Ending Spending launches debt limit ads

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      Jeff Winkler

      Jeff Winkler is a Daily Caller staff writer covering firearms, as well as campaign advertising and fringe culture topics. He worked previously for several Arkansas and New Zealand publications. His byline has appeared in Slate, Reason, Good magazine, the Guardian, Washington City Paper and most notably, Worm Digest.

As White House press secretary Jay Carney slowly and methodically explains the president’s position on the debt ceiling debate, one conservative group is launching a clear and concise ad campaign against more government spending.

Dedicated to fighting increased government spending, the advocacy group Ending Spending Wednesday launched a television ad campaign featuring the video “Math 101.”  The spot very simply explains the federal debt using a chalkboard and blonde-haired teacher.

The 30-second spot follows in the tradition of Ending Spending’s other videos, which have cleverly and agreeably chided lawmakers for their spending habits. The nonpartisan group, formerly Taxpayers Against Earmarks, also launched a more serious ad Wednesday entitled “If Not Now, When.

The dose of sweet and sour will run in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Ohio. Ending Spending is also placing internet banner ads, one of which is currently featured at the top of The Drudge Report. The whole effort comes with a “high six figures” price tag, according to those familiar with the ad campaign.

In all the ads, Ending Spending is encouraging voters to follow Obama’s advice — sort of — and call their leaders in Washington.

On Monday, the president encouraged people to contact their members of Congress. Conservatives, unhappy with the nation’s ever growing debt and the idea of raising the debt ceiling, flooded the White House switchboard with calls until it essentially crashed.

Ending Spending’s campaign will run until Aug. 2, or “until an acceptable deal is reached.”


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  • 24AheadDotCom

    Did “Ending Spending” pay for this post or something?

    Anywhoo, ES was started by the guy who started Ameritrade; make of that what you will. They also pretend that a household budget is the same as a national budget, when that’s obviously not the case: they’re two very different things. They’re also like obsessed, drug-addled accountants who wander the streets shrieking about spending when there are other, far more important issues:


    P.S. The SpenditolMILF is far hotter and far more “proper” looking.


      And what is the difference? Except for size and the govenment’s lack of accountability.

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  • SCGirl

    Great Commercial. Short, sweet and to the point