David Brooks turns on Obama: ‘There’s a little arrogance and self-superiority there’

After Friday night’s presidential press conference, even one of the left’s favorite conservatives is scratching his head at President Barack Obama’s demeanor.

New York Times columnist David Brooks, who once praised Obama for the crease in his pants, said he was upset with Obama for being angry in public in an appearance on PBS’s “NewsHour” on Friday night.

“Shambles, a complete meltdown, apparently,” Brooks said. “I’ve never seen a presidential press conference with the president so angry in public. And you know, I sort of think he’s maybe mostly right on substance. He laid out apparently in the next few hours they are he going to be laying out the details of what the White House offer was. And there was a lot of revenue cuts, there was some spending cuts, there was entitlement cuts, revenue increase. So if those are real, then I think it was a pretty good deal. But the president’s tone of being the only adult in Washington, everyone else is a child, that he’s going to summon people to the White House as if they are kindergarteners, even if you agree on the substance, it’s kind of hard to go along with someone who is insulting you all the time. And so I think the president took a big risk. Maybe we will see his tone as he is giving it to them. He’s angry. He’s treating them like children. But a lot of people will take a look at it and say there’s a little arrogance and self-superiority there.”

Brooks has been hard on the GOP for its partisanship and called the deal that had been offered “a mother of no-brainers” in a column earlier this week. But this time he blasted Obama for his demeanor.

“I had been going in thinking there was a 10 or 20 percent chance [of default],” Brooks said. “Now I move that up to 30 or so. I will still say it’s likely but I think it’s entirely likely. The atmosphere now which we saw today is so poisonous. I think the Republicans have been way too rigid on substantive grounds. But if you are going to have a negotiation, there has to be a set of demeanors. You have to get people to want to help you. And if you insult them continually well it makes it hard even if you have the substance on your side and I think the president did nobody any favors with this press conference. I wish they had said you’re hot right now. Have a press conference tomorrow.”


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  • Counterstriving

    Aargh!!! these comments are all so stupid!

  • samluisobispo

    Dear Jean sartre….The shine is off the Obama turd

  • recovered dem

    The petulant temper tantrum from this man child should not come as a surprise to anyone. I recall some obscure article that mentioned how he threw a fit during the campaign because he was tired of doing so much campaigning. I was quite apparent to me at the time that he was immature and childish. His handlers have so very carefully protected him, as have the leftist media, and his super majority in congress that he has been able to hide behind a mask.

    Obama does not have capability of handling the job of president. He enjoys all the perks, loves to travel, party and play golf. But is too immature and self-centered to be a leader, which he is not.

    • Killer

      recovered dem: After a few months of his presidency (yikes, I still hate saying that) he was asked for some comments on holding the office. His response: “Nice perks.” That was it.

  • Infinity03

    I am GLAD to hear Brooks and the rest of the flame thrower, think the President was and is arrogant, Jesus Holy Christ, it’s about time he found his back bone
    and stand up to all those Racist Pigs and YES, I said RACIST and I mean just that . HAS THERE EVER BEEN SUCH A UPROARER ABOUT RAISING THE DEBT CEILING NO,NO,!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So what’s the big deal, Bush adminstration ran up the debt ceiling and President Obama, is suppose to be the knight in shinning armour and flex his nose and fix everthing, in eighteen months. NO CAN DO.David Brooks, is just like all the other writer,bloggers, when he needs a good story go NEGTIVE, like he said about the President. What’s wrong with having some one with brains in the White House instead of Sarah Palin, and George Bush, that checked their brains in at the cave. All you hater take a break, if you think that means you then “right on”.

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  • J Baustian

    Mr Obama lost a lot of support late Friday afternoon — all across America, those who tuned in expecting something else, maybe local news, maybe network news, listened as Mr Obama began his rant. And as they listened, they began cursing at their TV screens, asking the president to stop, to cut it out, to quit with the lying and the misrepresentation.