Alec Baldwin tweets ‘joke’ about drunk impregnation

Have you ever mused about the woman you’d most like to impregnate after one too many drinks? “30 Rock” star Alec Baldwin apparently has.

In a Tuesday tweet, reputed “twitter whore” Alec Baldwin posed a question about inebriated sex to Twitter followers: “Ok. You get drunk- fall asleep at a party in Hollywood. next day, she’s pregnant. Who do you want to get pregnant by? Guys… Impregnate?”

But Baldwin, who often publishes incoherent, insulting tweets, was hardly well-received on this one.

A seemingly horrified Twitter user wrote of the comedian, “Apparently @AlecBaldwin thought all ‘Do/Dump/Marry’ needed was a little rapey-ness.”

Another Twitter user asked, “@AlecBaldwin Are you drunk again?”

Celebrity, sex, and fashion site Jezebel opened up Baldwin’s tweet for discussion, asking, “What The Hell Is Alec Baldwin Tweeting About?

Baldwin covered his tracks early Wednesday with a clarification tweet, “My pregnancy quiz was channeling Tracy [Morgan]. But hey, no more jokes on Twitter. Certainly not worth it.”

The NYU graduate went on to complain that he uses much of his Twitter page for political tweets, yet fans seemed to care only about his facetious, non-political comment about intoxicated hook-ups.

“Talk about energy policy for thirty tweets. One Tracy-style joke, I’ve got MSN stabbing me. Hey, this is why everyone hates the media,” Baldwin wrote.

Baldwin got even more personal Wednesday morning, when he apparently tweeted about his preferred bedroom position.

“@Mika_Herbs: @AlecBaldwin Favorite sexual position? The Hallway,” Baldwin tweeted.

Ever since debuting his Twitter account a few months ago, Baldwin has made headlines for his tweets. In late June, the PETA spokesperson raised some eyebrows by writing that Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was “full of shit.”

“Fear Bachman bc she is raising so much money,” Baldwin tweeted. “Anyone that inarticulate and full of shit who is raising money that fast…is beholden to some mighty thuggish interests.”

Last month, Baldwin also likened former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to a “Ken doll.”

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  • lynched1

    He’s apparently an expert at drunken parenting so drunken impregnation wouldn’t seem to be that much of a stretch for him.

  • RinoHunter

    Can’t wait until this stupid fool runs for the political office he brags about so much. His opponent will have so much ammunition to use against him he’ll disappear faster than Paris Hilton’s panties.

  • Mr.ManZ

    “Alec Baldwin tweets ‘joke’ about drunk impregnation”

    Why not tweet about it with shame of course, after all this is the way he and his mentally challenge brother were conceived.

  • rowdygirl

    Would he want his daughter “inpregnated” this way?

    If it’s not consenual, that’s called rape.. no matter what anyone in Hollywood says.

    • whatever41

      Okay, but it’s not rape when a bunch of gold digging floozies get knocked up on purpose to trap a basketball star or actor into indentured servitude for 18 years? It’s okay then, huh? That’s a double standard if I ever saw one. And his comment is how guys actually talk to each other. You must not know many.

  • Chris 310