Obama’s new pick for consumer protection bureau

Cordray is also a stolid Democrat. He campaigned for Obama in Ohio during 2008, and he supported Dann (pre-scandal). And when his big case against Bank of America needed a co-counsel, Cordray chose the firm of Montgomery County Democratic Chairman Dennis Lieberman — a friend of Cordray’s for 16 years.

He also offered free legal support to three state officials — one of whom was a prominent Obama donor — who snooped through confidential state databases in search of information about Joe Wurzelbacher, nicknamed “Joe the Plumber.”

Cordray’s moved up the political ladder by making a name for himself while toeing the party line.

“He’s kind of just there,” Kish said.

And by all indications,  Cordray will continue to be there.

“Right now, my focus will be big banks,” he said in an interview with the Plain Dealer about his new position at the CFPB.

Which is a bit funny in light of his private sector work defending corporate interests. After his time as a Supreme Court clerk, Cordray spent a couple years at mega-law firm Jones Day, which represents such companies as Bank of America, JP Morgan, Pfizer and RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company.

His former clients will probably not be keen on running into him again.