Americans for Tax Reform evacuated after bomb threat

Staffers at Americans for Tax Reform, the anti-tax group run by conservative activist Grover Norquist, evacuated their building Monday morning after a bomb threat was called in, according to authorities.

A spokesman for the Washington D.C. police department, Anthony Clay, confirmed to The Daily Caller that officers from the explosive ordnance division were called to the building that houses the organization’s D.C. offices shortly after 9 a.m.

The employees have since been allowed to return to work, another officer told TheDC from the scene.

No explosives were found, the officer said. Police had shut down 12th Street in Washington near ATR’s offices.

“The police are conducting an investigation,” said John Kartch, a spokesman for ATR, in an email.

Norquist and his group’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge have been in the news with Congress wrestling over raising the country’s debt limit. The ATR pledge is a commitment by candidates and elected officials that they will oppose and vote against any tax increases.

It has come into focus as the Democrats push for revenue increases as part of a deficit reduction package. Norquist has had to defend the pledge from people who say it “gets in the way of a deal to allow a debt ceiling increase,” he wrote in the New York Times last week.

Also in D.C on Monday, police investigated a suspicious package found at the Canadian Embassy.

Reporter Matt Boyle contributed to this report.

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  • TheLazyComic

    Everybody does all this Party Pointing. The sad part is, none of this works any longer. This two party system is a joke. You either have to pick a Dumb-O-Crat… or a Republi-con. Something internally… in our government structure… has to seriously change. Our current politicians have all learned how to abuse our current system to further their agenda… not ours.

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  • Joe Steel

    Sadly, the Republicans have dragged us down to a point where violence may be necessary to clean the filth from the public arena.

    • Liberalsareblind

      Oh a liberal threatening violence? That certainly speaks poorly for your side of things, but is hardly surprising! Just remember that you liberals are outgunned severely. Most conservatives believe in the right to bear arms, and many actually own guns. Many liberals do not believe in the right to bear arms, and consequently, do not own any guns. Which means that it would be a terrible bloodbath on your side.

      • popegeist

        And a more proportionate amount of Conservatives have served in the military vs. the small amount of liberals who have.
        So liberals will be out-gunned by better armed and trained individuals and thus an armed insurrection will turn out very,very,very badly for them.

    • BarkhornXX

      Joe Steel – Stalinist!!

    • didacticrogue

      … violence may be necessary to clean the filth from the public arena.

      Is that a confession, or merely a call to arms for your socialist brethren?

      I know I’ve said it before, but just as a reminder: I’m certain that the socialist Utopias of Cuba and North Korea would welcome a comrade of your eminence with open arms – and the United States of America would be well rid of you. You should give the move some serious consideration: “win-win!”

  • Liberalsareblind

    The bomb threat was probably called in by a fu(king punk liberal jerking off to their idea of phone sex!