Christine O’Donnell calls on IRS to revoke CREW tax-exempt status

Immediately following her 2010 Republican primary victory over the heavily favored Rep. Mike Castle, the watchdog group Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW) filed a complaint with the U.S. Attorney’s office and even went as far as calling her “a criminal”. That complaint was dropped earlier this month, but now she’s taking the fight to CREW.

In appearance on Wednesday’s “Fox & Friends,” O’Donnell explained she would be using her political action committee ChristinePAC to take the fight to CREW, which she and Cleta Mitchell, counsel to ChristinePAC, claim has a tendency to target only Republicans.

“[W]hat happened was CREW and Melanie Sloan launched a broadside attack against Christine O’Donnell the morning after she won her primary and CREW has followed this same pattern in many, many cases, probably Christine O’Donnell’s race was the most egregious,” Mitchell said. “But, the IRS – we are asking the IRS to revoke CREW’s tax exempt status because they’re not supposed to be involved in campaigns and they attack Republicans. They attacked Christine O’Donnell falsely. She’s been exonerated and it’s time that CREW be held responsible and act and – be held to be a political organization which is what they really are.”

O’Donnell likened the attacks to false sexual assault accusations, which are given credibility when they’re registered with the Feds.  That, she said, was a waste of taxpayer money.

“And what I like in their whole action, too, is imagine you don’t like a candidate,” O’Donnell said. “So you knowingly get someone to accuse them of sexual assault or even worse, rape. To give your rape more credibility or to give your claim more credibility, you actually file that complaint with the U.S. Attorney’s office. Now, they’re obligated to investigate. That’s an abuse. And meanwhile, keep in mind you knew this was a false accusation. That’s an abuse of taxpayer dollars. It’s an abuse and misuse of the justice system. It’s using the justice system as a political weapon so that’s why we’re standing up to fight back to say what you did to me was wrong. You cannot make a politically motivated claim, false claim, and get away with it.”

The former GOP senatorial nominee said fighting back is a necessary course of action because it may prevent CREW from making the same false accusations in the upcoming 2012 election cycle.

“And again, as we enter into the 2012 elections, they’re going to get more desperate because they have no platform, no record, no plan to stand on.” O’Donnell continued. “So they’re going to continue to resort to the politics of personal destruction, abusing the justice system and we started ChristinePAC so we can legally fight back and stop this. Now, someone might say, aren’t you doing the same thing by filing a counter complaint and asking the IRS to revoke their status? And what I say is we’re stopping this. We are justifiably filing a complaint against a very wrong action that they did indeed do and we have all the evidence posted on our website.”

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  • arianahuffinpaint

    Yippee, the Obama Communist trolls have landed on the DC to defend a fraudulent non-profit Leftist group. Obama’s truly hit rock bottom.

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  • Pigs On The Wing

    Oh no.

    The favorite Republican senatorial candidate of Mark Levin and Sean Hannity is back. This nutjob makes P. Obama look qualified.

    This nut, along with that other nut that the Tea Party sabotoged us with, Sharan Angle, cost us the election. And that is after the Eternal Victim, Sarah Palin, got behind that other nut who refuses to shave but thought he could win the Alaskan senate race and already had his curtains picked out.

    Thanks Levin, Hannity, and Palin. Harry Reid and P. Obama thank you as well.

    I actually heard Hannity on the radio say that he was going to support ODonnell in the Republican primary and he didnt care about the general. In other words, he knew ODonnel would cost the R’s a seat, but he dont care.

    And these Levin, Limbaugh, and Hannity types are still trying to sell us that the Eternal Victim of the Lamestream Media, Ms. Sarah Palin is qualified to be POTUS. HA HA HA HA!!! I think they just want Obama to be re-elected…its better for their own listener/viewer ratings.

    • SCGirl

      Just because she is a nut-job doesn’t mean her claim isn’t valid. If CREW intentionally filed a false claim they need to be held accountable. If CREW only goes after Republicans they need to be held accountable. After all..”Ethics and Responsibility” and all that…

      The Court system desperately needs some Tort Reform. There are laws about frivolous lawsuits but they are rarely enforced. That needs to change. There are reasons the courts in Asia and Europe make the “loser” pay court costs…keeps the caseload reasonable.

      • StargazerInSavannah

        No evidence that Christine is anything other that a outstanding patriotic American. The nut jobs were and are the slime who worked so hard to destroy her reputation during the ’08 election. The old line ‘good time rock and roll Rockefeller Republicans crapped in their pants when she knocked off their Rino pretender from the House.
        Same sort of sliming that was dumped on Sharon Angle and Sarah Palin. Clearly Sharon Angle was and is a far better, more honest and patriotic American than is Harry Reid. Those good time sliming Rino’s in association with union thugs returned Reid to office.

        • Pigs On The Wing

          Every person with a positive-number IQ knew that Christine “I am not a witch” ODonnell had zero chance in hell in being elected senator in the state of Delaware. The R’s couldve gotten a Rockefeller Republican type that wouldve voted with the R’s most of the time, but the stupid half-witted tea party fools came in with out-of-state money and rallied behind this fraud. And as everybody knew would happen, she got destroyed in the general election that Mike Castle wouldve won.

          If the Tea party find candidates to support that arent as intelligent or as honest as your average high school student, then whats the point? Besides, like I said, its just gifting to Obama since these Angle, Miller, Palin, ODonnell fools could never win a general election in a million years. Americans still prefer their leaders to be able to identify the 7 continents.

  • nycon

    Well if using the courts and/or hiring lawyers is a qualification; she should run for POTUS in the Democrat Party.

  • Pondering Polly

    In March of 2010 O’Donnell told the daily newspaper in Delaware that she paid half of her rent with campaign donations. Now she’s claiming that she didn’t live there and she has to hide where she lives because her campaign headquarters was robbed in 2008. Yet she didn’t file a complaint with the police. But she WILL file a complaint against CREW for wanting an investigation into a candidate who admitted to using campaign money for rent.

    And she’ll sue the only full time employer she’s had in the past decade, drag them through the dirt for 4 years, and then drop the suit. She’ll stop paying her mortgage so the mortgage company has to drag her into court. She doesn’t pay her tuition and her college has to sue her for payment and doesn’t give her a degree until last September.

    THIS is what a Republican is now? Surely a joke is being played on us all.

    • philipjames

      I think it is more like brain-dead Polly. Do you know how to read? There was an investigation of this and she was cleared. Brain dead Polly…. hanging upside down from the perch.

    • KayJL

      Couldn’t agree more. I have a 37 year old nephew who’s never held down a full time job in his life, can’t even hold on to a girlfriend let alone get close to starting a family, essentially knows squat about work or life, but if you’re the unfortunate person he manages to corner at a family gathering get ready for a real treat, namely a couple of hours of listening to his opinions on how the world should be turning.

      On the plus side of his resume, he’s been in college for 18 years so his understanding of textbook utopias is comprehensive and he even gives his mom a few dollars each month toward paying his school loans (he doesn’t have a bank account, a checking account, or any credit cards so he just gives mom whatever he can afford and she makes the payments). You’d think he’d be a natural for teaching, but no, he doesn’t want to teach. He just likes going to school where he can talk some more about how the world should be turning.

      If he would only scrape together enough money to buy himself a ladybug costume and a gray suit, he could move to DE and make a racket out of being a perennial candidate just like Christine O’Donnell. Heck, if he caught on maybe he could start a PAC, get a book contract, and pay off his school loans.

      At that point I don’t know whether his mom would be proud or just plain relieved.

    • JonMoseley

      “In March of 2010 O’Donnell told the daily newspaper in Delaware that she paid half of her rent with campaign donations.”

      No, she did not. You really think that everything printed in a newspaper is true? Why do you think the O’Donnell campaign banned that News Journal reporter from covering their campaign any more? Because that particular reporter could not get anything straight. The reporter garbled what Christine O’Donnell told her, and mis-reported it. And it is a matter of record that way back in March 2010, the O’Donnell campaign protested and asked the News Journal not to bother sending that reporter to any of their campaign events, she would not be welcome.

      Christine O’Donnell rented two (2) townhouses through Mid-Atlantic Realty, one for herself, and the other as her campaign headquarters. The campaign paid 1/2 of the monthly bill to Mid-Atlantic Realty: 1 of 2 townhouses = 1/2.

      However, Christine lived in another location. I have been there. We had several meetings there, at the townhouse were Christine actually lived.

  • scholar-patriot

    Christine O’Donnell = a “hottie” 😉

  • Revotelution

    Read the article. She is not suing. She is asking the IRS to investigate violation of tax-exwmpt status of CREW.

  • Pondering Polly

    How many court actions for O’Donnell does this make? Her college sued her for tuition, she sued the only employer she had in Delaware for sexual discrimination, her mortgage company sued her for not paying her mortgage, the Delaware Republican Party sued her for collusion, CREW sued her, and now she’s suing CREW.

    I’ve never known a 41 year old with such a long court history.

    Someone needs to ask her if she’s in favor of TORT reform.

    • Drawer22

      Leave it to the left-wingnut faultfinders to endorse violations by an agency which is supposedly set up to insure fairness for ALL (except those who are right, of course!).

    • notalone

      That is about the only thing the loser is capable of doing.

    • philipjames

      Look, you were just as brain-dead in the Monty Python shop. Spare us please.