White House switchboard has been down, too

After President Barack Obama called on the American public Monday night to contact their members of Congress, phone lines and websites were jammed.

Almost immediately, websites for members of Congress — both Republicans and Democrats — became inaccessible due to high volume. In some cases, telephone callers were not even able to leave voicemail messages.

In other words, the president’s cattle call worked.

It also worked for the conservative movement, as White House phone lines appear to have been down for the better part of the day. Both the comments line and the central switchboard have been jammed.

Activists and other dissatisfied Americans began calling the White House Tuesday morning, to protest higher taxes and urge support of entitlement reform and a balanced budget amendment.

American Action Network started the effort last night in response to Obama’s call for constituents to call their members of Congress. After the speech, spokesperson Jim Landry and digital director Chris Georgia started their own call to action.

Early this morning, it went live. But that’s when they realized the White House phone lines already appeared to be down, Georgia said. (RELATED: GOP divided over Boehner’s short-term plan)

“We wanted to test to make sure we had the correct numbers,” said Georgia. “It would ring three or four times, and then the line would go dead.”

Georgia said he’s also heard other reports throughout they day of similar experiences with the White House phone lines.

When TheDC called the White House switchboard for confirmation for this story, the line had a busy signal. After a significant amount of time, TheDC hung up. The White House press office has not yet responded to an email request for comment.

WATCH: President Obama’s speech to the nation

  • sharinlite

    I can testify that a number of house and senate phone lines were “inbox full” hours before the President spoke. As a matter of fact, I left a message on Steny Hoyer’s line to have the President add lines/extensions and open up the “comment” line that has had a “full inbox” for weeks! So, this “inbox” full on other house and senate lines is a new ploy, particularly by dems, to prevent messages from being left.

  • Sproing

    The daily call and e-mail load was 50% higher during the Obamacare push and you can see that didn’t save us either.

    For us to have this much trouble trying to cut a measly $100 -200 Billion a year out of federal spending over the next ten years ($1-2 Trillion total) doesn’t bode well for a country that will have racked up in excess of $6 trillion in additional debt by the end of President Obama’s term in 2012. He will have increased our total national debt by more then every P{resident from Washington to G.W.Bush combined.

    And we are tearing ourselves apart over a couple of hundred billion a year in cuts. What a joke…and we’re falling for it.

  • onesculptor

    Yet all the mainstream biased leftwing media showed was their left view people who said just lift the debt ceiling and get this done!

  • Chamberlain

    Many of the “democratics” phone lines in DC and their districts have busy phone lines or intentionally busy phone lines as a normal course of doing business. If one goes to their web site, there is not a link to contact or one easily found. And if one tries to send an email, from their web site, if your not a resident in their district, it is not sent. I am just saying that Obama’s clarion call to contact your representative was as phony as the man child himself.

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  • shrinkthestate

    Dramatic GOP Presidential Shift Goes Unreported by the media…


    • Texas Chris

      Perry? Yeah, right.

      Each new establishment candidate gets a bump as soon as they enter the race, then when the voters hear some of the candidates history their numbers drop.

      Perry will be no different.

      When voters hear that Perry doubled the size of Texas government, that he tried to force the NAFTA superhighway on us, that he raised taxes and blew up the debt, that he attempted to force STD vaccines on teenage girls (killing some, making some sick), and that he was Al Gore’s Texas campaign manager…?

      Perry is all hat, no cattle.

      For a real Texas TEA Party candidate, go Ron Paul.

  • URKiddinMee

    I, anong with veryone I know tried to call their Congressman and Senators. Those of us who got through WEREN’T leaving messages in support of Obozo however. Just sayin’

  • LHLcensors

    Is that any way to ruin the greatest country in the world?

  • Craigster

    Obama is so busy pointing the finger at others that he fails to see the stick in his own eye. Funny.