paul’s comments came during a Wednesday morning radio interview with Bryan Nehman, co-host of WMAL’s “The Morning Majority Show” in Washington, D.C.

Bachmann addressed the concerns in a statement released by her campaign on Tuesday. “Let me be abundantly clear — my ability to function effectively has never been impeded by migraines and will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief,” read the statement.

Rep. Paul, a medical doctor, explained that dealing with the painful headaches can be difficult for anyone. “I have taken care of a lot of patients with migraines, and it is pretty rough. I mean, it is a tough problem … so I have great empathy and sympathy for her if she is suffering from that,” said Paul.

“But I think it’s probably legitimate to know, and I don’t think that disqualifies somebody from running for office,” concluded Paul. “I would say [the] information is reasonable to know about.”


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  • SolaLuz

    I read recently that several people with migraines have successfully and almost immediately stopped them by giving themselves an ‘brain freeze’ (aka – ice cream headache) when they began to feel it coming on. Migraine sufferers should give it a shot, cheap…and not much risk.

  • sunnyr

    Oh, PLEASE, you old LOSER! Migrane headaches are a nusience but they are not a “Tough Problem.” You are just an opportunistic old goat who wants to try and take advantage of “an opportunity” that doesn’t exist.

    Go Michele! and Ron Paul, MYOB!

    • DaniOcean

      Obviously you never had any migraines. It is very painful thing to have, at a times I feel completely incapable of doing work during a migraine. It is painful and oftentimes you can construct complete sentences, the only thing you think of is getting some relieve. It is something you should know about the guy who is going to run the country in my opinion. Does this disqualifies Bachmann from running for office – no, but it is a useful information to know.

  • janeedee

    Migraines can be eliminated with the proper medication. Unfortunately Obama’s fraud cannot be handled that way.
    And, yet, who is following up on the fact that the birth certificate he gave us has different sized type for the same letters, etc.–not to mention any kid with Adobe Illustrator can show it was done in layers. So why is he faking us? Why is he using a SS# from Connecticut–a felon by the way to use a fraudulent one as he is doing. And why does the press refuse to touch it?

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  • virginiagentleman

    Thomas Jefferson suffered from debilitating headaches while serving as President Washington’s Sec. of State and throughout his life. Jefferson appears to have done quite well in his political career!…..Not a supporter of either Dr. Paul or Rep. Bachmann, But Dr. Paul showed his humanity towards Bachmann, when he could have easily shot her down politically.

    • Tailor.in.stitches

      But is that what he’s doing BEHIND the curtain? or is this his minions at work?

      • virginiagentleman

        I don’t know, Tailor. Maybe his minions will make hay from it, maybe not. In this one instance he showed he has a bit of class, as for down the road…? How many of the other candidates will make a huge deal of Bachmann’s migraines? As I said, I’m not a supporter of either Bachmann or Paul, but if one of them becomes the nominee, I’d support the nominee. Staying home, not voting, well, the future direction of the country is just too damn important to not vote. My preffered candidate has not yet announced, so I’m keeping my eyes on the others.

  • blewstate
  • Sandy E

    These remarks coming from Paul are rich. He is the one who causes migrane headaches for all but 5% of the country. A 76 year old, who may still have one firing brain cell, should disqualify himself for being senile. Heck, he couldn’t even stand at the debate podium for 2 hours without many wanting to bring him a chair. He leaned, weaved, wobbled, and all but fell down.

    • valley64

      I’ve never understood why so many progressives have this tendency to post comments exhibiting pure, raving hatred – rather than referencing any actual issue of fact – and then offering points to support their view.

  • jjones929

    Ron Paul had the opportunity here to take Bachman out of the presidential race by condemning her as unfit because of her personal, physical problems. He could’ve said that her migraines would prevent her from doing a good job as president of the United States. Any other politician would’ve capitalized on this to defeat an opponent.

    So why didn’t he?

    Because Ron Paul is an honest man.

    I will vote for him even if his name isn’t on the ballot in 2012. You are an inspiration.

    • dcrdt

      If that cranky old man was honest he’d admit to the racist rants he wrote in his newsletter years ago instead of denying it and passing it off as written by someone else.

      • blonduxo

        Dr. Paul commenting the way he did demonstrates his professional point of view as a physician and his character.

        I suggest to know a man one should examine his deeds, his works, what he has done with his life, his record, his written works, his speeches. Check youtube, Amazon, the Congressional record. Go on, do it, take President Obama and Dr. Paul and compare the last 25 years of their lives. Take only perhaps their political records.  The president in his brief time in public office voted mostly present while in the IL state legislature, voting selfishly and immaturely when he briefly served in the U.S. Senate, and has made  a mockery of the presidency and singlehandedly reduced the regard and respect of the nations of the world by his imperial hubris, while practically on his own (with the help of alums from Goldman Sachs) destroying this nation by subverting congress usurping more power to the executive branch of government.  On the contrary Dr. Paul is known for his integrity, his fidelity, and his humility as well as his voting record and his adherence to the Constitution fighting for limited government,  secured borders,  strong national defense, a non-interventionist foreign policy, sound money and individual liberty.

        Compare Bachmann and Paul, just on perhaps their vote on the Patriot Act extension. Paul chose to protect our rights while Bachmann chose to destroy them.

        I know who is qualified to be president and I also know who is a disgrace to the office.

    • valley64

      Ron Paul – He’s a gentleman, too!

    • Tailor.in.stitches

      “condemning her as unfit because of her personal, physical problems.”

      And lose his medical license? He’s never examined her, never seen her medical records, never seen her during one of her headaches – and yet you think he “could” have….. Nice to see how his supporters think — that he COULD have “condemned her as unfit”. Tell us, are these unsourced, alleged accusations of an “incapacitated” Bachmann the work of Paul’s supporters?

      • JustAnotherConservative

        Of course he couldn’t declare her unfit to run. However, he could have listed the worst symptoms of migraines and let the public connect the dots. He could have played the, “I’m not saying SHE has these problems but some people…” game, but he chose not to do so. You can like him or not. You can vote for him or not, but he did take the high ground here.

        • 8second.ride

          “However, he could have listed the worst symptoms of migraines and let the public connect the dots.”

          Wow, that would be pretty unethical in my medical workplace. So you approve of that kind of back-handed snidery? Gee, and I wonder why lil’ miss Tailor and others think the Ron Paul supporters would be dirty enough to start a smear like this.

          • JustAnotherConservative

            Um, no. I like Bachmann. I swear, for all the whining about “Palin Derangement Syndrome”, many people are just as bad when someone mentions Paul.

            The comment hinted that the reason he didn’t attack her was for fear of losing his license. I pointed out that he could have avoided attacking her while still “making the most” of the situation. Of course it would have been unethical, but that rarely stops a politician from doing anything. I believe he didn’t play politics with the issue simply because it would be wrong to do so, and I respect him for that. Not sure where you got that I approve of it. Maybe you’ve got “Paul Derangement Syndrome”?

    • Callie369

      Paul played it very cunningly. He stuck his knife in Bachmann’s back in such a way that he came over almost as sympathetic!!!! However, the old geeser should start thinking about retirement.

  • TruthFirst

    What’s disqualifying for her is her stone age remarks about gay being a choice; if she actually thinks her husband can “pray away the gay” it would follow that he could take a straight guy and “pray away the straight” turning him gay. Any straight men think that’s possible?????

    • mcgirv

      Stone age! Really?

    • Tailor.in.stitches

      Your name is false advertising.

  • doncicciofitipaldi