‘The Hill’ columnist A.B. Stoddard: Reagan couldn’t win today’s GOP horse race

Is President Ronald Reagan not conservative enough for the modern-day Republican Party? Although that sounds like heresy, The Hill columnist A.B. Stoddard says the Gipper could not win his own party’s nomination in 2011.

In the wrap-up after President Barack Obama’s Monday address on the Fox News Channel, Stoddard said that’s the reason Obama is using Reagan in his public speeches, including his Monday night address.

“Well, first of all Ronald Reagan, as everyone at this table knows would not be able to win the Republican nomination in the Republican Party of 2011, period,” Stoddard said. “This is one of the reasons President Obama continues to mention him.”

“If you look at the polling — last week’s national polling on how vastly these numbers have moved on the debt ceiling question — I believe that the president believes that momentum is on his side,” she said. “People are paying attention this late in the game. They’re worried about their mutual funds. They’re afraid of default and they are going to respond to his call for a balanced approach.”

  • Jess81

    1980 is not 2011. We were in deep doo economically and our military was a total disaster, but we were NOT on the edge of the economic abyss and Carter was a self-important nitwit, but even he can’t hold a candle to the current left-wing narcisist in chief.

    Ronald Reagan running today would HAVE to have a different agenda. Tip O’Neil is NOT Nancy Pelosi and Robert Byrd and Howard Baker aren’t Dingy Harry Reid.

    The Tea Party IS Ronald Reagan’s legacy. Obama and the Democrats have pushed us to the edge of oblivion and slavery. There will be no free country to leave to our children because the leeches and scam artists have taken over the asylum. We stop it now or become Cuba II.

  • dookhh

    I hate to pop their bubble, but if Reagan was running against Obama, the race would already be over, and if you think Carter got drubbed… the Reagan/Obama election would make that look CLOSE. What everyone forgets about Reagan was that no matter what he feels about any single issue, he loved the country and was anti-communist completely. That makes him the Anti-Obama…..People didn’t like Carter, but he was not so disliked that he actually started a huge immediately effective opposing political movement.

  • ziggrl

    A.B. Stutter
    This chick stutters and stammers anytime she tries to defend this administration. Watch for it.

    • HollyW79

      She stutters when she attempts to make any point. I always wonder, as I’m trying to endure the time it takes her to get even the simplest statement out, why anyone would pay to have this woman to give her opinions. Not just because her opinions are meaningless, but because the pain one must endure as she hems and haws her way to nowhere.

  • loudog

    When Reagan was governor, he signed legislation making abortion easier to get and also raised taxes to try and balance the budget. He wasn’t an extreme ideologue.
    People don’t even know their own hero’s history.

  • Adam D

    I am so sick and tired of hearing liberals make this claim. Funny how in 1980 they were saying there was no chance Reagan could beat Carter and that Bush would be better nominee. How many states did Carter win election night in 1980? How many states did Mondale win in 1984?

  • blake6900

    This hack has always preached how right Obama is and how wrong everyone else is that disagrees with him. Interesting since I’m not aware of anyone writing for The Hill that is as right as this woman is left.

  • roger

    i heard her comment last night and was like, “WHAT”?. Loved the way she felt comfortable enough to speak for everyone there. she couldnt be more wrong, and this kind of commentary is why i spammed The Hill from my email list.

  • pcnav

    This woman is trying to push the “Obama is like Reagan” idea and it is a non-starter. Reagan would have had no trouble winning today because he would have again been following a Jimmy Carter like president, the one Obama most closely is like. As like most reporter pundits she has no clue what she is talking about.