GOP leaders to conservatives: ‘How could you’?

The Republican conference erupted in anger Wednesday over how a conservative faction is undermining Speaker John Boehner’s debt ceiling plan.

Republican Study Committee chairman Jim Jordan apologized to members at a closed-door meeting because a junior RSC staffer, Wesley Goodman, earlier this week sent an email to conservative outside groups identifying which members were undecided on how they will vote on Boehner’s debt ceiling legislation. (RELATED: Conservatives face off over debt deal)

“There was a sense of frustration that, we’re on the same team, how could you do this?” says a source who was in the room.

When the subject of the email came up, one unidentified member of Congress yelled “Fire him!” about Goodman, who sent the email, the source said.

Additionally, Rep. Greg Walden read aloud from a separate email sent by Paul Teller, executive director of the RSC, charging him with hurting the party and disclosing privileged information.

Teller told Walden, “I’m not going to address that in this room,” according to the source.

Brian Straessle, a spokesman for Jordan, called the email from the junior staffer “inappropriate.”

“Earlier this week, an RSC staffer sent an inappropriate email to outside groups that identified members of Congress he believed were undecided on the debt reduction proposal offered by the Speaker. This action was clearly inappropriate and was not authorized by the Chairman or any other members of the staff. This has never been – and never will be – the way we do business at the RSC. We apologize to everyone affected, and we have already taken steps to ensure that it never happens again – either by this staffer or any other RSC staffer,” Straessle said.

Dan Holler, a spokesman for Heritage Action, one of the outside groups opposing Boehner’s debt ceiling plan, defended his group’s tactics.

“We see this as an amazing opportunity to get things right,” he said.

A second source says numerous members are threatening to leave RSC over the incident.

  • Gbshaw

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  • webwzrd

    Repalzheimer’s : Debilitating mental illness characterized by the inability to remember political history that brought us to our present state and their part in it.

    Symptoms include:

    Stubborn denial of simple cause and effect.
    The creation of elaborate conspiracy theories to dispute extremely simple truths.
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    An irrational fear and distrust of anything resembling intellect.
    A deep aversion to simple logic and/or common sense.
    Feeling of anger, bigotry and paranoia against anything that doesn’t look, sound, think or believe as they do.
    Love affair with firearms and war.
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    • Lou

      “Marxism states there is only a one party”.

      Are you seriously disagreeing with this?

  • pugszb

    I have never seen such a bunch of amateurs in congress in my life. You folks throw around terms like Socialist, marxist like you know what they mean. Here is some insight: Marxism states there is only a one party. Socialism means shared resources by all. Don’t like it? Then stop using the Federal Highway system, no libraries, no police, no fire protection, no Medicare for you or your loved ones, no social security… everyone for themselves. Now that is a country I don’t want to live in.
    You baggers are going to really enjoy your credit card rates going up, mortgages going up, car loan rates going up, loans harder to get. For what? Oh yeah, we have already spent the money, now when it comes due we just welch on our obligations? Now that is really smart. Bagger consciousness is already costing us 300 million a day in lost revenues from the FAA. 2012 the year when we expel the morons from our leaders. Don’t believe me? Watch Wisconsin on August 9th as an indicator of what your pernicious agenda’s future will be.
    Fascism when it comes to America will be wrapped in a flag carrying a cross.

    • JimBear

      Interest rates will go up because of the inflationary pressure Obama placed on the economy. Commodity prices have increased already. Very few are for no government stupid.We are for a LIMITED CONSTITUTIONAL government that lives within its mandate. It’s just the simply reality that a government that spends 1.6 TRILLION more than it take in with built in 7% increases in unsustainable.We can pay the interest on national debt without a ceiling increase, That whole debate was a lie and ruse. Obama wants everyone to pay for his spending. I’m OK with raising it if there are spending caps and a balanced budget attached to it. If not then NO. This country is going to collapse anyway. Rhinos need to grow a pair and fight while they still can save this economy. I don’t care if your on the left or right or in the middle. These hack politicans are destroying this country. If it will take a fight then lets do it now.

    • URKiddinMee

      Right now, facism is wrapped in UAW and SEIU jackets. Yours is a typical liberal response to a situation you have caused. No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity and no country has ever survived which continued to SPEND more than it takes in. If your gang of thieves confiscated ALL income in the US, we’d STILL go broke at the rate they’re spending. No one has said we should “welch” on our obligations. They simply keep saying that we HAVE to reduce our spending. Sad that liberals can’t comprehend such a simple truth. Like Margaret Thatcher said, “Socialism fails when you finally run out of OTHER peoples money.” And we are THERE. Your frigging democrat party plundered the Social Security funds which so many of us were FORCED to pay into over our entire working lives. The democrats voted to TAX Social Security, etc. etc. Your argument that we should “give up Social Security, Medicare and all civil services is egregious at best and a blatant tactic to scare old people at its worst. I could go on and on but I fear you are yet another example of the axiom, “You can always tell a liberal, you just can’t tell ’em MUCH!”

    • thephranc

      Do you enjoy being intellectually dishonest?

    • truebearing


      You have a small capacity in the memory area, perhaps because you have a very small brain. Apparently you don’t remember the losses the neo-Communists have had recently in Wisconsin.

      In 2010 we took the governors office, a senate seat, and both houses of the state legislature. Your Fleabaggers tried to subvert the election process and left the state to prevent collective bargaining reform. It failed, and now school districts are going from deficits to surpluses, in a few short months, now that the corrupt, criminal unions are off their backs. People are noticing this here in Wisconsin, and I am doing my utmost to help them hear of the remarkable recovery in Wisconsin since Walker got elected.

      Wisconsin led the country in job growth last month. Walker paid the balance of the $200 million owed to Minnesota that Doyle couldn’t seem to get done. We will have voter ID for the next election, and we can carry concealed weapons, finally. You aren’t going to reverse that anymore than you could lie your way to a Supreme Court win, despite the union spending millions. Kloppenpossum got her ugly ass kicked and the left’s losses will continue. People are sick of the criminal left and the union thugs. Piss on all of you.

    • Lou

      “Marxism states there is only a one party”.

      Are you seriously disagreeing with this?