DNC releases spanish-language ad

The 2012 presidential race will have a Latin flavor.

The Democrat National Committee’s first ad of the election cycle is a Spanish-language spot in Reno, Las Vegas, Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Denver, Albuquerque, and Washington, DC.

The ad, “En Quien Confiar,” first attacks Republicans for their criticism of the president before touting the record of Barack Obama’s middle-class tax cuts, student grants, and health insurance of children. The ad ends with a strong note:

We know who to trust, and who we can’t.  Because it’s our job to protect our families.



According to a DNC official, the ad buy is “many times larger” than the latest spot from the Republican National Committee, which launched it’s “Change Directions” series earlier this month. The RNC’s third and latest spot in the series cost about $7,750, according to Politico’s Ben Smith.

“The Republican Party is offering no new solutions to the American people — they simply want to double down on the failed policies that … hurt millions of American families, including far too many Latinos,” said DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. “The American people don’t need more distortions from the secret donors of Crossroads and they certainly don’t want the failed policies of the Republican Party.”

The “distortions” from Republicans and conservatives have certainly changed directions this election cycle, particularly when it comes to wooing Hispanic and Latino voters. On Thursday, American Crossroads launched its own Spanish-language ad, and the RNC’s latest ad-buy — in Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico — also included several Spanish radio spots. Republicans have also made an effort to attract Hispanic leaders with a new initiative launched by the Republican State Legislative Committee.

Latino voters are proving to be a pivotal voting bloc for both parties as Obama’s approval ratings drop below his disapproval ratings. In 2008, Obama won two-thirds of the Hispanic and Latino vote and Democrats won 60 percent of the vote in the 2010 midterm elections, according to CNN.

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  • RobR

    Que? DNC drops first turd of election cycle — in Spanish no less.

  • 1TrueOne55

    Apparently they saw that Poll on Hispanic youth tending to be more GOP leaning since they own more small businesses and tend to not like having taxes raised and want to see Gov’t spending on entitlement programs cut. The Democrat/Progressive/Communist party is showing that if that trend gets into the larger population of middle income Latinos they are done. Because even the Negroe (Black) voters are sharing that thought, because the implied promises of Hope and Change have not given them the over hyped and expected results have been disappointing with a higher than the average un-employment rate.

    Sounds like they don’t like not having a job either.

  • NeoKong

    Just one more example of how Democrats would sell this country down the road just to keep their jobs one more term.
    Anyone eligible to vote is supposed to be proficient in the english language. It’s a a requirement of citizenship . This only proves that Democrats are openly courting illegal aliens.

    • 1TrueOne55

      She is only proving that she is not a “Lady” and the Dems are scared because all the red ink now spilling in D.C. is all over Obama’s hands.

  • gobnait06

    “We know who to trust, and who we can’t. Because it’s our job to protect our families”.

    The DNC has taken on the facade of a Mafia-esque organization. Its members are so frightened of the great American awakening to the organization’s criminal and unethical antics that they now resort to thinly veiled threats to win. The Democratic party is NO LONGER to one that I joined forty years ago and left before the 2008 election.

  • Willys

    It’s now becomes plainly clear that Democrats want to open the Mexican border to invite any and all interested Mexicans to flood the gates and move to the U.S.

    Democrats – open the borders.

    • 1TrueOne55

      Don’t blame Mexicans, they are not the only country whose population is getting here illegally. There are Brazilians, Costa Ricans, Hondurans, Columbians. It is unfair to call all the illegal aliens coming into the US across the southern border as Only Mexicans. I live in WA State and we have Asians coming in from Canada and in shipping containers at the ports of Seattle and Tacoma.

      It is not just Mexicans.

  • jackw3526

    “We know who to trust, and who we can’t.” In Spanish! LOL! Now the punch line…”it’s our job to protect our families”. Exactly. Now learn English and go do it for yourself!

  • rone



    • rountry

      And all US citizens who vote Democrat should ask themselves why the DNC wants to go around them with messages in a foreign language meant for outsiders who want to take their jobs and benefits