ForAmerica’s Bozell: Republicans who support Gang of Six proposal ‘will walk the plank’

The debt reduction proposal issued Thursday by the group of three Democratic and three Republican senators — known as the “Gang of Six” — won guarded optimism from some conservatives, but damnation from others.

In a statement to The Daily Caller, ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell promised retribution against any Republican who supports the deal, which would allow for an increase to the country’s debt limit.

“Conservatives will stand together to say the Gang of Six plan is dead on arrival and so is any effort to pass a short-term extension that only kicks the can down the road and does nothing to solve the problem,” Bozell said.

Bozell continued: “Should the Gang of Six plan pass, those fake ‘conservatives’ who supported it will walk the plank. That’s a promise.”

While Bozell emphasized the need for a long-term solution, other conservatives opposed to the proposal cite cuts to the defense budget and “tax hikes” by virtue of allowing Bush-era reductions to expire.

The Heritage Foundation cited House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon’s concern that “the Gang of Six proposal will cut almost $900 billion in national security spending over a decade and implies that the national security accounts will absorb nearly half of all federal budget discretionary cuts.”

Former Bush speechwriter Marc A. Thiessen argued that the proposal includes a massive tax increase. By allowing previous tax cuts to expire, Thiessen said that taxes will increase $4.5 trillion, and will be offset by only $1.5 trillion in new cuts. In a Washington Post op-ed he dismissed the notion that the Gang of Six “calls it a tax cut.”

Pete Sepp of the National Taxpayers Union said in an email to TheDC, “The limited details could be read as providing an even worse deal for taxpayers than the deficit reduction commission’s report from late last year.”

Sepp said that “the Gang of Six document could be christened, ‘Duck, Dodge, and Weave.'”

CNBC host Larry Kudlow and anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist, on the other hand, have cautioned against knee-jerk opposition to the proposal. Norquist surprised many on Thursday by saying that allowing tax cuts to expire wouldn’t necessarily equate to a tax increase.




    Nothing, absolutely nothing out of any deal-maker/compromising republican is healthy for ths country.

    The cancer of liberalism is taking a toll in more than one way,…to the point that even Bill O’Reilly has been contaminated with the ‘politics as always’ way.

    The example to this was seen last night (7-21-11) where Mr O’Reilyy conducted a ferocious batlle with Laura Ingraham.

    It seems that Mr O’Reilly virtually is demanding to the TEA PARTY MOVEMENT to cave (or as he put it….”to be ralistic “) on the present economic problematic;….so he (aparently) fall for the scare tactics from the liberals.

    However this should not be surprise for anyone out there for the man (O’Reilly) alaways has been giving benefit of the doubt to Mr Obama.

    Calling THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT similar like the 60’s militants?…that their power is going to be away unless they “comes to senss”…and….’compromise’?.

    I don’t have to write the whole thing here, do I? for ,everyone saw what happened ;…O’Reilly constantly interrupting Ingraham…just like the so called journalists form the tv tabloids do.

    To be very brief, O’Reilly finally (as eventually expected) shown his true colours, A LIBERAL-ORIENTED INCLINED journalist.

    And alhtough Mr O’Reilly – might -still to be considered a mentor for american audiences – and worldwide audiences – for that matter,… his objectivity is now tainted;…and so his credibility as ‘fair and balance’,…to be impartial, that special quality that once was….is not longer present.

    Reason?…your guess is as good as anyone’s guess;….however consider the dynamics related to Rupert Murdoch and his entire empire which includes FOX and WSJ….well, if something goes wrong…there could be a place for Mr O’Reilly inside the liberal spectrum….anyone can think he is just playing safe for future events.

    So what is left?….it looks quite clear that the only program that stand for the american public there at FOX is ‘HANNITY’.

    Input anyone?

    Opinions welcome.

    Daniel Cabrera

  • Supertad108

    This is a typical compromise…

    Spend now and then negotiate cuts later.. like decades later.

    This is NOT a compromise but yet another continued stealth attack on our hard earned monies (period)!

    New motto…

    Cut, Scrap and Replace!

    Interesting they classify themselves as a GANG, go figure.

    Maybe a gang of thugs.

  • yportbill

    As a conservative, I do believe in tight compromise. That said, keep this up tea party and you will find your out of a job when the next election comes up.

  • Callie369

    Mark Warner (Virginia)
    Dick Durbin (Illinois)
    Kent Conrad (North Dakota)

    Saxby Chambliss (Georgia)
    Mike Crapo (Idaho)
    Tom Coburn (Oklahoma), left the Gang of Six and later returned

    AND YES, Republicans who support Gang of Six proposal ‘will walk the plank’

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