Women’s group launches parody ad attacking government spending

Leave it to women to make the debt-ceiling debate funny.

A parody ad from the group Concerned Women for America begins airing today and advertises “Spenditol,” the new miracle drug — made in Washington” and the “answer to all the painful problems Americans face.”

In a pitch-perfect spoof of the standard drug ads seen on TV, “Spenditol” features an attractive, suburban soccer mom suffering from the “chronic pain” of gas prices, potential unemployment and paying the bills. Then she cheerfully announces:

Spenditol is Washington’s answer to all the painful problems Americans face. How to borrow $800 billion dollars for a stimulus that didn’t create jobs or fix the economy? Spenditol.

The minute-long ad is set to run in Florida, Ohio, Nebraska and Montana, and nationally on the Fox News Channel and CNN, according to CWA, which spent $1.4 million on the campaign.

The conservative advocacy group covers a wide range of issues for a female audience; CMA CEO Penny Nance said creating the ad was another chance to do just that.

“This ad is targeted specifically to women because we know that women tend to hold the purse strings of the family,” Nance told The Daily Caller. “We know women are making very difficult choices everyday as they sit at the kitchen table with a pile of bills deciding what gets paid and … there’s a frustration out there as to why can our nation’s leaders not make the same tough choices.”

Sometimes the best way to reach women — and the public at-large — about very serious issues, is with a sense of humor, said Nance.



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  • thamesford

    The greater problem is that the Lib/Dems/Progressives believe they can cure their addiction to “Spenditol” with “Taxsomemorphine”.

  • joanf

    Thanks for the news that Hawthorne,and other shows are loaded with left wing propaganda. I taped several episodes of two of them, but will erase them as soon as I leave the computer. We have enough of the C##p thrown at us and our kids, so I;ll tune them out. Thanks again for the tip.

  • riseabove

    Smart, creative, funny!

    Now we just need our very own movie studios to counter all of those newer television shows like Hawthorne, Rizzoli and Isles, and Franklin and Bash that are loaded with leftwing propoganda. I’m afraid a few political ads and a couple of Sarah Palin movies just aren’t going to cut it.

    (Yes, I’m talking to folks like you, Donald Trump.)

  • texasjudge

    Great ad; big difference from typical lib group ads – funny, not like pushing granny over a cliff.