House Dems exploit Reagan for debt ceiling, disregard pledge not to raise taxes in same address

When you see the Democratic Party and some of the left-leaning hosts at MSNBC start touting the words of former President Ronald Reagan, it’s probably too good to be true.

In his Sept. 26, 1987 radio address to the nation, “The Federal Debt Ceiling Increase and Deficit Reduction,” Reagan explained the need to work out a deal with his Democratic counterparts on Capitol Hill on the debt ceiling. And a portion of that address has been used by House Democratic caucus in a video ad posted earlier this week.

“[Unfortunately,] Congress consistently brings the government to the edge of default before facing its responsibility. This brinkmanship threatens the holders of government bonds and those who rely on Social Security and veterans benefits. Interest rates would skyrocket, instability would occur in financial markets and the federal deficit would soar. The United States has a special responsibility to itself and the world to meet its obligations. It means we have a well-earned reputation for reliability and credibility—two things that set us apart from much of the world.’”

That nearly 24-year-old audio has led some to suggest that in the heat of the 2011 debt ceiling debate raging between the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and the Democratic-controlled White House and Senate that Reagan might be rejected by the modern-day GOP.

“Would Reagan even be a Republican today?” MSNBC “Hardball” host Chris Matthews asked on his Wednesday program.

However if you take a look at that same address in its entirety, you’ll see a broader context. The country was on the verge of winning the Cold War and congressional Democrats were pushing for higher taxes. And much like this incarnation of the debt ceiling fight, Democrats are still lobbying for tax hikes. But the part the House Democratic caucus left out of Sept. 26, 1987 debt ceiling address was his pledge not to allow Congress to “increase your taxes.”

“This decision is not easy. I have no choice but to sign this bill to guarantee the United States government’s credit. But I also will not permit Congress to dismantle our national defense, to jeopardize arms reduction, or to increase your taxes. I am determined that will not happen.”


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  • russ311

    Oh, are Progressives lying again? Quick, alert the media!

    Many middle-class taxpayers in the last 3 years have seen their credit ratings destroyed. They are being forced to face the realities of dealing with that personal debt crisis. I do not think there exists among many, perhaps a majority, of taxpayers right now who seriously give a rat’s patootie whether the US as a whole has to deal with the similar circumstance. Under Carter we had 11% mortgage interest and yet people still bought homes in my neighborhood nonetheless. And under Carter we had out of control inflation, yet we survived long enough to see Reagan take charge and do what Ford and Carter couldn’t – Whip Inflation Now (WIN).

    Obama now wants to WIN The Future – WTF? But, the Obama Democrats haven’t a clue how. What they will ultimately do via the FED is increase inflation by devaluing the dollar. Interest rates will increase and Inflation will soar.

    That is the Obama Democrats plan.

    Progressives are as useless as foreskin; both are proof God suffers ADD.

  • doncicciofitipaldi



    • BigRmv

      Don….ldi, you are truly a sad individual. And not simply because the ability to turn CAPS LOCK off eludes you. But because logic eludes you.

      You can’t understand that–by using the image of a man who is the antithesis of the Democrats–to try to push their agenda BUT (and this is important) at the same time leaving out part of this supposed “ah-ha” moment–the “No tax increases” portion–that it IS exploitation in the worst way.

      Then you compound your poor understanding of the topic by pointing out that the Democratically run Congress (remember Tip O’Neill?) failed to fulfill their part of the compromise.

      Worse, you and your fellow Democrats are using this as evidence as to why the Republicans SHOULD compromise but can’t understand why it’s evidence that they shouldn’t.

      PS — Did you notice my strategic use of the CAPS LOCK there? No charge for the lesson.

  • recovered dem

    The Dems don’t mention that they did not keep their agreement to cut spending.

  • jonathan galt

    They omitted a large portion of regains speech and position. They fail to mention the mess that Carter had made. Carter had interest rates above 20%, unemployment in the mid teens, gas shortages, and ushered in the allahtolyah. Also Reagan brought down the USsr and freed all of of eastern Europe.

    This deal will likely not be great; however, a deal did have to get made and made with an incapable president. We should not be surprised Obama failed to exhibit any leadership qualities during this process. He has no experience whatsoever putting together a budget. Clinton and Bush both had 8 years running a state government and business experience. It would be illogical to assume a person with no experience could handle the most complicated budget in history. He fell back on what he knew – community activism (adversarial conflict) and voting present (avoid putting forth plan, take no position and criticize participants).
    We elected someone with immature leadership skills and should not be surprised that he acted immaturely.

    They plan to mark up any deal with tax hikes, delay until the last minute and then use the self caused urgency and unethical mark ups to cast blame on the republicans. You can see the same qualities in your teenagers, when they sulk and throw tantrums and then ask for money as they are walking out the door.

  • Jess81

    He had a Democrat Congress and Democrat ponzi schemes which came due. He also inherited an economy from Carter which was waaaaaay worse than what Obama inherited. Double digit inflation AND unemployment and zero growth in GDP. You might be able to rewrite reality for those who didn’t live through it, but I lived through it and Carter’s presidency was a nightmare. An incompetent, self-important narcissist who was just excellent at the “blame” game.

    Actually Carter’s foreign policy is totally responsible for the socialists/communists in charge in South America and for the Islamists who now threaten the end of the world with their nuclear option.

  • rone



    • doncicciofitipaldi


      • Crosby

        Glad to see you are working on all the hate speech, start with your Liberal friends, though. Again I ask, are you Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

        • BigRmv

          Crosby, really? DSW? C’mon now!

          I doubt very much that DSW can write more than one paragraph at a time with fewer than 8 mistakes and 2 foibles. Don….ldi’s rants only contain an average of 2 mistakes per paragraph.

  • Jess81

    So Republican establishment, where’s your quick-fire answer? You going to let this outrage stand and depend on one lone web site to point out how ludicrous this is? No Republican outfit out there can come up with a 30 second web commercial that evicerates this stupid, stupid Democrat claim?

    It’s like the Townhall rep (editor? writer?) on Fox and Friends this morning with two left-wing operatives (one called herself “no-name” or something equally untruthful because she was most assuredly an Obama stooge). The “no-name” gal explained how Obama wasn’t “responsible” for the economy and the Townhall guy responded with the President has no plan talking point.

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The Debate Point here is that the Obama and the Democrats are ENTIRELY responsible for the economy. Obamacare is the single biggest inhibitor to economic growth. Obama is totally responsible for the jump to the cliff from TARP funds that have been repaid but gone missing to stimulous to 87% increase in discretionary spending to willful distruction of hundreds of thousands of US jobs in oil and gas and now Boeing.

    THIS is why we’re losing the debate because we’re NOT debating. They get to decide the talking points because they lie and Republicans do not call them on it.

    How in the heck do the Democrats get away with “Republicans won’t deal” when Democrats are not dealing and have a recent record of lying through their teeth when making a deal.

    • loudog

      Obama owns everything and mentioning W. is strictly forbidden but all of Reagans problems were Carters fault? Kooky.

  • Sajc05

    Reagan, when faced with lack of revenue, RAISED TAXES!

    When will the GOP and the conservative media get it that letting tax cuts (that have mostly caused our deficit) expire isn’t some crazy socialist plan to kill jobs but something similar to what LORD REAGAN did many times as president and governor to increase revenue.

    The rich- err sorry, “job creators” have piles of cash on hand and they are still not hiring even with the tax cuts. They hired millions of people with a hire tax rate in the 90’s. So the old conservative talking point “raising taxes, kills jobs” is a complete lie.

    Where were the republicans when Bush allowed the debt ceiling to be raised, ran massive deficits? They were quiet. why? because the conservatives are a pack of hypocrites that only complain about debt when their guy isn’t in office.

    • Jess81

      “Job creators”? You obviously don’t like people who start businesses…unless of course they’re stolen from bond holders and turned over to union (mob) thugs.

      And since you know so, so much about running a business, are you saying that businesses under the threat of double taxes, Obamacare, massive inflation should just hand over their rainy-day survival funds to whom? You? Are you actually saying here that you and Obama have a right to confiscate every private penny in order to carry out his redistributive schemes?

      Obama isn’t just destroying the economy; he’s also out to take away every last cent of anyone who’s followed the rules and worked hard for a living their entire lives. He’s out to give college educations to illegal aliens; computers to everyone on the south side of Chicago; deny gas to workers so they can’t even GET to work; he’s closing down businesses one after another and if he can’t get their money outright, he’ll close ’em down with regulations. If he can’t get cap and tax legislation through Congress, he just does it through Hugo Chavez style fiat; he defied court orders and closed down domestic oil production; he’s going after it in Texas; he’s closed it down in Alaska; he’s now out to close down our entire coal industry…and he’s going to close down Boeing. So now you are telling businesses and individuals to cough up everything they’ve got in support of the neer-do-wells whose only life work is to destroy the United States of America.

    • loudog

      Republican economic policy is to cut taxes and borrow money to cover it and when the bill comes due for Iraq and Afghanistan and the TSA and bailing out Wall St, take it out of social security and medicare and programs for the poor and always blame everything on someone else.

      • russ311

        yadda, yadda, yadda. Wrong then, wrong again, Loudog. Keep chasing your tail.

        • Sajc05


          you can’t even say how he’s wrong.

          you’re lost. go read some more, you need it.

          • russ311

            Lying Sacajawea,

            Loudog is a broken record like the rest of you leftists who think now that because your mommy and daddy have kicked you out of the nest you must be all grown up and can think for yourself like a real adult. Wrong, they were just tired of supporting your dumbass. Get the point? The rest of us are tired of it too.

          • loudog

            that’s a very thoughtful and reasoned explanation of how I’m wrong. hee haw

    • BigRmv

      Missed the whole interview with the guy who started Home Depot (which is ironically responsible for the jobs of hundreds of thousand of legal and illegal people in this country).

      He said, Home Depot could never have thrived or survived in the harsh climate Obama has created through “his” regulations.

      Now, let’s get back to TODAY’S problem, and not the problems of the last 2,000 years, huh?

      • Sajc05

        Hey BIGRMV

        Which regulations are speaking of specifically

        I hope you’re not just regurgitating fox news talking points

        Tell the people of the gulf coast who had their lives ruined by lax regulations that “we really don’t need those pesky regulations”

        tell the people of PA who have had their drinking water poisoned by natural gas drilling that “a little cancer never hurt anyone”

        you want to deregulate us into a third world country but SORRY. in america we have standards. It’s sad that people like you don’t like big government (either do I) but then turn around and let yourself be ruled by big corporation.

  • shroomzoom

    I have a question…..if reagan desired and achieved a balanced budget.
    How did our debt grow from 800 billion to 3.4 Trillion during his presidency?

    I am just curious how the past history is being rewritten to accomodate such a favorable opinion of our “greatest president ever”.

    Can someone help me understand this nuance?

    • recovered dem

      You obviously are a lib because it is common knowledge that Reagan agreed to the increases if the Dems agreed to cut spending. Dems, as usual, did not adhere to their agreement.

      Is that put simply enough for you to understand …

      • doncicciofitipaldi



        • BigRmv

          Don…ldi, why is it you seem to have a corner on all of the really stupid rants?

          Your argument this time is “look at the numbers.” But you give no context. Let me help.

          If you look at the speedometer of a car and it reads “68 MPH,” you can assume the car is within a few MPH of that number at the time you looked at it. But that glance alone tells you nothing about the car you’re in, the skills of the person driving, what the car’s “0 to 68 MPH” acceleration is, or where you are traveling.

          Yes, the numbers show us what the results are at a point in time. But they tell us nothing of how they were created.

    • Chamberlain

      Your answer is that the democrats just kept on spending, like they want to today. Reagan spent to build up our military and in doing so, pushed the Soviet Union the rest of way over the cliff. Reagan signed the democrat bill to raise the debt ceiling as the deal he made called for $3 in spending cuts for every dollar in tax hikes. The dems never cut the spending. He had a dem controlled congress. Now answer this for the rest of us. How can it not be Obama’s fault for spending today,. when its the congress that passes spending bills, but Reagan and Bush 43 were responsible for spending in their time ? But go to the web site noted by donciccfitpaldi first, then give us your answer and leave your asinine emotion out of it.