GOP donors beg Chris Christie to reconsider run for president

Make no mistake: If Chris Christie would make a late entry into the Republican presidential race, he wouldn’t have a money problem.

The nationally popular New Jersey governor is being begged by some of the richest Republicans in the country to reconsider his decision not to run for president in 2012. (Gov. Christie OKs NJ medical marijuana program)

Wealthy donors, including billionaires, pressed him to run during a conference call Tuesday led by Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, according to the New Jersey Star Ledger. But Christie isn’t budging.

“I said nothing different to him than I did to others in the past,” Christie said at a Tuesday news conference about the conference call, the paper reported. He declined to elaborate.

But the Star Ledger points out that Christie hasn’t ruled out running for president in 2016.

A spokesman with Christie’s office declined to comment on the conference call when reached for comment by The Daily Caller.

Yet Fox News reported that Christie told the fundraisers that he’s not enthused about a run in 2012 because of the effect it would have on his family.

Despite his repeated denials that he’s going to run, Christie plans to go to Iowa next week for a summit on education and to help Republican Rep. Steve King raise money for his campaign.

And while Christie remains a rock star in Republican circles across the country, his popularity at home in New Jersey has declined, according to a Public Policy Polling poll released Wednesday: only 43 percent of the state’s voters approves of Christie.

“The fallout of Christie’s declining approval numbers is that he would now trail Newark Mayor Cory Booker in a hypothetical 2013 match up, 47-43,” according to PPP.

That’s something die-hard Christie supporters hope would force him to consider — again — that the timing is right now to get in the race.

  • loudog

    GOP donors are so happy with the current candidates that they’re begging for someone else. Understandable

  • JPalm

    Love Christie but Perry will do fine.
    Perry has more years as gov..
    If Christie goes against Perry, I won’t be happy.
    I voted for Christie & will again but prefer Perry as President.

  • http://www.facebook.com/speppers69 speppers69

    And the donors wanted Fred Thompson to run last time. And those same donors also want Jeb Bush to run. This happens every 4 years. Donors don’t decide who participates…the media does. The media picks the candidates and gives positive press to the ones they want and obliterate the ones they don’t. They LOVED John McCain until he picked Sarah Palin and then it was “Obama…Obama!!”. Christie will run…but it’s not going to be in 2012 and he won’t win.

    • scholar-patriot

      CHRIS CHRISTIE 2016 :-)

      To clean up the mess that G*d Damn Neo-Socialist Barack Hussein Obama did to ruin America from 2008 to 2016.

    • Callie369

      You are right, he won’t win. With his stance on cap n trade, amnesty , etc., he has proven he is nothing but a BIG FAT RINO!

  • EscapeFromCalifornia

    As humans, we always seem to want the one we can’t have. Gov Christie is a good man – and might win if he ran. But he doesn’t appear to want the Big Chair, and would prefer instead to fix NJ and raise his kids. I wish he – and several others who declined to run – were in the race. But it’s not my call. He said NO in a very clear voice.

    So it’s time to stop wishing he would join the game and move on – there are some reasonable candidates in (or almost in) the race, and one will win the nomination and defeat Obama next year (the economic situation has pretty much doomed the incumbent if an minimally acceptable alternative is nominated; the looming dollar collapse and deteriorating world conditions will ensure it).

    Gov Christie’s not Hamlet, and isn’t struggling to make up his mind. The answer is no. Let’s move on.

  • dcrdt

    He gets fatter by the minute. If that obesity was elected prez, he would be the fattest president in history.

    • EscapeFromCalifornia

      I know you realize that’s obnoxious. So why say it? Do you feel superior now?

    • gooners

      Naw, the camera just adds three chins.

    • rainmaker1145

      Grover Cleveland

    • Blue Shirt Czar

      Gosh dcrdt, if I’m not mistaken, trash talk like yours was one of the things that helped Gov. Christie WIN the election when Corzine ran that vile ad.

      So by all means, continue to throw your infantile insults Gov. Christie’s way!

      Thanks for helping, dcrdt ! :-)

  • scholar-patriot

    Chris Christie 2016 = RONALD REAGAN 1980 “Morning in America”

    Let the Neo-Socialist ‘Pres.’ Barack Hussein Obama RUIN/Destroy the United States of America (like Jimmy Carter did)

    In 2016…CHRIS CHRISTIE will be ELECTED with some of the biggest VOTES ever! :-)

  • gooners

    This is definitely entertaining, watching you guys try to put the Tea Party yahoos you released on the country for the 2010 election back in the box for the 2012. Face it, it’s too late. The Tea Party is your great, ignorant, lurching, paranoid Frankenstein monster. There will be no Chris Christie. He’s doing the best thing by staying out of this. Your nominee will be Michele Bachmann. And you have no one to blame but yourselves.

    • donkeysnake

      Has Christie ever said the field is too big? He likes competition.

      From Day 1, it’s been ‘my family, my family, my family’… Christie’s decision has exactly zero to do with the Tea Party.

    • scholar-patriot

      ‘President’ Barack Hussein Obama will bring the United States of America to the brink of ruin (re: “Hope and Change”)
      It will take a real “jersey boy” (like myself) CHRIS CHRISTIE in 2016 to SAVE AMERICA

    • EscapeFromCalifornia

      Gooners –
      If seeing that endless deficits, massive increases in regulation, the printing of several trillion of pixie-dust money, and irresponsible expansion of entitlements (under both Obama and Bush) is ‘ignorant’,’lurching’ and ‘paranoid’ – then call me Dr. Frankenstein. Those are the concerns of the Tea Party – and they’re well founded, reasonable, and worth fighting about.

      What exactly are you fighting for? Debt, collapse and a government change? Or are you just a class warfare guy – jealously lurching from target to target, demanding your share of somebody else’s work? I don’t get you guys – you just sit at home and write snarky insults – thinking somebody thinks you’re clever?

      We are in deep trouble – and the federal government is a (the?) leading cause. Our leaders are unwinding the foundations of the Republic: a sound dollar, fiscal responsibility, individual liberties (even the left agrees on that – we just disagree about which freedoms ‘matter’), the rule of law, and more. Heck, even the dignity of passing of budget every now and then eludes our leadership – the current POTUS now argues that making a specific proposal on the budget is not a sign of good leadership (huh? really?).

      You need to drop the ad hominem attacks – it makes you look ignorant and spiteful. You may be right about Bachman – or not – but you don’t say why. So I don’t care what you think (am I wasting my time now trying to redirect you? probably…).

      So instead, I’m going to assume you’re just another bitter leftist in search of a rational voice. Knock off the faux-clever insults, or stop wasting our time posting angry drivel.

      • gooners

        “You need to drop the ad hominem attacks”

        “you’re just another bitter leftist”

        Teabaggery at it’s finest.

        • BigErnM

          ‘Goon’ is a well-chosen name for you

          • gooners

            Der u shur gotta funny name derpa derp.

    • Jenna

      You mean, like liberals have no one to blame but THEMselves by voting for the fraud, Obama?

      • gooners

        Sure, if by “liberals” you mean 53% of 2008 voters (69,456,897 people, or 356 electoral votes)

        • Callie369

          Dumbama got 69,498,215 votes in 2008. His dismal and pathetic performance will cost him a lot of those votes next election. Even blacks are bailing on him. A few republicans fell for his lies, as did both independents and dumbocrats. They have learned a hard, hard lesson since then. And that is that Dumbama is destroying the country AND THEIR FUTURES, AS WELL AS THE FUTURES OF THEIR CHILDREN AND GRAND-CHILDREN.

          • gooners

            Well I do declare!