Jude Law: News of the World hacked me!

Will all this phone hacking never end?

The latest to claim the Rupert Murdoch-owned News of the World hacked his phone  is actor Jude Law, and now the Federal Bureau of Investigation is preparing to open a new case, writes The Hollywood Reporter. (9/11 victims may have had voicemails hacked into by journalists)

The newspaper allegedly hacked Law’s phone while he was at New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport, and used information from his voicemail for a 2003 news story. Law also claims in a lawsuit that his assistant was the target of phone hacking as well.

If proven true, the allegations could mean even more bad news for Murdoch, who has already been under fire in Britain for weeks, and recently testified before Parliament.

The case could spawn a second FBI investigation into News of the World-related hacking. The bureau is already looking at claims that the British tabloid paper tried to access voicemail left on phones belonging to victims of the September 11 attacks. News of the World would likely face prosecution in the United States if the allegations are confirmed.

Murdoch’s company disputes Law’s claims, and said the accusations would be challenged “vigorously.”

Law is also pursuing legal action against The Sun, claiming that London paper hacked his voicemail for source material used in four stories it published in 2005 and 2006.

  • barryswhitehalf

    Jude Law? Who cares?

  • Mr.ManZ

    Celebs have to be the dumbest of them all especially the George Soros ones like Jude Law. Ever wet back and liber boot licker out their will be making claims that they have been hacked by News Of The World just to follow suit with the cry that Rupert Murdoch did it……These people get more pathetic by the day.



  • pansycritter

    So that means this idiot didn’t change his password on his phone. They didn’t hack just anyone, they hacked into phones that had not changed passwords. That isn’t really hacking, it’s eavesdropping. Does he really want to admit he’s that stupid?

    I’m not even sure he would be a headline article in a tabloid but I guess it would depend on how desperate the tabloid was for gossip.

  • Jawknee

    Yea right…as if you’re that important Jude. Get over yourself you has-been.

  • tdogco

    Dude, nobody cares about you and nobody hacked you, moron.

    You’re short !

  • HardRightTurn

    I’m betting America’s leftist news organizations, NYT, WAPO, LAT,, have all hacked people’s phones. This will all go away as soon as this gets out.

  • Iowa48

    I would think that if they were going to hack somebody’s phone, they would hack somebody interesting. I know these Hollywood celebs think that the world revolves around them, but I tend to find them to be dull and vapid narcissists whose immersion in group-think makes them even duller and less intersting. Mr. Law may be mildly interesting on the screen, but I doubt that hacking his phone would be revealing of much of anything worthwhile.

  • jiminga

    It took eight years to report it……hmmmmmmmmmmm.